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Review of American Girl Magazine

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How-to advice is dispensed throughout American Girl Magazine.

American Girl Magazine offers stories, quizzes, puzzles and a lot more, six times a year.

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The Bottom Line

It would be hard to find a tween girl who wouldn't enjoy reading American Girl Magazine, with all its offerings.
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  • Positive, Encouraging, Supportive and Fun
  • Beautifully Designed
  • Easy to Follow and Read Along
  • Recommended by Parents' Choice


  • Includes Advertisements for American Girl Products


  • The magazine includes several puzzles, quizzes, mini-posters, and fun, girly craft projects.
  • Profiles of real girls are fun and inspirational.
  • Practical how-to advice is dispensed throughout.
  • Other features: polls, recipes, and simple strategies for overcoming everyday obstacles at school, home, and with friends.
  • You don't have to love the dolls to enjoy the magazine.
  • Aimed at girls 8 to 12.

Guide Review - Review of American Girl Magazine

The popularity of the American Girl dolls, and the American Girl movies that followed, only verify that tween girls still appreciate toys and media that aren't influenced by Disney or Hollywood.

If you're looking for a magazine for your tween daughter that offers more than beauty tips, American Girl Magazine could be a great find. The magazine is published by the same folks who brought us Kitt Kittredge, and all of her friends. The primary message of the publication is the very same as the American Girl books: be strong, be yourself, and enjoy being a girl.

American Girl Magazine is a wonderful mix of inspiring profiles of tween girls, fun craft projects, polls, quizzes, advice, and much more. The magazine knows how to have fun, tween style, such as in a photo spread titled Hilarious Hair, where girls entered pictures of themselves in their most outrageous hairstyles. In addition, the magazine offers question and answer-style columns, in-depth coverage of girls who are making a difference or overcoming challenges, and simple to follow craft ideas, recipe suggestions, healthy tips, and even fiction stories.

The magazine is interactive, offering girls the chance to enter writing contests, photo contests, and participate in question and answer sessions.

It's refreshing to find a tween magazine aimed at girls that doesn't beat the drum of fashion and materialism. American Girl keeps its focus centered on what's really important to young girls: being yourself, having fun and making the most of the tween years.

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