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Readers Respond: Have You Caught Your Child Faking Sick?

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Have you caught your child faking sick to get out of going to school? How did you handle the situation? Did you let your tween stay home, assuming he needed a day of rest? Or did you send him anyway? Has your child admitted to putting one over on you - pretending she was sick when she really wasn't? Share your experiences and your solutions. Share Your Experiences

Faking For Video Games

My child would always fake near the same time every month. I later found out that was when his favorite video game online came out!
—Guest Johnny


My 12 year old daughter, Molly, asked me if I could buy her some make-up. It was strange, as my Molls has never been a fan of clothes and make-up. But I got her some and the next day (Monday) she moaned and groaned and said that she felt sick. She had dark circles under her eyes and look red on the eyelids. I let her stay home, and then I went upstairs and found her new eyeshadow on the bed with the brush on the red palette. And her talcum powder on her desk - is there a bully at school? Or is she being lazy?
—Guest Jenny


My son was getting bullied by his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend. He would make up tummy aches and headaches before during and after school as an attempt at getting out of being bullied. Me and my husband only find out when my son left the school and decided to come clean.
—Guest Emma Brown


One day a term should be acceptable to leave them home and to respect their "faking". Even a child psychologist recommended so. More than that should be manged differently. I discuss with my 10 year old son, and he ends up being sent to school. Sometime, has to give him the alternative to go to a doctor or hospital to see what is wrong and he then decides to go to school instead. But tensions with schoolmates is the most frequent reason to bring anxiety to my 10 year old.
—Guest Barbara


Hi my son is currently having mixed up feelings every morning when we drop him at school he cries then he says he has a tummy ache but not one that needs medicine just has a funny feeling in his tummy. We have tried several times to find out what the problem is why he is sad and his response is he does not know why. He is now even seeing a psychologist, he is 8 years old and this is something that has now been happening for the past 3 weeks.
—Guest BERNY

Sick of School

In both sixth and seventh grade my son has had bouts of "stomach aches" in an attempt to avoid school. I determined the mystery stomach aches stem from anxiety of some kind. The school nurse would call around the same time each day which told me he was avoiding a certain class (or person). Last year it turned out he was being bullied and was faking sick to come home before school got out in order to avoid being taunted by older kids on the walk home. When he finally talked about what was happening, we made a report to the school and worked on alternatives: he could call his dad for a ride, he could walk home with a friend or take a different route. This year the stomach aches became a way to avoid boredom. The school nurse - who dubbed my son a "frequent flyer" - worked out a system with me for determining his level of "illness" and most times sent him back to class. Recognizing his anxiety and communicating with my child and school staff helped us address the underlying issues.

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Have You Caught Your Child Faking Sick?

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