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Tween Girls Magazines - Review of Girls' Life Magazine

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Tween Girls Magazines - Review of Girls' Life Magazine
Girls' Life Acquisition Corp.

The Bottom Line

An appealing girls magazine, ideal for middle school girls. Girls' Life offers a little bit of everything: general advice; health and safety information; beauty information, and more. Some content (such as a feature on sexually transmitted diseases) is more appropriate for older tweens or teens than for the younger crowd.
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  • Reaches out to a variety of tween girls, from tom boys to boy crazies
  • Timely, relevent articles
  • Advertising is age appropriate
  • Slick, modern design


  • Some content is best for older tweens
  • Can be a bit too focused on celebrities and fashion


  • Feature stories include celebrity profiles, health and fitness articles, and timely topics such as bullying, and self-esteem.
  • Departments and columns offer advice on hair, hygiene, friendships, fashion, boys, makeup, and horoscopes.
  • Typical advertisements include those for movies or DVDs, makeup, hygiene products, sneakers, books, and computer games.

Guide Review - Tween Girls Magazines - Review of Girls' Life Magazine

A girls magazine aimed at the tween age bracket, Girls' Life magazine is an appealing choice for girls wanting a little bit of everything.

Girls' Life magazine focuses its content on girls in the middle school grades. While the magazine may be a bit mature for younger tweens, it does a very good job of delivering pertinent information to older tweens wanting to know more about fashion, relationships, problem solving, boys, dating, school, and much more.

While the magazine concentrates a little too much on beauty and celebrity, it is also feature-heavy, meaning it delivers a lot of information in meaningful articles. Topics include heavy hitting topics such as bullying, eating healthy, believing in yourself, etc. The departments are loaded with advice on makeup and beauty, celebrity spotlights, and questions and answers.

Girls' Life is published six times a year.

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User Reviews

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Not appropriate, Member plainuserid

I have an 11 year old daughter. She received this a gift from an out of town relative for a fund raiser for their child's elementary school. I had no idea this was being delivered to our house and saw them in my daughter's room last night. On one magazine cover, one of the titles for an article was ""how to get your bod ready for spring break"" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!? And tell me why you would want your 11 year old to care about what a boy REALLY secretly thinks of her. Love your kids people and stop trying to get them to grow up so fast. This magazine encourages little girls to focus on the wrong things...things that are shallow and do not add any value to one's life. No one should care about celebrity gossip. Gossip can waste a lot of emotional, mental energy and do a lot of unecessary damage. Isnt that what we as adults eventually learn? Then why do we glorify this stuff in our childrens eyes? Girl's life magazine is more of the mega media pop culture companies leaching on little girls emotions. I have cancelled the subscription and will now have to cleverly find a way to discuss these ridiculous issues with my daughter. Thanks GL. Maybe you should start a magazine on how to teach kids how to play chess, teach them how to cook, play music with them, hug them everyday, praise them...but then again, you probably would sell many magazines. It's a free world and i dont think you should stop producing your magazine if that's your choice, but i as a parent, choose to stop it from being delivered to my house and i think the schools that are sending the small children out to peddle your trash should be brought to attention and should choose to take GL off the list. If you are a parent who cares about your childs well being and want them to get advice....for god's sake, you spend them time with them and they will ask YOU for the advice. YOU are the most important person in their life!

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