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Readers Respond: The Best and Worst Birthday Party Locations for Tweens

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Have you found birthday party planning gets harder when your child becomes a tween? Expectations can be high, and tweens are sometimes picky to a fault. But there are a number of birthday party locations that tweens might find fun and unusual. Other locations, not so much. What are your favorite birthday party locations for tween parties? And, what birthday parties locations did you find didn't work so well for preteens? Share Your Experiences

Santa Cruz

My friend it was her 13 birthday and she brought me and my other friend to Santa Cruz for a day to celebrate her birthday and we had lots of fun and a great adventure
—Guest Guest Alia

Debating Between 2 Ideas

I am debating between a mystery [arty and a movie party, but none of the guests like the movie my mom wants us to see. I am the only one who likes it and no matter what she wants to do it.
—Guest Kristine

Surfing party

On my 10th birthday party me 1 of my friends went to the beach for the day and surfed in the sea all day it was great fun and since my mum owns a beach hut there we had somewhere to make lunch and wash are feet I highly recommend a beach party because they are great fun
—Guest Emma hunter not a gest


For my 12th birthday party-last year- me and a couple of friends went camping at malibu beach. It was super fun. We had a little campground and my parents had a seperate tent FAR AWAY from us. At night me and my friends went down to the beach and played in the water and played hide and go seek. We went surfing and wave crashing in the day, and we had a camping grill so our breakfast was pancakes and bacon! For my desert, i blew out a marshmallow because a cake wouldnt be able to preserve, but it was still fun. In the party bags i put a little beach bottle. We also had a pinata though. I put all my favs candies in the pinata.
—Guest Sara is amazing

My 13th Bday

My mom dropped me and 3 friends off at the salon and we all got manicures. Then we went to the mall and did the photo booth and just hung around. All my friends had a great time and I did too! The best part was, those who forgot to bring a present just bought one at the mall. And for my present from my parents, I got my cartilage pierced. Best birthday ever!!!!!!!!
—Guest Mimi

Cheap yet fun

For my birthday I'm just thinking of having a sleepover, doing a game or maybe some crafts, and staying inside since my birthday is in December. I also have a chocolate fountain so that would be fun and tasty too! Another option for a cold or winter birthday could be going to an ice-rink! Have fun planning!
—Guest Kelsey

Popcorn Party

Great Party for my youngest with 16 girls around 10+ years old. Best game was solo cups attached to the feet, filled with popcorn. Teams walked ten feet then dumped out popcorn into bucket w/out using hands. A riot playing and watching. Snacks included cheddar, caramel, and butter popcorn. Cake was shaped like a popcorn bucket with minimarshmallows cut to look like popcorn sprayed with yellow frosting spray. Hobby Lobby has invitations and decorations and found great party favors on other websites to go with the theme. If I had another child in this age range I would absolutely do this party again.

MY Birthday Party

I really want to have a mixture of all of my favorite things- I like Percy Jackson, fashion, art, casual stuff, I like pretty much everything except brusselsprouts! I am going to have a sleepover party, and I was thinking that we could go somewhere like the pool, the mall or an amusement park, but I can't find any online. This is going to be SOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!!!! (And it is my VERY first birthday party with people invited!)
—Guest Arabella

Fun Times

I went to a party and it was fun and cheap. We went swimming at her pool and did a lot of crafts (duct tape bows). Then we slept outside in a tent. It was so fun!!!!
—Guest Lilly:)

Water Resort

We went to Coco Key water resort and the prices were very high and there were long lines. With the limited number of slides, all the party-goers were bored in the first 40 minutes of the 2 hour party.
—Guest anonomous


I had a great party,when I had it at my local gymnastics hall. They set it up with good equipment and games.The kids enjoyed that, you could even do it at your house and set up foam mats, ropes, toys and games. It was fab!
—Guest Birthdaygirl

The Mall

I'm a preteen and my favorite place ever is the mall. So that's what I am doing for my birthday party this year, and all of my friends love the idea and it sounds super duper fun.
—Guest RC

Almost Anywhere

Birthday parties can be fun if they are in the right location and with the right people. Look at your Tweens friend list and ask who everyone is beforehand, that way you can avoid embarassing your Tween. For all you know your Tween might already be dating! I'm sure that you would not want to embarrass your Tween by saying something to their girlfriend or boyfriend. Once you know who is going, you should ask your Tween for their opinion before you go ahead and plan. If they don't know what they want to do then you could ask them what was a really fun birthday party they had been to and what did they do there. Go with what ever they respond as long as it is in your price range, if not ask for a second favorite. A simple party that is usually a lot of fun is a sleepover. Tell them that they can only invite five people and then have them hang out and do their own thing. Birthday parties are always great as long as the right people are there and the parent isn't acting embarrassing.
—Guest im not telling you

Six Flags

My daughter went to a birthday party where her and a couple friends went to Six Flags for the entire day and just had fun. A bit expensive but cheaper than renting a place.
—Guest Daphne

Gaming System-A-Thon

I rented space at the hotel I work for -- we had a big TV screen and about seven other TVs in different areas of the room. We plugged in five different gaming systems and had a blast. Not only was there space, but everyone had a chance to play every game. The cake was made out of cupcakes into an X-box 360 controller. We also had extra cupcakes that were the color of the controller buttons.
—Guest on the run mom

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The Best and Worst Birthday Party Locations for Tweens

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