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Review of Let's Talk About Sex - A Book About Children, Sex Education and More

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Let's Talk About Sex - A Book About Children, Sex Education and Growing Up

Ready to have the talk with your children? Sex education can be a tricky subject, a good resource can help.

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The Bottom Line

Let's Talk About S-E-X: A Guide for Kids 9 to 12 and Their Parents is a useful resource for families and children. Sex education can be a difficult topic to broach with your child, but arming a tween with information is a parent's best hope of making sure their child's values concerning sexual responsibility closely follow their own. Let's Talk About S-E-X helps parents prepare for "the talk" and pass on their values and beliefs without holding back necessary information that all tweens should know.
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  • Designed for parents and children to read together
  • A separate parent's guide offers tips on answering children's questions without overwhelming them
  • Additional Resources (websites, books) are listed in the back of the book
  • Offers honest answers allowing parents to fill in the details as they see fit
  • The book recommends teenagers hold off on sex until they're older, but the authors spare the lecture


  • Art and graphics are limited


  • Topics covered in the book include: puberty; making sense of love and sex; menstruation; sexual intercourse; and childbirth.
  • Information is presented in an age-appropriate and responsible manner.
  • Gives children the information they need to know, without overwhelming them with adult details.
  • The Parent Guide offers tips on talking about puberty and children, sex education and how to make the most of family talks.
  • Puzzles, fill-in-the-blanks, and Q&As make the book very interactive.
  • Retails for $9.99 (US)

Guide Review - Review of Let's Talk About Sex - A Book About Children, Sex Education and More

There’s no getting around it. At some point during the tween years you’ll have to have the sex talk with your children. Sex education is all about empowering children so that they are comfortable with their changing bodies, knowledgeable about puberty, and understand sexuality in positive ways. Even so, the idea of sitting down with your children to discuss sex is uncomfortable to many parents, and even more uncomfortable to many children. Sex education shouldn't be painful, however, and having the help of a good resource can make all the difference to you and your child.

Children, Sex Education and The Talk

Let’s Talk About S-E-X: A Guide for Kids 9 to 12 and Their Parents is designed to help parents and children discuss important issues, and do so in a comfortable and non-judgmental way. The book, which is Published by Book Peddlers in collaboration with Planned Parenthood, helps parents and kids focus on the important issues of sexual growth and helps prioritize discussions so that children are left informed without being overwhelmed.

Topics covered in the book include detailed information on how boys and girls change through puberty. It should also be noted that the book includes general information on how babies are made, how contraceptives prevent pregnancy, and how teenagers can be pressured to have sex when they really don’t want to, and aren’t ready for the experience.

Sexually transmitted disease information is also included in the book as is information on pregnancy, childbirth and more. Information is presented in an age-appropriate and responsible way.

Children, sex education and puberty make for some tricky discussions between parent and child, but Let's Talk About S-E-X can diminish anxiety for both, and help prepare youngsters for the changes they'll encounter, and the responsibilities that go with them.

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