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Charitable Gifts for Tweens


It's always fun to shop for tweens, but some preteens are harder to buy for than others. Charitable gifts are a good option for tweens who already have everything, or who have a generous and giving nature. If you're buying for a tween's birthday, the holiday or some other special occasion, consider the following charitable gift ideas below. Your gift will stand out from all the others, and it may even spark a philanthropic spirit in your child.

Charitable Gifts for Preteens

  • Museum Membership: Tweens are eager to learn, so why not purchase an annual museum pass for your child? Or, consider an annual pass to a local aquarium or art center. An annual pass will allow your child to visit for a full year, and also take advantage of discounts at the gift shop and perhaps even special events that are held just for members. Some memberships even allow for your child to bring a certain number of guests free of charge when he visits.
  • Adopt a Species: Many preteens love animals, so why not adopt an animal for your child's special occasion? You can adopt any number of endangered animals through the World Wildflife Fund, such as polar bears, pandas, lions, etc. Other organizations will allow you to adopt manatees, dolphins, wales and other wonderful species. For more information, visit the World Wildlife Fund adoption center. To make this gift extra fun, bundle the adoption certificate with a small stuffed animal of the species you choose for your tween.
  • Go to the Parks: If your tween loves the outdoors, finding a fun charitable gift is easy, just look to your national or state parks. Consider purchasing an annual pass to the national or your state's park system. Such a gift will benefit your whole family, and give you the great excuse to make time to visit our country's beautiful park system. You could combine this gift with a backpack, water bottle and pair or new hiking boots for your child.
  • Plant a Tree: Is your tween environmentally conscious? If so, you may want to consider planting a tree in your child's honor. Some local parks will allow you to purchase a tree in your child's name, or you could plant a tree in your own backyard, complete with a plaque or some other "official" recognition.
  • Volunteer Together: If you're really out of ideas, why not give your child the gift of volunteerism? Find a local charity, animal shelter or other local organization that needs volunteer help. Try to pick a cause that your tween is interested in helping. Then plan a schedule that will allow the two of you to volunteer together. You can even present your child with a coupon or a voucher that you customize, so that you have something to wrap, and your child has something to unwrap.
  • Give an Animal: Heifer International allows participants to help end poverty and hunger across the globe by donating an animal to families in need. Chickens, sheep, and goats are among the animals you can purchase for a family in need.
  • Adopt a Star: If your tween is into science, astronomy in particular, adopting a star in your child's name, or naming a star after your child, could be the perfect gift. Several museums and planetariums offer star adoptions, so do a little research and find the perfect star for your tween.
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