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Readers Respond: Your Child's 13th Birthday Party: How Did You Celebrate?

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House Party!

Although my birthday is ages away, I already know what I would like to do. I want to have a house party - with boys and loads of people, but I need to persuade my parents first! Playing stuff like spin the bottle and charades!
—Guest Alice


I turned 13 about a week ago, I invited my boyfriend and friends, I got to invite 50 people, about 45 showed up. We all played a game of basketball, or jumped on the trampoline, we had a huge bonfire where we would roast marshmallows, while some people stayed in the basement listening to music. I had a gorgouse cake, 2 tear zebra print cake with #13 on top. I can honestly say it was the best night of my life(:
—Guest Joe

13th Birthday Idea

For my birthday I'm gonna invite two of my closest friends to go to the mall and then my whole class (25 people) is going to the roller skating rink and then the girls in my class are coming over to my house for a camp out in the backyard.
—Guest Cassie

My 13th

For my 13th I'm thinking of having about 12 people round after school for a huge waterfight, then a movie. Buffet too, any other ideas?
—Guest helen

13th soon

I was going to go to Thorpe Park but I could only invite one person and I wanted to spend it with all my friends so I thought I should have a big sleepover with boys as well.
—Guest Daisy


I'm thinking for my 13 bday, I invite a couple friends and go all out on covering our arms legs, (face?) and bidy in henna. Then we sit, watch movies and eat candy and whoopie pies!!!
—Guest Guess Guesta

Outdoors indoors

Hey, I'm turning 13 in 27 days so I was thinking of going rock climbing but the only thing is some of my friends are couch potatoes which is a shame.
—Guest Muppet007

13th birthday party

I went to fright night at the PNE then at the mall and then we had a no sleep sleepover.
—Guest GUEST

Hot tub

For my birthday we hired a hot tub (for 5 days) and because it was winter it worked really well. We went shopping then came home and went in the hotub and had a sleepover and watched hot tub time machine movie.

13th upcoming:)

My thireenth birthday is soon, I'm going on holiday the weekend before then the day after having my family and friends come round for a buffet and some of my friends are coming early to decorate with me! It sounds childish but it will leave us all with memories.
—Guest kay


I am 12, my birthday is in February so I am going to wait until May, June to have my bday party. I am going to set up a 12 person tent outside and have about 9 people sleepover, have pizza, pop, games, karaoke and possibly go swimming! We are going to bring candy and soda to the tent so we can try to pull an all nighter! We also may even have a campfire with s'mores! It is going to be so much fun!
—Guest alexisd

Beach Time!

For my thirteenth birthday we rented a beach cottage for one night. I invited 10 of my friends and we hung out on the beach during the day. Then did fun stuff at night like we got plain cupcakes and frosting and fondant and decorated our own cupcakes! And then we did each other's nail and we rented a whole bunch of movies from redbox and we had a really fun sleepover! The next day we hung out on the beach until everyone left. It was an awesome 13th birthday!


My birthday is on valentines day so I was thinking of have a Choco music theme and having it at a place called the Elks Lodge. Do a spin the wheel and guess boxes and movies. It is a boy/girl party but I don't know what the boys will like to do.
—Guest Lillian


Well, I am just inviting 2 of my best friends and we are going to one of those Japanese steak houses (where they cook in front of you). I am so excited. Then they are coming back and having a sleepover and either take pics and then put it on a dvd or video tape it and put it on a DVD and then every one gets one.
—Guest Mackie

The party

Well, I turned 13 today. I kept it really simple, and went to the movies with my friends. Then me and my family are going out to dinner tonight! The best birthday if you ask me! :-)
—Guest Faith

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