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Truly Fab

The Fab Girls Delivers

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Truly Fab
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The same folks who brought Discovery Girls magazine to the tween market, also offer a series of books dedicated to helping tween girls face the challenges and obstacles of the preteen years.

The Fab Girls Guides, a set of four helpful resources, feature two tween sisters, Carmen and Dallas. These wise, been-through-it-all characters walk tween readers through some of the more common, and not-so-common situations that preteens today might encounter. The series is divided into four books, Sticky Situations, Friendship Hardship, Getting Your Questions Answered, and Getting Through Tough Times.

Fab Girls Guide to Friendship Hardship

In this guide, Carmen and Dallas walk tweens through poisonous friendships, mean girls, cliques, and getting dumped by your BFF. The book offers readers the chance to rate their friendships and assess how they themselves measure up on the friendship scale.

Quizzes, pull quotes, and tips from real life tweens present a great deal of advice, all in a fun, interactive way. Practical and reasonable suggestions give tween girls the confidence they'll need when it comes time to face gossip, the bus bully, or the rejection of a once former friend.

Tween friendships are confusing, and without a place to turn a girl can feel pretty alone. This book offers the advice you'd expect a sympathetic mother to deliver, only it's coming from the very hip tween duo of Carmen and Dallas.

Fab Girls Guide to Sticky Situations

Photo courtesy of Discovery Girls Magazine

There are a lot of mothers out there who wish this book were handy a generation ago.

There's nothing more embarrassing to a tween than public humiliation. The most benign incident can be blown up in the mind of a tween to be a life ending event. We all have memories of those moments, don't we? Sticky Situations is about those embarrassing situations, as well as other blunders tweens may not have even thought about yet.

In this guide book, Carmen and Dallas talk about preventing or managing situations such as having a bad hair day, getting your period unexpectedly, calling someone by the wrong name, forgetting to put on deodorant, and much more. Of course, my favorite passage is what to do when your father accidentally embarrasses you in front of your friends.

There are more than 70 sticky situations presented in this guide book, all stress the importance of remaining calm when in a crisis, using good judgment, and above all being honest at all times.

That's good advice for readers of any age.

Fab Girls Guide to Getting Through Tough Times

In this book the Fab Girls dish up advice on managing some pretty tough issues. Divorce, violence, family hardships, coping with disease, drug addiction, and other challenges are explored delicately, but helpfully. The situations are real life problems faced by the book's many contributing tween authors. The writers explain how they worked through their problems, and discuss how they might have handled their situations better if they had to do it all over again.

Some of the stories are tear jerkers, others are truly shocking. Every story ends on a high note, and offers the reader hope that those who stick it through the tough times will come out stronger and wiser in the end.

Fab Girls Guide to Getting Your Questions Answered

Photo courtesy of Discovery Girls Magazine

The editors of Discovery Girls magazine receive thousands of letters from tween girls asking for advice on topics ranging from friendship problems to school problems. This book is a compilation of those queries, along with sensible advice offered up by the magazine's advice columnist, Ali.

Body issues, self-esteem, boy problems, and family challenges are also included in the book. What's a girl to do when she has no privacy at home? How should she handle a friend who is pressuring her to cheat on an exam? How can a girl stand up for a friend whose being teased because of her weight?

There's no shortage of drama if there's a tween girl in your life. Hopefully, this book will eliminate some of that drama, and help your tween make the most of her friendships and learning experiences.

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