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Readers Respond: "I Hit the Roof When I Caught My Preteen Wearing..."

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Have you caught your preteen wearing clothing that's too mature for her? Or, did your preteen son try to sneak out of the house wearing an obscene T-shirt? Share your experiences with preteen clothing here.

Help me!!!

I have a 8 year old daughter who loves watching the Disney channel her favorite character is Rocky from Shake it Up. I love Rocky's style but I'm afraid the clothes that she wears are a little too old for my daughter. I don't want to dress her like a fifteen year old when she's I only eight!! But I also don't want her to wear clothes that she doesn't like since she's already wanting to pick her own clothes.
—Guest Jen

We are Tweens, not babies!

I understand it if a tween is wearing a micro skirt but seriously, a dab of makeup for the odd Saturday at 11 is fine...You don't need to worry about us that much we know what's right and wrong: we aren't going to go and date an older man! We aren't babies...
—Guest PrettyFace

High Heels

My sister has these really high wedge heel shoes and the other day, mum caught her wearing them to go shopping with her friends! They had a mega disagreement but in the end, my sister won. But I don't blame her. Those shoes were pretty cool.
—Guest Renee

A Little Tween Advice

We want to feel older and get ready for our teen years so we don't get made fun of.
—Guest Tween10

Not 20!

My daughter was wearng a strapless top and a mega short skirt to school. I told her she couldn't wear it and she changed and put another outft in her back pack. I got a call later from school saying she was wearing a aqua tube top with a white lace skirt with heels! I grounded her and told her no Facebook, but the next day she took a bra and panty picture of herself and sent it everywhere!
—Guest TooMature

What Tweens Think

We're trying to keep pace and to look good. We are pressured to feel good about ourselves and we do this stuff because we feel like we're traped in a box. So we act out and wear things that you think are "inappropriate." It makes us feel older, we just wanna be like the teens.
—Guest liana

Just a few suggestions

I don't understand why some parents think that their kids should only wear what is assigned by their parents. I think that's one of the most stupidest things a parent could do. I understand if you're dressing up for a special occasion or some sort of religious festival or going to church, or perhaps a dress code, but if they're at home they can wear whatever they want. I don't believe in grounding your children - that is so ridiculous. Grounding them will only make your child more disobiedient and then causing them to do more things that are wrong.
—Guest Anonymous Poster

Tweens are Getting Easier to Shop For

There are places popping up like Tween Scene Boutique in Santa Monica CA where it is upscale resale and new clothing and stuff. This is the way to shop for these girls as they want high end at a time when that is hard to afford.

Sizing Sucks

My middle school girls desperately want to wear Aeropostal style clothing.... but they are NOT sticks! Where does one shop for the shapely tween?
—Guest byrdbrain5

A micromini

I hit the roof when I caught MY now GROUNDED preteen wearing a microminiskirt she had bought while shopping with some friends! It was made of black lace. RIDICULOUS!
—Guest Lana

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