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Readers Respond: The Best Birthday Party Favors for Tweens

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Finding birthday party favors for your children was easy when they were young and impressed with everything. Now that they're tweens, filling a favor bag can be a challenge. Do you have ideas for great birthday party favors for tweens? What do you throw in tween goody bags and what do today's tweens want as a departing gift from a party or another social event? Share Your Suggestions

My sleepover party

For my birthday I am having some friends over and we are first going to do a scavenger hunt. I will put them in pairs and give them a list of things to find and the first pair gets the first prize. When everyone is finished getting their prizes we will do cake and presents like usually then decorate pillow cases. After we will just play games and watch a lot of movies. That's all I have but I hoped that helped!:)
—Guest Nicole


I'm having a sleepover in a few days and well i'm planning heaps of games and if you win you can choose someone from the other team to "t-rex" this means taping their elbows to their hips and their thumbs and pinky's together this is a huge disadvantage. for the lollie bags because I'm giving them heaps of food a lolly bag on the way out won't look very appealing so i'm giving each person a pair of socks hope i helped
—Guest Emma

Beauty Gifts

Why not give beauty items! There is an amazing company called Pinched Beauty that specializes in Beauty Gifts for Tweens! They feature, Glitter soap,Mini Nail Polish,scented Lotion. natural Lip Balm and so much more!
—Guest Raindark

Birthday Party

For my party last year, I gave everyone a cute mug, with an eos lip balm, a chocolate bar, mini hand sanitizer, and a hair bow in it. Everyone loved it!
—Guest Raquel

Sleepover/pool party

Some good ideas for gift bags are lipgloss, flip flops, candy, hair bands, necklace, gift cards for $15 , notebooks, gel pens, and other fun things like that
—Guest Party girl

Goody bag fun

For my birthday I'm just having my friends come sleep over and their goody bags are gonna be unique with their own specialness to them. They all have the same idea, with different colored "Rainbow Loom" bracelets and nail polish every thing is a color theme except for the personalized duct tape hairclips or bands that I made myself
—Guest guest kayla 11

13th party

For my 13th birthday party coming up soon, I have gotten bath and body works hand sanitizes eos hand lotions candy and some other little things. I think they will be cute:)
—Guest Coco937


chocolates lollies, nail polish, makeup are all a girl needs in their gift bag hope this helps bye
—Guest kiki

pj party

Thought it was a really good idea to wrap up the gifts and number them, and let each girl pick a number. It rules out jealousy and favourtism.
—Guest Guest number 1

Custom soccer party

Hi I am 11 and planning my birthday party right now. I am so excited for my party we are planning a bounce party with all the girls from my soccer team. After we are going back to my house for make your own sundaes with every different kind of topping you can imagine!! Since we are on the sporty side I asked mom to do custom soccer tagtailz for each of the girls. It's something different and fun then the same old goodie bag. I can't wait it's going to be awesome!!!!
—Guest Alexis

Birthday party

Well to impress a tween you could do something as simple as camping. And have goodie bags as simple as some candy cheap nail polish and some lipgloss or for the mor boyish girls candy and i guess just candy because thats what the boyish people that came to my party got and they where so happy with there candy. Hope this helped.
—Guest Me

Party Favors for tweens

I found that getting cheapish makeup (lipstick/gloss, mascara, eyeshadow...), cute sticky notes, staionary and other things. Hope this helps :D
—Guest random:)

12th b'day!

I am having a 12th birthday party in 2 days. I am so excited and I have some games. A scavenger hunt, where I write my friends' names on a goodie bag and hide it in the yard and the have to find their goodie bag and my other one is the fake auction -- what I do is give them fake money (monopoly money) and my mum will hold up a prize and we bid for it. Thanks & hope this helps you guys and happy birthday to everyone!
—Guest Lexie

Movie Birthday

My birthday's coming up really soon and I'm going to a movie with my friends to celebrate. I'm going to put lip gloss, nail polish, gel pens, cute little notebooks and other things in the goody bags. Candy also works ;)
—Guest SavingGrace007

My party

I'm graduating from lower school and I'm have a party with my friend with a HUGE surprise waterside that my guest don't know about and just have fun sweet tea and pizza!
—Guest Me

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The Best Birthday Party Favors for Tweens

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