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Readers Respond: Your Child's 13th Birthday Party: How Did You Celebrate?

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It finally happened. Your child became a teenager. How fast it all goes. The transition from tween to teen is special, and should be celebrated. It all calls for a 13th birthday party. If you threw a 13th birthday party for your teenager, share the details on invitations, party favors, party decorations and games, the cake, and where you had the party. Include tips or suggestions for other parents in the planning stages of organizing a child's 13th birthday party.

Hanging out

My 13th is in a month and a half so I've got some ideas. I'm tossing up between taking 3 friends shopping then seeing a movie and sleeping at my place after. My other idea was to go to a cafe/restaurant then shop and stay at my place and watch movies and have like a feast with a table laid out just covered in food. Those are my ideas :)
—Guest BlahBlah


I had the best time ever!! We went to the beach and went to my place, then we had so many water fights! We watched movies till dawn!
—Guest Rosatte

Epic Party

My daughter invited 8 friends to go to the Victorian Tea Room then later we hired a limo to take us home and have a sleepover.
—Guest lizz


For my birthday party which is tomorrow, I'm inviting 5 of my bestest friends and then go to the park with a whole load of food and have a picnic thing with a stereo and everything. Then we are going into the splash pad which is at the park and then just lay down and tan and gossip and do nails or something. Then we will walk back home.
—Guest Ilovethebeatles


Ffor my thirteenth i am having a limo hired for me and my friends and it takes us round town and back or i might have people stay , then the week after or 2 weeks after (because its not norm sunny on my bday) im going to the beach with my mum and 3-4 friends.
—Guest jm


We got a limo to the pictures and then come home and got loads of food and sweets,my mam got loads if DVDs to watch on the night when my friends slept and then we did each others nails and hair! xxx
—Guest Charlie

Amazing Race

I'm gonna have a party around lunch time but at the end were gonna have a race all over the town.
—Guest Savannah

My 13th Birthday!!

I'm going to the beauty salon with my bestfriend. Then 10-15 people are coming in a limo to my house where we will have a pool party and then a sleepover!!!
—Guest Blondie!

Chocolate/dressing up

For my birthday party we're renting a chocolate fountain and there is a fancy dress theme so were going to have a costume contest and the prizes will all be chocolate themed so it'll be like a costume chocolate party so much fun and yum!
—Guest Alice

Best 13th ever!

Well, for my 13th because it was a few weeks after my birthday in May, it was really hot so I went down to our local beach with 6 to 10 of my closest friends. I took my iPod and portable speakers and had a booming time on the beach! We then got some fish and chips on the beach! On my actual birthday I had a family meal at a really posh restaurant and invited my bestest friend ever because her mums like my 2nd mum and going through a rough time so it was the best birthday ever!!
—Guest Shikieraaaa


My birthday was the bomb!!!! We had a chocolate fountain the day before, I was in a hot air balloon. On my actual birthday I got a gumdrop machine and I got the hot tub set up and I invited 20 people to sleep in my back yard.
—Guest Amaze133


For my birthday I had a limo pick me up from school and then to my house we had a pamper party and then went for a photo shoot and watched a film and then had people sleep over and we played on the kinect.
—Guest abby

Going Outside

I'm inviting some of my friends and we're going to sleep outside, and we are going to watch movies with popcorn. And then play games and stuff. We'll probably going to gossip and talk about boys.
—Guest Smits

My 13th Birthday Party

I am so excited because my 13th birthday party is only a month away! I am finally going to be a teenager! I am having about 10 of my friends over, and we are going to play hot potato (Clothing edition), karaoke, do our nails, watch scary movies, and fun things like that.
—Guest Ashley Bieber

New York

For my daughter's birthday we took her to New York for 3 days with her 3 best friends they had a blast!
—Guest Stacy1234
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