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Filling out School Paperwork - A Guide for Parents


A new school year means back to school shopping, school orientation and for parents, filling out school form after school form. School paperwork is a part of your child's new school year, and it's important to make sure the information you include on the forms is up to date and accurate. Below are tips on filling out the forms your tween will bring home to you this year. When it comes time to fill out the school forms, find a quiet location where you won't be disturbed and make sure you have your health insurance card, and emergency contact information with you. Once you're finished with your paperwork, have your child turn it in and get ready for the best school year ever!

Filling Out School Paperwork

  • General Background Information: One of the forms you'll have to fill out will be a general contact form. The school will ask for your child's address, as well as the addresses of parents or guardians. This form might also ask for information on how your child will be transported to and from school. Will he be a drop off, or take the bus? If he takes the bus, what address will he be picked up from in the morning and dropped off in the afternoon?
  • The school will also want your day and evening contact information, including work phone, home phone and mobile number. Be sure you write carefully and legibly so that numbers can be read easily. E-mail information is also frequently requested.

    The general information form will also likely ask for information regarding emergency contacts, people the school can call in an emergency if they can't reach you. Be sure to ask any friends, family members or neighbors if they would mind being an emergency contact.

    Food allergies may also be addressed on this form, and other allergies as well. Be sure you indicate if your child suffers from allergies, seizures, or other health concerns that the school needs to know about.

    Finally, the school will ask about your child's health insurance coverage, including the policy number, the policy holder's name and the group number.

  • Rules and Behavior: Many schools require that students and parents read and sign a form that details school policies and rules. The form may or may not be a part of the school handbook, but either way, it's usually required reading and signing for parents. Rules will include guidelines on dress codes, language, bullying, personal conduct and theft. It's a good idea to review these rules with your tween, so there are no misunderstandings later in the year.
  • Technology and Internet Form: Technology has become such an important part of the school day for many students, but there are potential pitfalls. The technology and internet form will detail what your child is allowed to do on the computer and the internet while at school. The form will likely spell out what is and is not allowed, and the consequences for breaking school rules on internet browsing, etc.
  • Teacher Forms: In addition to the forms the school requires that you fill out, your child's teachers may send home additional forms for their own use. Teachers may ask for contact information, parent volunteer eligibility, or information on how parents can help support the class and the teacher throughout the year.
  • Tip: It's a good idea to make a personal copy of any forms after you fill them out. That way, if the school misplaces or looses your information, you'll have a replacement copy ready to go.
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