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Summer Fun for Bored Tweens

There are plenty of free things to do this summer with your child.

Enjoy the summer season with a few fun activities for your tweens and their friends. 

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Are You Spoiling Your Tween?

If you suspect your raising a spoiled child than it's possible that you really are. Here's how to tell if your parenting has created a monster.

5 Things Your Tween Wishes You Knew

Sometimes it's difficult to know what your tween is thinking. Here are five things your child wishes you knew about begin a tween.

How Tweens Get out of Chores

Tweens may find any number of ways to avoid doing their chores. Here are just a few.

Why Lazy Summer Days are Good for Your Tween

Summer days shouldn't be over scheduled or packed with responsibilities and commitments. Here's why a few lazy summer days may benefit your tween now and in the long run..

Do You Have the Back to School Blahs?

Parents can suffer from the "Back to School Blahs." Here's what to do if you the new school year has thrown you off track.

Summer Camp Etiquette Every Child Should Know

Summer camp is an ideal environment for practicing etiquette skills. Here's what your tween should know about good manners while away at summer camp.

School Supplies Your Tween Doesn't Need

Don't be tempted to purchase school supplies your tween does't need. Here are a few supplies you can pass on while your tween is in middle school.

How Tweens Benefit from Reading

There are many reasons why you want to encourage your child to read. Here are a few.

5 Things to Say to Your Tween

There are certain things every tween needs to hear from a parent. Here are just a few.

5 Reasons Your Tween is Looking Forward to Back to School

If your tween is bored of summer, the back to school season might be exactly what he needs.

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