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Readers Respond: Great Ideas for a Fun Sleepover Party

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If you have a tween, you know all about hosting a sleepover party. What makes a sleepover party a success? Is it the food, the theme, the games, or the entertainment? Share your ideas for hosting a great sleepover party for tweens.

Cool day out

I think for me and my friends it is the laughs about the things we have done but the best thing is the memrory of doing each other's hair in a weird way. And putting on a show full of funny things such as putting red lipstick all around your mouth like a clown or dancing with your teddy bear. This is what we think a sleepover is but a sleepover for you could just be watching a film and eating sweets and popcorn.
—Guest rabbits

Pin the kiss on the celebrity!

Have your friends make their own lips then have a poster of a celebrity. Blind fold one of your guest and take their lips. Spin your guest 3 times and pin their lips on the poster. Who ever is closest to the celebrity's lips wins!!!!
—Guest Wildone

Want Something FUN?

Before a sleepover, go to Target and buy a few things from the dollar spot, or go to the dollar store, bring the things home, and you could raffle off a few items you got. I did that at my slumber party, and they loved it! Enjoy! :)


You could always do your nails wether they are fake nails or just painting your real nails it is bound to be fun ! If you are bored with that, spice it up a little make a game out of it ! The most important part is to HAVE FUN !! : )
—Guest courtney


Try blindfolded makeovers, watch a movie or play truth or dare, any of these would be really fun! For food you'll need loads of snacks; chocolate, sweets, ice cream, fizzy drinks and crisps. Bring around 5-10 people, the more the merrier! Take loads of pictures and prank call boys! Remember, ask your friends what they want to do first. Have fun ;D
—Guest Emily - Tween

Plan a classic

Every girl wants a party like in the movies! I suggest doing nails, makeovers, pillow fights, movies, or arts and crafts! Maybe a little kareoke! When I was younger I would prank call people! Make sure to be nice and don't keep calling over and over again! Have fun!
—Guest Casey(expert party planner!)

Balloon truth or dare

Put truths and dares into balloons. Don't let your guests know about it and wait for someone to pop one!
—Guest msmm

Mix It Up

Everybody loves ice cream right.? Well take it to the extreme. Mix cookies and brownies and Oreos in some vanilla ice cream, and then you take it from there. Trust me it tastes AWESOME.!
—Guest TheGirlz

Stay up

You need to stay up all night girly cause it's all good when you do. So number 1 rule -- stay up all night.
—Guest miss mother


I know it sounds lame having Tacos is super fun! Especially when you put super hot sauce on you'd best friends' by 'accident' and she runs around the house screaming!!
—Guest Mar

Piggy Bank

All you need is a piggy bank and pieces of small paper- different colors (sticky notes preferably)- and each person has a different color. You write down your secrets or questions for other people and then put them in a piggy bank. Then shake it up and in the morning open the piggy bank and answer all the questions or each girl looks at the secret, but remember; what ever secrets are told at the sleepover, stay in the sleepover! Have fun:)
—Guest Emma

Piggly wiggly

We play this game all the time!it's where one person is “it”. All the other players have to hide in a sleeping bag but not theirs. The person who is “it” will be in a different room. When everybody is ready someone hiding shouts ready or something like that. Then, the person who is “it” will go into the room where the kids are hiding. The person who is “it” will sit on a sleeping bag and say piggly wiggly. The person who is in the sleeping bag will say yes in a weird voice. Then the person who is “it” gets to guess who the person is. Make sure to give out prizes or candy for guessing correctly.
—Guest Kira


We would usually get bags and neon colored fabric markers and stickers, then we would decorate them. But wear big old tee shirts first because the markers stained.
—Guest boo boo


This is a simple game where you lay your head down, shut your eyes and SLEEP! Try it, you get energy!
—Guest Guest Bahahah!

Spin the Bottle

This is a fun game to play just make sure that you are not doing anything inappropriate. For example if the bottle lands on you, then you have to sing a song or dance for all of your friends.
—Guest Bri

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