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Readers Respond: Great Stocking Stuffers for Tween Girls

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Are you looking for a few great stocking stuffers for your tween daughter this year? Do you have ideas about what tween girls want in their stocking? Share your ideas, and what you plan to put in your tween's Christmas stocking this year.


I am 11 years old and I think you should get her a photo frame with a pic of all her friends, a gift card to somewhere she likes, perfume, and slippers. That is what I would like in my stocking!
—Guest Madison

Great ideas!

I have a 13 year old daughter, and it's easy for me to find stocking stuffers for her, but so much harder for me to find things for my 8 year old son. I think it's more because he's a boy, rather than his age. I had to laugh at the Scotch tape comment though - that fits my son to a T! Anytime I buy glue, tape, etc., I know he's going to waste it all before I have a chance to use it, ha, ha!

Practical with a Twist

My oldest child is 30 now. I have always put in practical items. For example, when they were little, the fancy character toothbrush instead of the plain ones they would usually get. If we were moving (we were military), their own little folding travel cup and travel supplies. Things like their OWN scotch tape to waste if they pleased. Food they really liked but that usually had to be shared. They were always thrilled. This year my 15-year-old got: lots of candy, food, hair accessories, socks, little thrift shop finds, nice pens, neat notebooks. They always say their stockings are their favorite part of the presents, and there is never anything luxurious in them!
—Guest Lee Hethcox

Great Stocking Stuffers for Tween Girls

My daughter only wants an iPad however, that isn't really a stocking stuffer. I think beads of all shapes and sizes as well as the fixings will be part of her stocking (she likes making friendship bracelets) as well as an iTunes gift card. I'll also add lots of 'bling' type item so she can dress up any other presents she will receive. Otherwise, it is very hard finding little things to put in an 11-year-old's stocking.

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