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Readers Respond: Share Your Best Ideas for Great Tween Halloween Costumes

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Take cardboard, color it to look like a pizza then glue it on to your costume. You're done!
—Guest tennis girl

School Girl

I would personally choose a school girl. Just get a shirt with a collar, tie, a skirt and that is it.
—Guest dell

Jelly Beans

You could be a bag of jelly beans for Halloween. All you do is blow up lots of mini- ballons and glue them on a really big bag, or something that you can fit in. If you wanted to, you could also put a jelly-bean logo on your bag. Then you can make a hat with jelly beans (balloons) on it, and do the same thing for the shirt. you can wear any kind of shoes you would like.
—Guest Kira


OK, this sounds a little wierd, but being a princess is an option. You just get a really fancy dress and some high-heels and then put on eyeliner and lipstick. You could get a little over-coat (this is optional- and I mean one that's like fur).
—Guest aged 11

Gypsy for Halloweeen!

Last year I was a gypsy for Halloween.It was really cool! All you need is a couple of scarves and you make a skirt with them, and wear a purple long-sleeve. Then wear a black bandana and have lots of necklaces on. It was super fun!
—Guest a tween gurl

Two friends ideas

This year I'm trick-or-treating with my best friend. So we're debating on being a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Other ideas are: Betty and Wilma ( from the Flintstones) Angel and devil Hamburger and Fries Superwoman and Hitgirl
—Guest Idk

Tween Fairy

It's easy, just wear white shimmery eye shadow, a sparkly dress, some kitty heels, curl your hair, find some wings, and add a ton of sparkles. You'll look beatiful :)
—Guest lucy age 11

For Tweens Who Feel Grown Up...

For those tweens who feel grown up, try a cute kitten outfit. Put on a mini skirt, preferebly denim, a colored tank top, flats or FLAT BOTTOMED boots, kitty ears that match the color of the tank, whiskers made of eye liner, egyptian/asian eyeliner style on your eyes, and for a tail, take a metal clothes-hanger, bend it into a tail-ish shape then wrap a feather boa around it and tie to a belt, which you put on the mini skirt. I did this last year and everyone LOVED it!!!
—Guest The Guest The Guest

Baby Clown

Wear sofe shorts with suspenders that you can make or buy attached over a white blouse. Paint a red nose or buy a foam one, and put on lots of white makeup w/ black eyeliner and wear clown shoes.
—Guest Celestia age 12

Biker Chick

This coming halloween I'm going to be a biker chick, totally an easy costume. Find a cute mini leather jacket, a plain red t-shirt, leather or black skinny jeans, black boots, a bandanna, cute dark shades, and black make-up. P.S. - I am a tween (10) and this is totally going to be the best costume ever.
—Guest Me


I'm a tween girl and I wore these costumes recently: 1. Ms. America (the name of your school) 2. Dorothy 3. Lil Red Riding In the Hood 4. Punk Rocker 5. Fantana Girl (with friends) 6. Deal or No Deal Girl 7. Hannah Montana 8. Cell Phone 9. Ipod My family loves Halloween and Dressing up!!!
—Guest Tween Girl

Make a Monk Costume

You can go as a monk and it's really easy! All you do is buy a brown robe and make it really old-looking. Tie it with a gold or yellow ribbon or rope, sew on a hood, and wear a pair of flip-flops! It's really cute and comfy too! (If it's cold out you can wear a coat and stuff underneath.) Buy the robe a size or two too big!
—Guest m&m's!!!!! age 12

Be a Hippie

Mess up your hair or buy a wig, make or buy a tie-dye shirt, wear gray sweats, dark circle sunglasses, a bright colored headband, wrist bands, peace earrings and jewelry, and gray shoes. It looks awesome.
—Guest the guest

A Doll

You could wear: Black leggings, black laced top, tutu/leotard, flats or heels. Hair in a tight bun, large red circles on your cheeks, red red lipstick and maybe a bit of mascara/ eyeliner.
—Guest Heather

Tween Girl Devil

A devil costume is a Halloween classic altho often perceived as a sexy one. You can make it suitable easily with black leggings, black or red t-shirt, devil trident, devil horns and cape (optional).
—Guest Happy Parents

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