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Readers Respond: When Should Girls Begin to Shave?

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What is the right age for girls to begin to shave? Is it different for everyone, or should girls have to wait until they hit a specific age? How do you know when preteen girls are ready to shave? And, how do you know if they're old enough to shave safely? Share Your Opinions

They don't have to start shaving

As Guest Cait said, shaving is OPTIONAL, not mandatory at all, especially for young girls who don't even feel bad about their body hair until someone points it out... As a parent, it's up to you to teach her how to handle peer pressure and think for herself and make up her own mind about things.
—Guest Guest 221

Let her know before

I am a cheerleader and I do not shave my legs because I can not talk about with my mom, and I am scared of her wrath if I do it anyways. With that in mind I suggest talking to your daughter BEFORE she is in middle school. Let her know that its up to her when to shave. The girls and ecpecially the boys make fun of me because I don't shave my legs. She can become very self-conscious when she has to change for gym, like me
—Guest Cheerleader101

I haven't yet

So I asked my mom the big Q. And she said "I don't know" that's not the answer when your daughter is ready she could be ready at 9 or maybe 16
—Guest Jalyn


I'm 11. Almost 12. I asked my mom if I could shave. She said when I'm 16. I kept reassuring her and making comments about my legs. Then she lowered the number to 14. I just can't wait that long. My leg hair is black. It's hairy. It's all over the place. People tease me. If you want the best for your daughter let her shave. More self esteem and less bullying. I'm still pressuring my mom though. I really wan't her to let me shave when I turn 12.
—Guest Samantha

When They Want To

I think girls should start to shave when they need to, like it's noticable, or when they feel self-conscious.
—Guest what to do...?!


I started shaving (my legs) the day before my first big school volleyball game (against another school) in sixth grade. I started getting uncomfortable with my leg hair and we had to wear shorts to play, so I asked if I could shave my legs, considering the circumstances. I guess you could say the school we were playing was our rival and I didn't think leg hair would be very intimidating.
—Guest Snowball

Year 5-6

I think that girls should start when they are in year 5 or 6, or when the get self conciousios and they won't go out in skirts without tights. I started then and I let my daughter start once she was 11 and she had low self esteem.
—Guest Umm period

It's all about her growth

Whenever she has dark hair that looks bad in shorts. Just think about how self conscious she gets.
—Guest look and think


I think a girl should do it when they start dating.
—Guest S

5th grade

I started right before I started 5th grade. My mom asked me. I started to use Nair, but It didn't work.
—Guest Elizabeth

Very Young

I started when I was 11. I showed my Mother and she immediately shown me the proper way to shave and moisturize the area. Only re shaved every other day then went up to every day just like Mom said.
—Guest hp

I haven't started

I'm in 7th grade and I haven't started shaving yet! My leg hair started to grow in 5th grade but it grew slow. When the hair gets long, I use scissors to cut them.
—Guest vianna t

Show Us

If you show us how to then when we want to we can start to shave. Don't tell us that we can't because you can't see it yet, we can and feel self-conscious. Also, don't always expect us to ask you, sometimes you should ask us.
—Guest 12345

Middle School

I think that a good time to start is when the girls are getting ready to start middle school and changing in front of their peers for gym.
—Guest md

There are Alternatives

You should also inform the girls that they have the OPTION to NOT SHAVE! There's too much peer pressure to do it, and we should break this expensive, inconvienient norm and make it OPTIONAL, NOT MANDATORY!
—Guest Cait

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When Should Girls Begin to Shave?

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