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Readers Respond: Signs of Puberty - What Was the Most Difficult Part of Puberty for You?

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I'm 11 I have every one of the signs to puberty but no period. It has been going on for a year.
—Guest Desy

It's Difficult

I'm 10 yrs. old and I have already hit puberty. My friend is 11 and she is super worried that she is odd cause a lot of girls in our grade have already hit puberty and there are only a few girls left. But it's totally normal for her not to have hit puberty yet. So girls who are only 11 and complaining is all right the later you hit puberty the better, it's not all fun and games!!!
—Guest Bessie


I'm 9-years-old and I'm a girl and all my friends and I are going through puberty!!!! We thought it starts when we are 10??!!!
—Guest young


I'm 11, I have pubic hair, I shave (under arms), have little lumps and puffy nipples, but still no period! When will it come, I'm really nervous.
—Guest Tinker Bell

No period

I've got pubic hair, barely any armpit hair, size 28 A boobs, mood swings and no periods.
—Guest anonymous


I'm 10 turning 11 in October and I have almost all the signs: boobs, hair except under armpit, and discharge I think. My mom didn't start until she was 16.
—Guest Liz O

Everyone is Different

If you haven't gone through puberty it's ok, everyone starts at a different age. I started growing pubic hairs at age 10/11 and I got my first period like 2 weeks before I turned 12, I have noticed breast growth too. But if you haven't gone through it, it's ok don't worry
—Guest Heyy


I'm 14 going on 15 and still no period.. I have hair and breasts (B cup) but not really any discharge. I'm currently in 8th but starting 9th in a couple of months. My mom didn't start till going into 9th grade so I hope this is why..
—Guest Maddy

Help me

I am 13 going on 14 with no armpit hair, no discharge, barely any pubic hair just the odd couple short hairs and I am a 30a that barely fits! I am the only girl in grade eight without their period! I feel so left out!
—Guest Anonymous


I am almost thirteen, have pubic hair, no period. I have cramps and can't wait for my period. I wear a 32a.
—Guest late bloomer

Almost Everything

I have had everything but my period and breasts. I'm almost 12. When are they going to come?
—Guest Anonymous


I have hair everywhere I'm ten and I shave, I love puberty.
—Guest Guest boy


I've been being very emotional and I have cramps,vbut I have not started my period yet...I'm 11........
—Guest random


I have breasts and B.O but nothing else, well except leg hair, but no mood swings, cramps or period. I just want it over with!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest Taylor


I have armpit hair, pubic hair and my period!!!!! I hate it cuz I'm the only one in my class who has them:( I'm ten.
—Guest guest sigh

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