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Tween Culture

What does it mean to be a tween? News and information about tweens and their culture, issues of today's tweens, tweens and technology, and what tweens are reading, and watching in the media.

Review of The Cutest Nature Book Ever!
American Girl delivers another hit with The Cutest Nature Book Ever!

Blogs About Parenting Tweens
Do you have a blog about parenting tweens? We want to know about it.

A Sample Cell Phone Contract for Parents and Tweens
A cell phone contract puts everything in writing, for you and your child.

Internet Safety Tips - Share Your Internet Safety Tips for Tweens
If you have a tween, you're probably worried about internet safety. What are your internet safety tips for protecting preteens online?

Girls, Internet Safety & More - A Review of a Smart Girl's Guide to t…
A Smart Girl's Guide to the Internet offers up advice on girls, internet safety, and online know-how.

Tween Girl Magazines Can Be Fun and Thoughtful
There are magazines for tween girls that are worth reading. Here are a few.

Review of American Girl Magazine
American Girl Magazine offers a little bit of everything to the tween girl age group.

Preteen Gifts - How Much Do You Spend on Preteen Gifts for Bi…
How much do you spend on preteen gifts for birthday parties?

Tweens, Gifts and Special Occasions
Make tween gift shopping easier by considering gifts that nurture imagination, are technologically interesting, or are just plain fun. Here's what you need to know about tweens, gifts, and finding something special for a birthday, Christmas, or another special occasion.

Gift Ideas for Boys
Tweens love special events as much as they did when they were younger. They look forward to birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions as much as ever. But finding gifts for tweens isn't as easy as it once was. Boys, in particular, can be difficult to shop for. If you're looking for gift ideas for boys, consider the following suggestions...

Silly Gifts for Tweens - Ideas on Silly Gifts for Tweens
Tweens have a sense of humor and enjoy receiving silly gifts. Share your ideas for silly gifts here.

Ideas When Shopping for Gifts for Tween Girls
Shopping for a preteen girl? Make the most of your money and time with these great gift ideas.

Preteen - "I Hit the Roof When I Caught My Preteen Wearing ..."
Have you caught your preteen wearing clothing that's too mature for her? Or, did your preteen son try to sneak out of the house wearing an obscene T-shirt? Share your experiences with preteen clothing here.

Tips on Buying Preteen Clothing
Guide your child on how to choose appropriate but stylish clothing.

Preteens - A Parent's Guide to Understanding Preteens
You knew the teen years were going to be a challenge, but before you even get there you have to conquer the in-between years, also known as the tween years. Preteens can be difficult to parent, and even more difficult to live with, but preteens have a lot going on and they need your guidance and patience. These next few years will help determine the teen your preteen will become, so make …

The Daring Book for Girls - A Review of The Daring Book for Girls
The Daring Book for Girls is a handbook of fun, projects, history, and knowledge for tween, preteen or teen girls.

A Daring Book for Girls - Review of The Double Daring Book for Girls
The Double Daring Book for Girls is handbook for any girl who wants to make the most out of being a girl.

Children's Websites - A Review of TweenTribune.com
A children's website dedicated to news and information. A review of TweenTribune.com, a children's website just for tweens.

Definition of Digital Natives
Are today's tweens Digital Natives?

Tween Girls Magazines - Review of Girls' Life Magazine
Is Girls' Life magazine right for your tween? Find out what the publication offers tween girls.

Definition of BRB
Tween slang terms defined.

Definition of WU?
Tween text messaging abbreviations defined.

Text Messaging Etiquette for Tweens
Help your tween learn texting etiquette.

Definition of MOS
Tween text messaging abbreviations defined.

Definition of THX, THNX
Tween text messaging abbreviations defined.

Definition of BFN
Tween text messaging abbreviations defined.

Definition of Wicked Bad
Tween slang defined.

Your Tween's Sense of Fashion
Your tween wants to establish a sense of style, but you may have fashion limits to consider.

Definition of OTFL
Tween text messaging abbreviations defined.

Definition of PAW
Tween text messaging abbreviations defined.

Definition of OMG
Tween text message abbreviations defined.

Definition of POS
Tween text abbreviations defined.

Definition of BOYF
Tween slang defined.

Definition of ILU
Tween slang term defined.

Definition of LOL
Defining tween slang.

Definition of Chillax
Translating tween language.

Definition of BFF
Tween terminology you need to know.

Definition of Mean Girls
Tween terminology you need to know.

What is Club Penguin
This popular online game is targeted at tweens, but what is it?

Tweens have a lot going on. What it means to be a tween.

Review of Creepers by Joanne Dahme
This tween book is a great selection for readers craving a mystery.

Review of Rapunzel's Revenge
Shannon and Dean Hale offer up a graphic novel, and a twist, based on the tale of Rapunzel.

Truly Fab
The middle school years can be difficult ones for tween girls, but this series of books is here to help.

Discovery Girls Magazine offers substance to tween readers.
Many tween magazines offer little substance, but this magazine has a lot to say to tween girls.

MySpace or Yours?
When it comes to social networking and tweens, parents must be especially aware.

Tweens and Cell Phones
Information on tweens and cell phones.

Tweens and Fashion
What to do when you and your tween can't agree on what to wear.

Internet Safety for Tweens
A complete resource of online safety information for parents and their tweens.

Title IX Revealed
If your tween daughter is headed to high school, and a sports team, you need to know about Title IX and how it could impact her future and her learning experiences.

Tips for Tweens on Social Networking
Social networking tips for tweens and their parents.

Be on Facebook - When Will You Allow Your Child to be on Facebook?
When will you allow your child to be on Facebook? What's your rule?

Explicit Lyrics - How Do You Handle Explicit Lyrics with Your Preteen?
Have you ever gasped when listening to music with your kids? How do you handle the issue of explicit lyrics in your child's music?

What to Expect When You Get Your Ears Pierced
Is your child ready to get her ears pierced? Here's what you both should know.

What a Middle School Student Needs to Know
Make the most of middle school by preparing your student. Here's what a middle school student needs to know.

What is Middle School Like?
What is middle school like? Here's what to expect from the middle school experience.

Locker Decorating Made Easy
It's fun to decorate your school locker, so we have a few ideas to get you started.

What Your Preteen Can Learn from Journaling
Journaling teaches a child plenty. Here's what kids learn whey they journal.

Middle School Clothes - Challenges and Tips for Parents and Tweens
Confront middle school clothes challenges head on.

Stores for Tween Girls
Tween girls love to shop, and when it comes to stores they do have favorites.

How to Avoid Drama in Middle School
Help your tween steer clear of drama in middle school. Here's how.

Middle School Fashion Tips for Your Tween
Help your tween make the most out of her wardrobe this school year.

Tween Styles - Fashion Tips for Your Preteen
Don't keep your tween in the dark about fashion, help her develop her look.

Middle School Advice for Tween Girls
What parents and daughters should know about middle school.

Why Free Time is Important for Kids
Resist the urge to over schedule your child, make free time a priority, too.

Beauty Secrets for Tween Girls
Help your daughter put her best foot forward with these simple beauty secrets.

A Review of A Smart Girl's Guide to Liking Herself
American Girl helps tween girls navigate the tricky middle school years.

Review of Just Dad and Me
A activity book intended for dads and daughters to tackle together.

The Truth About Middle School Bullies
Middle school bullies can make your tween's life miserable. Here's what you should know.

How to Share a Locker - Tips for Tweens
Make sharing a locker easy with these tips for tweens.

What To Do if Your Tween Wants to Skip Halloween

Preparing for Your Tween's First Concert
Every tween hopes to go to a concert eventually. Here's how to prepare your older child for the experience.

Should Your Tween Switch Sports?
If your tween is begging to switch to another sport there might be a good reason why.

Limit Your Tween's Social Media Time
Social media doesn't have to take up all of your tween's time, here's how to limit your child's social media exposure.

Make Up Mistakes Tweens Make
If your daughter wants to wear make up, you should probably prepare her to avoid common make up mistakes.

Summer Camp Etiquette Every Child Should Know
Summer camp is an ideal environment for practicing etiquette skills. Here's what your tween should know about good manners while away at summer camp.

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