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Readers Respond: Pros and Cons of a Year Round School Program

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Some parents and educators think a year round school program has advantages, and helps children with learning retention and burnout. What do you think are the pros and cons of a year round school? Do you wish your child's school was year round? Do you think a year round school program has helped your child's education? Or, do you prefer a traditional school year with a three month summer break? Share your thoughts and experiences.

Mixed Feelings

While I think that year round school with decent sized shorter breaks is probably better for learning and retention, I know that my kids really take advantage of their summer break and enjoy being able to put schoolwork completely out of their minds. My kids go to a camp on a farm for a week, participate in swim team and soccer camps, go to a girl scout day camp, and we make trips to visit family and friends. My daughter has a chance to really get into a sewing project and finally read a book for pleasure. My younger ones just play and swim and love the sun. We still take piano lessons, though. Maybe school for a couple of weeks in the summer with NO HOMEWORK is the answer!
—Guest Deb

It's Best

I think it is best to have year round school with short breaks like Spring, Christmas. Children learn better with practice. With long breaks they are not motivated to come back.
—Guest uthara Ram

No Way!

No. I don't think school should be year round. Kids need time to be kids. They need to enjoy life. I also think teachers who give homework during holidays are idiots. This is family time and how can it be enjoyed if kids have projects and research papers to do during that time. our families live far away we use the time off to visit them. Taking a school project on a plane is just not practical. I have actually done my child's project in one night before school and/or kept them home the first day back because of it. It's not fair to them or us. Teachers should think how it would feel if their on children get tons of homework during an important time.
—Guest Betty
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