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Activities, food, fun, gifts and more - with preteens in mind.


Are you getting ready for the Christmas or Holiday season? There's always plenty to do. Here's your guide to buying for your preteen, gathering stocking stuffers, having fun and making the most of family time together.
  1. Gifts for Preteens
  2. Holiday Fun with Your Tween
  3. Staying Organized and Stress-Free
  4. Holiday Recipes and Food

Gifts for Preteens

Hobbies provide plenty of inspiration when shopping for gifts for tween girls.

Tweens can be hard to buy for, but you can make the most of your budget and please your picky tween at the same time. Here's your guide to gift ideas and stocking stuffers.

Holiday Fun with Your Tween

The best part of the holiday season is getting together and having fun. Here's how you and your preteen can enjoy time together - while getting some of those holiday chores done.

Staying Organized and Stress-Free

The holidays can be overwhelming at times. Here's how to stay organized and keep yourself and your tween stress free.

Holiday Recipes and Food

Looking for a holiday recipe that you or your child can easily make? Below are just a few ideas, and one for your reindeer friends.

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