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Readers Respond: The Best Birthday Party Favors for Tweens

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Finding birthday party favors for your children was easy when they were young and impressed with everything. Now that they're tweens, filling a favor bag can be a challenge. Do you have ideas for great birthday party favors for tweens? What do you throw in tween goody bags and what do today's tweens want as a departing gift from a party or another social event?

Bridging To A Teen ... At The Lake

For my birthday party I am inviting my 3 closest friends to a lake house. I wanted cool party favors so I got hawaiian colorful cups, candy, gum, a little purse, giant 'gag' glasses, and a bunch of little beauty things; lipgloss, nail polish, mirror, ect. Its in a week and it's going to be amazing ;)
—Guest Kaity

Candy in Cups

I am a tween myself and my birthday is coming up. I suggest buying cups and put your favorite different colored candy and make it color coordinated. You can also put something in the middle for the fun of it. I hope this helps! :)
—Guest Nora

Tween Favor ideas

Here is a list of things I am putting in my party favor Bags: -bangles -bracelets -pens -notebooks -highliters -sticky notes -mini sharpies -slinkys -mini glass candles -colorful emery boards -soaps -bubbles-small clear ones(meant for wedding favors -All things mentioned on the list I got from either Wal-Mart of Dollerama. (bangles are an easter thing so it may be hard to find at any other time of the year) Hope this helped:)
—Guest D

Grab Bags

For my birthday I am pputting different things in a bag (mini notebooks, pens, bangles, etc.) and throughout the day I will let them close their eyes and pick something. Just make sure that at the end of the day everybody has the same amount of "prizes"
—Guest dani


I however am a tween and what I love is when I get some type of nail polish and lip gloss. Usually I get gum or slinkies and those are really fun, but I love making birthday parties fun with the goodie bags.
—Guest alex:)


I'd like things that are girly and fun and spa-like, like lip gloss and nail polish.
—Guest Ty

Heres the deal...

I am turning 12 and planning a party is hard. Consider if your tween wants a party. S/he might not. What I am doing is just getting my friends to come over and hang out. There will be a cake and snacks but nothing special and I am fine with that.
—Guest kinzie

Pool Party/ Sleepover

You should invite a bunch of friends over for a pool party. Then, have some sleepover!
—Guest Secret

I have great ideas!

I am a tween, and my ideal goody bag would have chocolate, nail polish, lip gloss, and fake ray bans (found in flea markets for $1.00!) That would make any tween very happy. ;-)
—Guest Olivia


My daughter is turning 10 and I'm thinking of buying Lil pocket books and fill them up with lip gloss, nail polish, and bubble gum.
—Guest marjorie

Tween Girls Party Favors

Okay, I'm a tween so take it from me, not every girl likes flowers, I'm a major tomboy. Some of my friends aren't, I respect that, but it has been challenging. I went to the flee market and let my creativity show, I bought fake flowers in hopes that would brighten up the room, and as I was in the car I thought, "Why not put them on simple white boxes?" So i did that. I also bought some cool shaped and colored beads. I made customized bracelets from that. For tomboys I found some spiked bracelets, skate board key chains, and bandages (a little funny 'cuz we are always scraping up our knees).
—Guest Caity


I have two daughters and I find that if you go to the dollor store or a party store (after a holiday) you'll always find something cool for the kids to take home. I once got semi mini back packs for $1 each at a party store. And you can also find lots of loot bags of different colors and sized for under $0.25 each. We normally have 10 or more kids at our girls birthday parties, and it's always a bonus for us when we can find great deals on cool stuff the kids will like in thier loot bages.
—Guest M W

Flea Market!

You can totally go to the flea market and get adorable little trinkets and handmade jewelery for very cheap! The one I go to is at the De Anza College on the first Sat. of each month. Have Fun!
—Guest Tootsie

Favors for Girls

Colorful socks, all my friends love them. Skate gift cards or nail polish.
—Guest Ellie

Fun Stuff

Try small trinkets like personalized pencils or funny shaped paper clips and notebooks and pens always hit it off at my little brother's parties.
—Guest Menly

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