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How to Make a Dead Bride Costume


If your preteen is looking for a ghoulish costume idea for Halloween, consider putting together a dead bride costume. You probably have all or most of the supplies you'll need in your own closets or dress-up drawers, and your local dollar store or drug store should have everything else you'll need.

How to Make a Dead Bride Costume

First, gather your materials. Here's what you'll need to make your dead bride costume:

  • A white dress, or a white skirt and shirt
  • A wedding veil (to make a wedding veil, you'll need about a half-yard of lace fabric)
  • A barrette or white headband to keep the veil in place
  • White shoes (make sure they are comfortable if your child will be trick-or-treating)
  • A bouquet of dead, dried flowers tied with a white ribbon
  • Black eyeliner, black lipstick and white face powder or face paint
  • How to Wear Your Dead Bride Costume

    OK, here's the fun part. Have your tween put on her dress and help her attach the veil to her head. The makeup is what makes this costume work, so take your time to do it correctly. Use the black eyeliner to outline her eyes, more is better, and use the black lipstick to give her lips that ever important dead look. The white powder or face paint will pull it all together. Before she leaves, hand her the bouquet of dead flowers. Your dead bride is ready to celebrate Halloween.
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