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Readers Respond: Ideas for Valentine Boxes

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Valentine's Day is a fun annual event for any child. One of the highlights of the holiday is making Valentines, and decorating Valentine boxes. Do you (or your child) have fun decorating ideas for Valentine boxes? How did your child choose to make his box unique, colorful or fun? Share your ideas for Valentine boxes!

Camera Box

We made a digital camera, we used a shoe box and wrapped it in pink gift wrap. For the lens we wrapped a mayo lid with foil and then got a smaller lid and wrapped it to make it look like the lens was extended. We added little mirrors for the flash. We actually glued a photo to the back for the lcd screen. This turned out to be the best Valentine box in the whole school and now, we are having a hard time keeping up with some other students that are in major competition with us!!!!
—Guest Amy


My daughter painted a shoe box pink, let it dry, and the covered it with buttons of all sizes and colors. She glued them into place. It was really cute.
—Guest MaryP


You could probably do something like a skull and crossbone theme.
—Guest ....----

Her Favorite Quotes and Song Lyrics

My daughter wrote her favorite inspirational quotes and song lyrics all over her box. It was very sweet!
—Guest M M

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