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Readers Respond: Signs of Puberty - What Was the Most Difficult Part of Puberty for You?

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The worst part is all the hair! I don't have it all over my legs and arms like some of my friends, since my hair is blond, but under your arms is just soooo annoying! I haven't had my period yet and I'm 12. But unlike everyone else, no one at my school has or wants to have their period. Of the 500 students in my grade, there's probably only 3 people who have had it.
—Guest Kat

The Emotional Stuff

Mostly the emotional stuff.. I'm 12 and Middle School is pretty tough now.. The emotional stuff is the hardest thing for me.... I have mood swings a lot! I'm happy one time then it's night or something and I cry over the things I don't have... Then I like this guy and all that poop...(If you think I'm too young to like someone tell it to my puberty!)
—Guest Tiff

I Hate Puberty

I'm 11 and I'm really fed up cause I'm in so much pain with my breasts and tummy. Grrr.
—Guest me


Oh my gosh, puberty doesn't feel like anything to me. I haven't gotten my period yet, I'm am 11, almost 12. My mom got it when she was pretty much 12. I am going to get it soon. I have gotten breasts and hair and discharge. I am not scared to get my period, but I am anxious to get it.
—Guest Jenna

How to tell my MOM???

I have NO idea how to tell my mom I'm in puberty! She works alot, too much, and she's practically always in a bad mood! I need panty liners and I'd like to shave but my dad is the one that goes grocery shopping and I think it would be WAY too awkward if I told him about it.
—Guest FlowerPower


I'm thirteen, have pubic hair, have breasts, have underarm hair and still in my growth spurt but no period. What is wrong with me?
—Guest Grr

Didn't Have a Clue

I developed pretty early, around 9. I got my period about 2-3 days after my 10th birthday, which wasn't that thrilling because I was kind of a little kid. But any of you younger girls or even older, don't be scared. I'll admit...I cried when I got my period because I didn't know what to do, it hurt, and my Mom wasn't home. It's nothing bad, at all. It just sucks when you're young...like my friend, she got hers so young, that she didn't have A CLUE about what was happening.
—Guest Heather

Scared at First

I started me period when I was 12. I was scared because I thought it was going to sting.
—Guest Its all right

Weighing in. . .

I recently read a great resource for parenting, especially for dads of tween girls: What Happened to my Little Girl? Here's a link to the Amazon page: http://dld.bz/UjQQ. It offers all sorts of helpful information, including how to know when girls are beginning to go through this stage and how you can best approach and guide them.
—Guest mark


My daughter, 9, is starting the process. No period yet, but the emotional mood swings are raging and the breast buds are developing. I remember my process starting around the same age. She's incredibly self-concious now and I know, from experience, that its going to be a roller-coaster ride. The only thing I can suggest to her and to all you other young ladies is patience. Just relax, everything will be fine even when it feels like it won't. Millions of young girls go through it every day and there is nothing "odd" about you. As I told my girl, think of it as one step closer to driving :-)
—Guest SK


I'm only 8 and I already have a B cup!!!! I don't like having to wear a bra because it is very uncomfortable and itchy :(
—Guest Lizzy

This is Frustrating

I'm 11 and have hair and I'm wearing my training bra, and I even have armpit hair, which seems appalling to me.
—Guest grace

First Period

I was 9 years old when I entered puberty. I started my period on the day of my birthday.
—Guest Ashley

Embarrassing times

I was a late bloomer all around. I got my first training bra a few months before I turned 11 and didn't start my period until I was 14. I'd read so many different things about puberty and we'd even had a class about at school so when it finally came (while I was at a summer day program) I was surprised that I didn't understand what had happened. I didn't have much time left before my mom was to pick me up. So I waited then reluctant and embarrassed told her what happened. She gave me what I needed and told my dad who congratulated me on being a woman. It was the most embarrassing thing I've ever experienced. I was just glad I was out of school when it happened. The thing that I'd wanted for so long because everyone else seemed to have it had quickly became the thing I'd be glad to live without. I think it was mostly because I always thought everyone knew and that they'd think I was gross regardless of my knowledge that it's completely natural. Relax, they don't. Now I have a daughter :-)
—Guest Mom of a tween

All Alone

I'm only 11 and I've got my period! I am so scared that my friends don't have it.
—Guest LOL

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