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Readers Respond: Great Ideas for a Fun Sleepover Party

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If you have a tween, you know all about hosting a sleepover party. What makes a sleepover party a success? Is it the food, the theme, the games, or the entertainment? Share your ideas for hosting a great sleepover party for tweens.

Ball game

Take an inflatable beach ball and write questions all over it then toss it to some one and the question that their right thumb lands on is the question that they have 2 answer!
—Guest chiyo

Tie Dye Cupcakes

You need vanilla cupcake mix. Split between 4 bowls. Take 4 bottles of food coloring. Take one color, squirt a few mini squirts into one bowl of batter and mix until completely that color. Do the same with the rest of the batter. Now take tiny scoops of different batter, and place them into a cupcake cup randomly. Bake, and enjoy!!!
—Guest i

Super awesome recommended game

Twister! Is a amzing game to play at sleepovers/slumber parties. Twister is recommended deffo.
—Guest Shanni

Secret cards!!!!

Have every one write down a secret that nobody knows on a note card. Jumble up all the cards and distribute them to the guests. Have them read the card and guess who's card it is. (Try to make your hand writing unrecognizable to make it even harder!) it's tons of FUN!!!!
—Guest Sprocket fletcher

Cookie funeral

Get two cookies and crush them up. Get someone from the group to video the rest of you pretending to be at a funeral for a cookie. It's really fun!!!!
—Guest Emily

Sing Star

Play Sing Star and see which person has the highest score.
—Guest Laughinglizzy

Make movies

I love making movies at my sleepovers. Make them funny, scary or just plain dramatic. Then watch them. Show them to your friends, your family, and anyone else, you know it's so fun!
—Guest quest awsome sause

Ghost Prank

First you find a siblings room or anybody's room. Then you rearrange or put things out of its place! They will think its a ghost!!!
—Guest Jenna

Make your own movie

Make your own movie is an awesome party game, you will need: a phone, friends, music and some weird things.

Truth or DARE!!!!

Truth or dare is ESSENTIAL! It is best at midnight, because it isn't too loud. (Unless everyone laughs too loudly at the embarrassing questions and dares!)
—Guest person

Nail polish spin

What you do is you put a bunch of different nail polish bottles and spin one by one in the middle. The person the bottle points at has to put that nail varnish on!
—Guest sleeppoverrmaniacee

Musical sleeping bags

You put sleeping bags in a circle then when someone turns the music on everyone walk around the sleeping bags, then when the music stops everyone has to try and get in a sleeping bag. It's like musical chairs.
—Guest katie

Dizzy Flyer

Have someone spin until they are very dizzy and the rest of the time you and the others who aren't spinning bounce up and down to confuse the spinner.
—Guest flying hamburger


Do karaoke. Get in teams and practice songs.May the best song win!
—Guest fun

Truth or dare or would you rather

"Truth or dare is a very creative way to spend your afternoon. "Would you rather" also helps to bring laughter in the room."
—Guest Chelsea

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