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News and information concerning tween nutrition, tween exercise, healthy recipes, and hygiene.

How long is a typical menstruation cycle?
The menstruation cycle typically lasts 28 days, but not always.

Healthy Breakfast - Share Your Healthy Breakfast Ideas Here
What do you serve your tween for breakfast? How do you get your preteen energized for a busy day? Share your healthy breakfast ideas here.

Should Tween Girls Use Tampons?
Tween girls may have questions about tampons and menstruation, but should preteens use tampons?

What Girls Need to Know About Menstrual Pads
Girls will have questions about using menstrual pads, here is the information they need.

Healthy Snacks for Kids - What Are Your Favorite Healthy Snac…
Tweens are snackers, but they don't have to reach for the bag of chips every time. Read what healthy snacks other parents can get their kids to eat, and tell us your favorite healthy snacks for kids.

This Fruity Popsicle Recipe is Tasty and Fun to Make
A fruity popsicle recipe that tweens can make and enjoy on their own.

A Trail Mix Recipe That's Easy to Make
This trail mix recipe is easy to assemble and yummy to eat.

Banana Fruit Smoothie is a Healthy Snack for Kids
This banana fruit smoothie is a healthy snack for kids and fun to make.

Ideas for Healthy Snacks for Kids (Tweens, too!)
Keep healthy food at the ready, and your tween will learn a lot about healthy snacking.

What is the Choking Game?
The choking game is a danger to tweens and teens. Here's what you need to know about this dangerous behavior.

Help Your Tween Cope with Stress
Tweens can get stressed out, just like adults do. Here's how to help your tweenager learn to relax.

How Many Calories Does My Tween Need Each Day?
A look at tween nutrition.

Encouraging Healthy Hygiene in Tweens
Teaching healthy hygiene habits will benefit your child for years to come.

First-Aid Every Tween Should Know
Tween should have a basic understanding of first-aid, and know how to deal with everyday bumps and bruises. Since it's during the tween years when many children are left home alone, or in charge of younger siblings, it's also important that they know how to handle some of the more common situat

Tweens and Eating Disorders
Information on kids and eating disorders.

Keeping Your Tween Smoke Free
Simple strategies to keep your tween from lighting up.

What should I know about tweens and inhalants?
What parents should know about tweens and inhalants.

Does my 10-year-old daughter have to receive the HPV vaccine?
Some parents think the HPV vaccine is too new and worry about its safety. Others find the vaccine too expensive to afford.

Is Your Tween Depressed?
Depression can strike the young. Here's what you should know.

The 5 Nutrition Mistakes Tweens Make
Tween bodies grow at lightning speed, and they require certain nutrients to aid that development. Unfortunately, many tweens aren't getting enough of certain vitamins and minerals, or they're getting too much of a bad thing.

Healthy Snacks for Tweens
These healthy smoothie recipes will satisfy even the pickiest of tweens.

Tween Hygiene Help
Keep track of your tween's hygiene habits with this easy to use chart.

Tweens and Alcohol
Questions to ask yourself and your tween about underage drinking.

Could My Child Have an Eating Disorder?
Could my child have an eating disorder? It's unlikely to be a full-blown disorder, but your child may be showing signs of a serious eating disturbance.

Psychological Effects of Childhood Obesity
Childhood obesity can have a number of psychological effects, including higher rates of depression and lower self-esteem. Childhood obesity may be particularly problematic during the tween years.

Could My Child Have a Substance Abuse Problem?
Substance abuse disorders are highly unlikely during the tween years. Nonetheless, early substance use can lead to serious problems in the teen years and beyond.

Kid Smoking - Have You Ever Caught Your Kid Smoking?
Have you caught your kid smoking? How did you handle the situation?

Troubled Youth - Common Problems and Ways to Help
Growing up can be difficult, and as much as preteens go through while transitioning to the teenage years, it's no wonder many of them find themselves in the middle of some troubling challenges. Parents, teachers, and other adults can help troubled youth by being supportive, and by setting fair limits. Below are a few ways preteens can stumble into trouble, as well as some solutions to help them w…

Is Your Tween Too Sick for School?
How do you know if your preteen is too sick for school? Here's your guide.

Faking Sick - Have You Caught Your Child Faking Sick?
Have you ever caught your child faking sick to get out of school? What did you do about it?

How do I Know if Anxiety Symptoms Are Normal or Not?
If your tween is showing anxiety symptoms, how do you know when to intervene? Here are the five criteria psychologists consider when determining whether anxiety symptoms are concerning.

Panic Attacks in Tweens and Teens
What are panic attacks and how do they affect tweens and teens? Learn more about adolescent panic attacks here.

Preventing Preadolescent and Adolescent Substance Abuse
Adolescent substance abuse can be prevented in a number of ways, including monitoring of activities and increasing awareness of risks. Learn how to prevent substance abuse in your teen or tween.

What is Space Monkey
Parents need to know what space monkey is all about.

Personal Hygiene Tips for Girls

As your daughter begins to change and develop, hygiene takes a priority. Here's what she should know about personal hygiene, menstruation, and all the other changes of puberty.

What to Expect When You Get Your Ears Pierced
Is your child ready to get her ears pierced? Here's what you both should know.

Help Your Daughter Avoid a Period Emergency
Does your daughter experience irregular menstrual cycles? Here's how to help her avoid a period emergency.

Should Your Daughter Use Tampons or Pads?
Girls often wonder which is better, tampons or pads?

Is your tween going to middle school? Here's what he should know about school...
School cafeteria food may not please a picky tween. Here's how to tell if your child should buy or bring.

School Health - A Checklist for Parents of Tweens
A health checklist will help your child begin the school year the right way.

Healthy Packed Lunches
A healthy lunch is key to your child's school day. Here's how to pack a healthy packed lunch.

Health and Wellness for Your Tween
Continue your child's health and wellness as middle school approaches.

Hair Care Tips for Tweens
Help your tween learn how to care for her hair with these tips.

Filling Out Summer Camp Forms and Paperwork - What You Need to Know
Be sure you give the camp the information they ask for on the summer camp forms.

Simply Your Tween's Bedtime Routine

How to Prevent Tween Food Wars
Food wars won't encourage your tween to eat healthier, but these tips will.

Summer Hygiene Tips for Tweens
Don't let the summer months interfere with your child's good hygiene habits.

Summer Camp and Sick Kids
Help your tween stay healthy while away at camp. Here's how.

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