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Readers Respond: "I Hit the Roof When I Caught My Preteen Wearing..."

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Have you caught your preteen wearing clothing that's too mature for her? Or, did your preteen son try to sneak out of the house wearing an obscene T-shirt? Share your experiences with preteen clothing here. Share Your Experiences

Thong underware?

My daughter wants to wear these, she is barely 12 1/2, because of "under ware lines" in yoga pants!?!
—Guest MArie

let them choose

I am a 12 year old girl and i wear what I like U should let her wear what she wants
—Guest Cholé Harrison


Ok I think my mum is going to let me wear light make up which I'm happy about but I'm not allowed to wear some things.
—Guest Livs

A bit is OK

I'm 14, I think no make up is ok, I know that most girls wear it by now but im A-ok with it because the girls who started wearing it keep having bad breakouts. It made me aware of how bad makeup can make you look. My mum says a smidge of mascara and coverup is ok, but i don't bother with mascara. If your tween or teen has acne cover up should be fine.
—Guest Bell

Let them make mistakes

Do you have old embarrassing pictures of you as a preteen/teen? Most likely the answer is yes. If you dictate what your child can and can not wear, they won't learn how to dress right and will just begin their experimenting later-- when it matters more. Some parents get up in arms over clothes that are actually common among young girls. As long as they aren't wearing anything that violates any school dress code, they stay G rated in church, and they don't look like they are going to become the easy A of their school, let them be. They'll realize they looked ridiculous and laugh over it later.
—Guest Guestnamea

Hate micro mini skirts

Personally I can tell you all right here and now that I would never wear a micro mini skirt seeing as I am probably the most self conscious girl in the world.
—Guest maroon5


I think a big issue in most schools is when a girl that looks like she's 8 gets away whith wearing a tank top and leggings while another girl whith boobs and hips gets in trouble. If the developed girl can't wear it no can I. Who asks for puberty to come?
—Guest Tween girl 11

A little suggestion to moms from a teen

We should wear what WE want I know MAYBE just maybe you moms are KIND of right about microskirts BUT that totaly doesn't mean you go around picking OUR clothes just saying what do you want us to wear skirts to the floor and long sleeves? the only us teens want is our space, our style and clothes, pretty much almost all the time we get you mad cause you make US get mad. so just let us have our freedom
—Guest mz

I know parents are doing what's best

I myself am a tween and I think we need some space. We know what's fine to wear and what's not and when you look at it we're pretty responsible and not all of us are wearing booty shorts and mini skirts. Instead of making a HUGE deal just camly say you don't feel comfortable with your tween wearing that.
—Guest Lol

Yes, but . . .

Our shopping adventure is starting with a lesson in what clothing says to the people who see her. Teens do just want to "feel older", but usually are attracted to "looking sexy". I hope to help her see ways to look like the maturity she is gaining with her age while choosing clothes that do not send a message that she wants boys to think of her as a sex partner. Mini-skirts and bare midriffs are off the list because of that message, sex, not because I want to squash her fun or deny that she is growing up. There are many ways to show style, maturity, and self confidence and THAT is what we are going to fill her closet with.
—Guest ShoppingAunt

Just want to be cool

I myself am a tween; here's my opinion: it's fine to let your mum (or dad) pick out your clothes. I honestly don't mind. But we should have some freedom of choice when it comes to our clothing choices. It's our stuff, after all, right?
—Guest cherryblossom13

Help me!!!

I have a 8 year old daughter who loves watching the Disney channel her favorite character is Rocky from Shake it Up. I love Rocky's style but I'm afraid the clothes that she wears are a little too old for my daughter. I don't want to dress her like a fifteen year old when she's I only eight!! But I also don't want her to wear clothes that she doesn't like since she's already wanting to pick her own clothes.
—Guest Jen

We are Tweens, not babies!

I understand it if a tween is wearing a micro skirt but seriously, a dab of makeup for the odd Saturday at 11 is fine...You don't need to worry about us that much we know what's right and wrong: we aren't going to go and date an older man! We aren't babies...
—Guest PrettyFace

High Heels

My sister has these really high wedge heel shoes and the other day, mum caught her wearing them to go shopping with her friends! They had a mega disagreement but in the end, my sister won. But I don't blame her. Those shoes were pretty cool.
—Guest Renee

A Little Tween Advice

We want to feel older and get ready for our teen years so we don't get made fun of.
—Guest Tween10

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"I Hit the Roof When I Caught My Preteen Wearing..."

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