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Readers Respond: Share Your Best Ideas for Great Tween Halloween Costumes

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Just punch the lenses out of those thick 3d glasses and put masking tape around the middle. Wear a button shirt, capris, and knee socks pulled all the way up. Wear your hair in lopsided pig tails. And I got suspenders but that's optional.
—Guest me me me

Fallen angel

You need black wings and a red dress with tights (fishnet). Just get a halo, get some make up to make you look heavenly.
—Guest thegirlyouthinkyouknow

Tween jack-o-lantern

I was thinking about being a tween jack-o-lantern for Halloween this year. All you will need is a orange dress/shirt and orange leggings. If you want to, you can add cutouts of faces or paint/draw them on. Then add green eyeshadow and there you go!!! You are a tween jack-o-lantern!!! I hope you enjoy!!! :D
—Guest Taylor Swift's BIGGEST fan

80's girl

Last year my friend and I went as 80's girls. We mixed different prints and wore those netting gloves.
—Guest im so awesome

Cute Nerds

We are both 12 and are dressing up as cute nerds. So what you have to have is cute plaid skirt, any shirt (preferably button down), suspenders, a bow, and glasses. 3D glasses with their lenses popped out would look amazing. For shoes we are wearing flats with knee high socks. Don't forget your own touch!!!! Make it cute!!!!!!!!!
—Guest m and m


This year my two best friends and I are being toddlers and tiaras. We are curling our hair and doing outrageous makeup (the makeup is optional, but it helps make it look like you are one of the pagent kids) and wearing tutus and a sequined shirt the color of the tutu. Then just white shoes and socks. Try to watch an episode if you can.
—Guest aged 12

Black butterfly

Wear a black long sleeve t shirt with black tights and black boots and buy a pair of black and red butterfly wings.
—Guest sara

Tootsie roll

It's the cutest hing for any ages. Brown fabric wrapped around yourself. I recommend wearing white shorts under. Cut white fabric letters and glue on. White flats and you're ready to go.
—Guest B

Tween Snow White

Yellow skirt and a blue shirt Take a red headband and put a red bow on it
—Guest Mysterious

Dead bride

All you need is a bride costume or cheap white dress, maybe borrow a dress up veil from your lil sis or cousin. Sounds babyish but just wait. If you have a pair of silky white gloves wear that. Next deadify yourself (fake blood, pale face, scars, dark eyeshadow, ect.) overall its pretty cool. ENJOY!!!
—Guest Actingfever2012

Vampire for girls

You can be a vampire! All you need is a black dress, red lipstick, fake blood, white face paint, black eyeliner and eyeshadow, fangs (optional), white tights for the pale effect (optional) and black shoes or boots! I was a vampire for halloween 2 years ago, and it was awesome! Try it!
—Guest Alexis

Zombie Bride

This year (2012) I am going as a zombie bride. I will wear an old prom dress and cut it a little. Do my make up really dark and put a scar on my head. It's really easy and will look great!
—Guest nayomi


Get a dress, wrap ace bandage around it, wear eyeliner.
—Guest Elizabeth


White bath robe, spandex underneath, white face paint for a facial ( the real stuff would complteley dry out your face!) hair up in a tight bun on top of your head, a medium-small towel wrpped tightly around it, flip flops, no make up anad its a good excuse to get a pedi or a mani!
—Guest miafamilia

Ceiling Fan

I know what you're thinking "What? Who would want that?". But it's actually pretty cool. Just get a shirt and paint on (with washable paint) Go Ceiling! Wear whatever you want and get some matching pom poms and your good to go!! Cute easy and cheap!
—Guest :)

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