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Storm Activities for Tweens Stuck Inside


The weather doesn't always play fair. It doesn't matter where you live. At some point a hurricane, snow storm, Nor'Easter or another storm will ruin your family plans and keep your kids stuck inside, sometimes for days at a time.

But that doesn't mean your children have to be bored the entire time. Think ahead so that you have activities ready to go. You can even enlist the help of your child, so that he or she learns a little about preparing ahead of time. To keep kids busy when the weather is bad, consider the following suggestions.

Storm Activities for Tweens

  • Track the Storm: Tweens are old enough to take an interest in weather and news. Put your tween in charge of tracking the storm, staying up to date on forecasts, bulletins and blogs. Have your child do a little research on the type of storm you're facing. If you loose power, make sure you have a radio (with fresh batteries) so your child can follow forecasts that way.
  • Play a Board Game: It's not a bad idea to keep a few board games on hand for bad weather. If you loose power, those computer games won't work anymore, or at least they won't work when the batteries wear down. Consider stashing a few games away, games that your child hasn't seen before. Then bring them out as a surprise when the weather is bad.
  • Get Cooking: Cooking is always fun for tweens, and if you're stuck indoors, you might as well make the most of it by enjoying some delicious food. Be sure you shop ahead of the storm for the food supplies you'll need. Consider purchasing foods that don't require refrigeration, like canned soup, etc. It's also a good idea to have a camp stove on hand, in case you loose power. Another tip: find recipes that require no cooking. For example, you could have your child make a big batch of trail mix with Cheerios, raisins, peanuts, M&Ms, etc.
  • Rearrange Your Tween's Bedroom: Make the most of your time at home by getting a project or two completed. Have your tween sort through her closet and drawers for clothes she no longer wears. You could have her redecorate or rearrange her bedroom. That can be a fun way to spend a day indoors.
  • Read On: Storms are a wonderful excuse to break out a book or two. Be sure your child has plenty of reading material available, including magazines. You could even use the storm as an excuse to read a book together.
  • Get Crafty: Be sure you stock your craft closet or craft cabinet with supplies before the storm. Your tween can make decorations for her room, or have her make a few birthday cards to use for upcoming birthday parties.
  • Review Schoolwork: It may not sound like fun, but if your child has been struggling with a certain subject at school, your time stuck indoors might be put to good use if you sit down together to review. Make it fun by playing games, or making up song lyrics that might help your child learn the school material. Making flash cards is also a good way to reinforce what's been covered in class.
  • Other Ideas to Keep Your Child Busy: Play charades, write a play, clean out a closet, ask friends over, make a video, work on a family scrapbook, watch movies, write a letter to a relative or a friend, daydream.
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