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Middle School Fashion Tips for Your Tween


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Middle school is a time of change for your tween. She's no longer a little kid, but she's slowly becoming a young adult. As you may have guessed, fashion is a big part of the middle school experience. Tweens want to be fashionable, but they don't always know how to break away from the crowd and develop their own sense of style. The tips below will help you guide your tween towards a fun fashion experience during the middle school years.

Middle School Fashion Tips for Tweens

  • Have Fun: They key to making a fashion statement and to have fun with clothes is to remain true to yourself. If your daughter has always been a Tom Boy, she shouldn't try to remake herself into a Girly Girl just because of peer pressure. Encourage your tween to experiment a little with her traditional wardrobe a little at a time. At the same time, make sure she knows that her clothing should reflect her personality.
  • Follow the Rules: Middle schools often have dress codes, and certain styles might not be allowed. Be sure your child finds out what the school dress code is, and sticks to it. There's nothing worse than being singled out at school because of a fashion faux pas. The student handbook will likely explain the school's policy on clothes and fashion.
  • Accessorize: If you want to sum up the secret to making a fashion statement, you can do it with one word: accessories. Accessories are a great way for your tween to sport her personality and sense of fun, without having to replace her entire wardrobe. Purses, scarves, belts, backpacks, headbands, socks and jewelry can help your tween add a little bling to her existing wardrobe, and without spending a lot of money. Putting a portion of the clothing budget towards accessories is not only a fashionable win, but a financial win as well.
  • Don't Spend a Lot: Fashion trends come and go, especially in middle school. It really doesn't pay to spend a fortune on clothes, because what's in one season will be out the next. Shop for bargains and don't buy anything unless you're sure your tween will really wear it. It wouldn't hurt for your child to contribute a portion to her clothing bill, from allowance money to babysitting earnings. That way, she might be tempted to take better care of her clothes and to wear them.
  • Seek Out Trends: Middle and high schoolers are fairly knowledgable when it comes to fashion and they know what's in style. But you may not. Seek out teen magazines so that you understand the look your daughter is striving for, or visit clothing stores online to get a sense of what middle schoolers are wearing today. Jeans and T-shirts never go out of style, and they can be a good canvas for your fashionable tween. Just accessorize them a little to add personality and style.
  • Mistakes Happen: Tweens make mistakes, and fashion is no different from any other aspect of their lives. You may insist that your daughter can't walk in 7-inch heels, but she insists she can -- until she goes to the spring dance and realizes she can't. Some children need to learn lessons the hard way, and that can be hard to watch. Just try to make sure her mistakes aren't too costly and that she actually learns from them, so the next time there's a dance, she'll opt for the 2-3 inch heel instead.
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