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Readers Respond: Signs of Puberty - What Was the Most Difficult Part of Puberty for You?

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Is your child going through puberty, or is she headed toward puberty? Puberty can be tough, you know that because you went through it. Now, think back a decade or two (or more, I won't tell anyone) and try to remember the hardest part of puberty for you. Was it mood swings? Cramps? Remembering and sharing your experiences may just help today's tweens face the transition of puberty, and offer other parents a little extra guidance. So share you puberty memories below.


I feel a little weird..... my mom says I am gonna start my period soon..... I have lots of the signs... most of all of them.
—Guest ArcticFox


I just turned 14. I have breasts (36 A) I have pubic hair, I've gone through puberty, and I'm only 4,10. I feel left out because I'm one of the shortest people in the school and I'm scared that I'm not going to grow at all.
—Guest Makia


Well, I got my period the May before I turned 11 in September. I get real bad period pains, and had my period in May and June but haven't had it since! It's now November, but from what I can find out it is normal to have irregular cycle the first year or so :)
—Guest Taylor Swift Luvva


Honestly, the absolute worst part of puberty was beig a late bloomer. I didn't wear a bra until gr.8 and even now, I'm 14 and the only girl in my class who hasn't gotten her period. Although I think mine maybe started today...
—Guest 69


The most difficult part of puberty is liking the oppiste sex. I am ten I wear a 32b, pubic hair, I shave. I'm the onley one in 5th grade who is going through puberty.
—Guest Nicole


I have pubic hair, armpit hair, I wear a 31A bra, and I've had discharge for three months but also bad cramps and moods. swings
—Guest Guest Lizy

I'm Scared

I'm 11 I've got a pimple on my face, a little pubic hair, no armpit hair, arm hair and leg hair, but I'm so scared of my friends hitting puberty.
—Guest calum

Late Bloomer

I didn't have any signs of puberty before the age of 13 and got my period for the first time right after I turned 15. I'm almost 16 now and I still have a tiny chest (30A) and almost no underarm hair.
—Guest Claire


My mother did not tell me anything. She gave me a book, "Wonderfully made" and told me to ask any questions I had after I read it. Many years later, my husband said, "I can not believe the conversations you have with your kids." I believe that if they have the vocabulary to ask the question, they deserve a plain answer that is the same depth as the question. MY kids are 27 and 24 now, and I never ask them questions about their business, but they brag about what a great, FACTUAL resource they had as kids. That is a mother's job. I am not a grandma and very happy about that!
—Guest bob's your uncle


My friends have there puberty and I am older then them and I still don't have anything. I have no hair and no breasts.
—Guest Miss worried


I've only got a little pubic hair and mood swings and I'm 10. I don't want go through puberty but I have to! I'm 35 kg, I look normal but my breast is getting a little bigger.
—Guest Lily


I'm 11 I have medium sized breasts, pubic hair and I've gained 13 pounds! My mom says it's part of puberty and I know it is. I don't look like I'm 92 pounds but I am! All my friends except 1 haven't even started puberty! I feel fat and awkward because my breast are larger than there's: /
—Guest Wants to loose weight!!!


I am 12 years old and I still haven't started my period. I have big boobs, pubic hair, leg/feet/toe hair. Though no underarm or period is coming in! I really want to start it!
—Guest Breanna

Weird Hair!

I'm getting hair on the top of my feet, toes, and fingers!?
—Guest Guest Isabella


I'm 11 and I'm the only one in my school that didn't hit puberty and I'm the oldest in the school.
—Guest sam
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