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Magazines for Tween Girls - Fun and Thoughtful Options


Tween girls have so many questions about middle school, friendship, puberty and growing up. Helpful tween girl magazines offer a little bit of fun, as well as thoughtful and helpful information. These magazines give tweens a little bit of both.

1. American Girl Magazine

How-to advice is dispensed throughout American Girl Magazine.
Photo courtesy of American Girl Magazine
American Girl Magazine is aimed at girls between 8 and 12 years old. Many magazines for this particular age group offer a heavy dose of fashion and beauty advice, but American Girl focuses on crafts, quizzes, and inspirational profiles of real girls. You don't have to love the American Girl dolls to appreciate this magazine. It's fun, practical, and offers up good advice to girls. All in all, a good choice, especially for younger tweens.

2. Girls' Life Magazine

Girls' Life Acquisition Corp.
Some of the content from Girls' Life may be a bit mature for younger tween girls, still this publication offers a lot to readers. Like other tween girl magazines, Girls' Life includes a variety of columns and feature stories, hitting on beauty and fashion, relationships, school challenges, and profiles. There's usually one celebrity profile in each issue, typically a well-known teenage girl. Content can be fluffy or serious. Girls' Life doesn't shy away from such topics as sex, dating, and STDs. Read the magazine together with your tween, and you'll have an opening to discuss a variety of serious topics.

3. Discovery Girls Magazine

Courtesy Discover Girls
Discovery Girls Magazine is a fun read for tween girls, but also offers substance. Most of the content is generated or suggested by its readership, and there are many ways for girls to interact with the magazine, via polls, puzzles, write-ins, etc. Tween girl magazines should strive to serve as a best friend to its readers, and Discovery Girls does just that. Consumerism is downplayed, instead, girls are challenged to focus on being the best they can be by learning self-respect, how to be a good friend, and make good choices. Parents may find it as much fun to read as their daughters.
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