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Tween Safety

Information on keeping your tween safe from drugs, smoking, alcohol, and more.

Passenger Safety for Tweens
Car accidents are the leading cause of tween deaths.

Know the Signs of Dating Violence
Know the signs of dating violence before your tween starts dating.

Secondhand Smoke and Tweens
Even if your tween isn't smoking, secondhand smoke is dangerous to children of all ages.

Online Tween Safety
Parents need help when it comes to keeping their tweens safe online. This site is a complete resource for parents, tweens, and victims of online abuse. Includes tips on preventing cyber bullying, spotting online predators and more.

Tweens and Inhalent Abuse
Tips on talking with your tween about inhalent abuse.

What to Know about Children, Alcohol and the Tween Years
Kids are experimenting with alcohol at very young ages. Here's what you need to know about children, alcohol and tweenage years.

Do Child Predators Pose a Higher Risk on Halloween?
Do child predators pose a greater risk at Halloween? This article discussed the risk of sex offenders on Halloween.

Summer Safety Skills Your Child Should Know
The summer season poses certain dangers to children. Here are a few summer safety skills your child should know.

Summer Camp Rules - What Families Should Know
Summer camps want to keep kids safe, so certain camp rules may apply.

What Middle Schoolers Need to Know About Riding the Bus
A lot can happen on the school bus, so prepare your tween ahead of time.

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