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Readers Respond: Your Child's 13th Birthday Party: How Did You Celebrate?

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It finally happened. Your child became a teenager. How fast it all goes. The transition from tween to teen is special, and should be celebrated. It all calls for a 13th birthday party. If you threw a 13th birthday party for your teenager, share the details on invitations, party favors, party decorations and games, the cake, and where you had the party. Include tips or suggestions for other parents in the planning stages of organizing a child's 13th birthday party.

Birthday fun

I would like to invite a lot of people to the mall & spend my money. Then go back to the hotel & chill there with my friends. Dance & chill.
—Guest Arianaa

Cupcakes and bowling

For my 13th about 10 of us met at this cupcake place which was soooo yummy, then to a party bus to go bowling and then came home and had fooood :)
—Guest liv


For my 13th Birthday I'm gonna go to a nice restaurant and then go to a motel and swim all night with 10 people and family. It will be so much fun.

Bounce House

We are probably going to have a bounce house (12x12) in the living room, or go to American Girl Place.
—Guest Anastacia DollStudios

Pizza and Movies

For my 12th birthday party I invited two friends over, went to the movies and watched 4 movies, went out and had dinner at Barrows Pizza, went home and did make overs.
—Guest Love101

Co-Ed Hotel Party For 13 year-olds?

Love the hotel party idea. I would even add a limo and nice restaurant. But co-ed 13 year-olds with parents in a seperate room? Uh ... no
—Guest rcgmk@yahoo.com

Hotel Fun

For my 13th birthday party we stayed at a hotel and went swimming in the hotel pool and we went to the mall and had a sleepover. ADULTS HAD THEIR OWN ROOM. I invited 6 boys 6 girls. It was super fun.
—Guest Guest ME

Fun, but inexpensive

For my 13th I simply went to the cinema with a few of my mates and then they came round for a sleepover/gamefest. So much fun. But for my 12th I had a pub quiz with non alcoholic beer and cocktails with everyone in my class (and more!). This may have been my 12th but it would work well for 13th.
—Guest Thingy mcThing

Boat Cruise

There's a river near where I live and you can have an hour long cruise down it on a small boat. It's about £5 each and you can have up to 12 people on a boat. I was thinking of going with 8 of my friends, my mum, sister and dad so we can have the whole boat to ourselves!
—Guest Sarah

Camping with friends! ^_^

For my 13th birthday, I'm going to go camping out in the open, maybe have a bo fire, roast marshmallows, celebrate, and have fun! I hope it works our well, I'm going to have my 2 best friends there, and maybe my friend from school! ^_^
—Guest Jodda

Movie and Pizza

I was thinking I should go to the cinema with 4 of my friends and then come back for a Domino's pizza (YUMM!!) and for a sleepover! it would be sooooo much fun...
—Guest Bubbles xx


I really want to take 17 friends to a beach and have a sleepover.
—Guest Madi


I think I just want dinner with family and friends.
—Guest k.neal10-1-99


I'm turning 13 in 8 days and I'm thinking about going to the movies and watching The House at the End of the Street.
—Guest Love me LOve me not

My 13th bday

I am having it on Friday, we are going to a school dance, then we are going to hang out and have a sleepover. It's going to be a nice relaxing night.
—Guest cici
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