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Readers Respond: Your Child's 13th Birthday Party: How Did You Celebrate?

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my 13th birday.

I was surprised and me and some friends went to the Hollywood Hotel and ate and swam.
—Guest gabby charles


I had a horror movie night and watched "Shaun of the Dead" scary stuff. We had a major feast and then had a slumber with mocktails. I invited 4 to 5 people, one didn't stay the night.
—Guest lololo

So much fun

We rented out a gym in our park district, and we did many sports such as, scooter racing, volleyball, running race, and much more.
—Guest Alyssa

My birthday

My 13th is in a few months I'm really excited I can't wait! I am thinking about having a music themed party.
—Guest Lily


For my 13th I am going to invite my 2 friends that have always been there for me no matter what, then go to a chinese steakhouse (where they cook in front of you) then go home and sleep in the camper in the backyard.
—Guest Monkey


My party is tomorrow and we're watching scary movies and some happy movies . Also, we're going to play a girls on boys competitions and just be ourselves.
—Guest samm

My 13th Birthday Party

This year I want to go on a cruise with a few of my friends then when we get back go to the movies and have a sleepover (:
—Guest Kylee

Just at home!

Well, I got a laptop early for my birthday (I got it early cuz it was on a really good sale) so I just am going to have my 13th at my house! We have a great bakery called Icing Fever downtown, so I am going to get a cake that is rainbow inside from there, have 6 friends over, set up in my backyard and put out tons of snacks, hopefully if it's warm get tubs of ice cream and have an ice cream fight with the hose (to spray it off) in our bathing suits, I will have my camera set up and have a mini photo shoot, then we are thinking of buying tshirts from GT and some paint and putting our handprints all over them then rent a movie of netflix and they can sleepover ! :)
—Guest Hayls

Best Birthday EVER!!!

We rented out this old train station room from 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m and we had a glow stick party. We had a whole bunch of black lights and we had a DJ and it was a blast!
—Guest HOt chick


My mom's taking me and my best friends to see Justin Bieber live. Then, I'm having a limo party, in a hummer.. with 6 people, then I'll have 4 people sleep over..
—Guest vhggjk


For my thirteenth birthday I had 15-20 people stay over and had a pool with our favorite music outside. We also played wii games, it was soo much fun(:
—Guest partyyy


For my thirteenth b-day I'm going to florida with my very best friend! I can't wait!!!!
—Guest mary

My 13th birthday

For my party I had 4 boys and 4 girls stay over, at 12 o'clock we played murder in the dark out side where it was pitch black and had a campfire and a lot of shaving cream fights and did the hot tub thing, it was awesome.
—Guest Emily Hollingworth

My 13th

I am having a hot tub party. I have a hot tub and I'm inviting about 10-15 people and we are going into the hot tub and having a BBQ and having a disco, it's gunna be amazing!! Then I'm having a family meal the next day:)
—Guest Friends


Well for my birthday.. i had invited 4 of my closest friends. We went shopping, movies and then to dinner, it was so much fun.
—Guest JUSTIN123

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