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Information and helpful tips concerning tween dating, the influence of peers, establishing healthy relationships, and more.

Mean Girl - Has Your Tween Encountered the Class Mean Girl?
There's one in every class. Has your preteen had a run in with the class mean girl?

Helping Preteens Resist Peer Pressure
Your child can stand up to peer pressure, and learn how to be himself.

Review of Middle School Confidential by Annie Fox
The first in a series of books for middle schoolers addresses a variety of tween challenges.

Definition of the term frenemy.

A Friend Indeed
Friendships are important to tweens. Here's how to help them troubleshoot.

The Bullying Years
Put an end to bullying behavior.

The Truth About Tween Dating
What parents must know about tween dating.

Tween Friendships
How tweens view friendships and the importance they play in a preteen's life.

Stop Cyberbullying
What parents and teachers can do to stop cyberbullying.

Surviving Tween Love
Tips to help you and your tween through preteen love.

Understanding Preteen Cliques
Understanding preteen cliques and helping your tween deal with them.

The Characteristics of a True Friend
What tweens need to know about friendship, and what makes a great friend.

Tweens and Friendships
By the time a child begins middle school , friendships take center stage. As children pull away from their parents, they place more and more importance on their relationships with their peers. But middle school friendships can prove to be difficult, every now and then. Here's how to help your tween troubleshoot difficult friendships, and make...

Definition of Diffusion of Responsibility
Diffusion of responsibility occurs in group situations. Diffusion of responsibility makes people feel less accountable for their actions, which can result in a variety of outcomes.

Benefits of Having a Pen Pal
Having a pen pal is not only enjoyable, it also has a number of developmental benefits. Learn more about how children and tweens can benefit from having a pen pal.

What Does Coming of Age Mean?
What does coming of age mean, and how does it apply to today's preteens?

Coming of Age Movies - Share Your Favorite Coming of Age Movies or Stories
Do you have a favorite coming of age movie or story to share? Add your suggestion to our list of coming of age movies, books, and stories.

I Suspect My Child Is Being Bullied at School
It can be difficult if you suspect your child is being bullied at school yet the child says nothing is going on. Here's what to do if you believe that your tween or teen is being bullied at school.

Why Bullies Bully
As bullying rates rise, it's natural to wonder why bullies bully. To understand why bullies bully, you must consider the two primary needs that underlie their behavior.

Verbal Bullying Definition
Verbal bullying is a subtle form of bullying that relies on the use of language. Learn more about what verbal bullying is.

Reactive Bullying Definition
Reactive bullying is a particularly difficult type of bullying to identify. Learn what reactive bullying is.

Characteristics of The Typical Victim of Bullying
Although any child can be a victim of bullying, some children are more likely to be victimized. Here are the characteristics of the typical victim of bullying.

The Effects of Being a Bully
The effects of being a bully can stretch far beyond the tween and teen years. Learn more about the effects of being a bully.

Definition of Physical Bullying
Physical bullying is an obvious type of bullying that can cause a lot of damage to victims. Learn what physical bullying is.

What are the Consequences of Cyber Bullying?
Are the consequences of cyber bullying the same as those of traditional bullying? Here's what we know so far about the consequences of cyber bullying.

The Short-Term Effects of Bullying
The effects of bullying can be both immediate and long term. Here are the short-term effects of bullying.

The Long-Term Consequences of Bullying
The short-term consequences of bullying in childhood have been well established. There are also a number of long-term consequences of bullying that last well into adulthood.

A Glimpse of The Bully Who's Probably In Your Child's School
If you were asked to describe the bully your child is most likely to encounter, what characteristics would you include? Here's how researchers describe the bully that typically appears in our schools.

Helping Kids Volunteer - Kids, Volunteer Opportunities and Tips
Helping Kids Volunteer - Kids, Volunteer Opportunities and Tips

Child Volunteer - Does Your Child Volunteer?
Does your child like to volunteer? Share your experiences and tips on child volunteers.

Types of Bullying - The Types of Bullying Often Found in Schools
There are five primary types of bullying. Some of these types of bullying are easier to observe than others, but all can have lasting impacts on their victims. Here are the types of bullying that your child may encounter in school .

Is it Normal to See Children Dating? - How Common It Is to Find Children...
Is it Normal to See Children Dating? - How Common It Is to Find Children Dating Seriously

Deal with Bullying - How Did You Help Your Child Deal with Bullying
Kids have to face bullying behavior every day. How did you help your child learn how to deal with bullying?

The Problems Associated With Preteen and Teenage Dating
Preteen and teenage dating can have both beneficial and problematic outcomes. Here are some of the negative consequences associated with tween and teenage dating.

Bad Friends - How Do You Handle Your Child's Bad Friends?
Sometimes kids make bad friends. How do you handle your child's bad friends?

Teaching Responsibility to Your Child
There are many ways of teaching responsibility to your child, including providing opportunities to be conscientious and modeling the behavior yourself. Here are some strategies for teaching responsibility to your tween.

Selfish - How Do You Handle Your Child's Selfish Behavior?
All children demonstrate selfish behavior from time to time. Here's how parents deal with it.

Social Exclusion and Girls
Social exclusion, a form of relational aggression, is used differently by females than males. Learn what recent research has to say about how social exclusion is used by girls.

Is Your Child at Risk of Intense Egocentric Thinking?
Although egocentric thinking is typically a healthy part of adolescence, it can be dangerous if taken to the extreme. Here are the characteristics that make intense egocentric thinking more likely.

The Upside of Being a Kid in Love
Although there are a number of problematic outcomes associated with adolescent relationships, being a kid in love may actually aid development in some ways. Here are some possible positive consequences of being a kid in love.

Social Exclusion Definition
Social exclusion is one form of relational aggression. Learn what is social exclusion in relation to relationships and human behavior.

Does Girl Bullying Differ From Boy Bullying?
Does girl bullying involve more relational aggression than boy bullying? Girl bullying may be more socially aggressive than boy bullying, but this varies by age and type of data collection.

Limerence is a state of romantic attraction that tweens often experience. Learn what limerence means.

Catty Behavior
Catty behavior inflicts a number of wounds on victims. Catty girls and guys also face consequences of their own, both positive and negative.

How Being Ostracized Can Harm Kids
Relational aggression in any form can be harmful, but being ostracized may have particularly devastating effects. Here are some of the harmful effects of being ostracized or socially excluded.

The Effects of Backstabbing And Other Forms of Relational Aggression
Backstabbing and other forms of relational aggression can have specific effects on victims. Here are some consequences of backstabbing and social aggression.

Upward Comparison
Upward comparisons are one type of social comparison. Learn the definition of upward comparisons and how they relate to parenting.

Downward Comparisons
Downward comparisons are one type of social comparison. Learn the definition of downward comparisons and how the term relates to parenting.

Why Kids Make Social Comparisons
During the preteen years, kids begin to make more social comparisons. Learn the changing factors that cause kids to be more likely to make social comparisons.

Self Esteem in Children
The tween years are a critical time in the development of self esteem. Self esteem in children changes in four major ways during this period of life.

Child Self Esteem
Child self esteem may be especially vulnerable to fluctuations during the tween years. Here's what you need to know about child self esteem during preadolescence.

Social Inclusion
Social inclusion may be particularly important after instances of social exclusion. Learn the definition of social inclusion in relation to relationships and human behavior.

Social Rejection
Many tweens experience social rejection, which is one form of relational aggression. The longer the social rejection lasts and the more meaningful it is, the more damaging it tends to be.

Social Inclusion and Exclusion
Social exclusion can have highly negative effects, making most kids desparate for social inclusion. Here are the strategies kids often use to attempt social inclusion after exclusion.

Conformity Definition
There's a lot of pressure in the tween years to conform.

When Is Female Aggression Most Common?
Female aggression is formally called relational or social aggression. Learn about the developmental period when this subtle form of aggression peaks.

Why is Bullying in Middle School so Common?
Relational bullying in middle school is highly prevalent. Heightened social skills coupled with poor emotional development underlies relational bullying in middle school.

Tips on Starting Middle School - Share Your Tips on Starting Middle School
Is your child getting ready to begin middle school? What are your tips for starting middle school and making the most of the experience? What tips would you offer to a child getting ready for middle school?

Social Stress and Tweens
Social stress, such as being bullied or ostracized, can have long-term negative effects. The duration of these effects depends upon how the victim mentally processes the event(s).

Helping Your Tween Deal with School Trouble
Is your child experiencing trouble at school? School trouble is common in middle school. Here's what to look for and how to handle those sticky situations.

Bullying Statistics
Researchers have collected comprehensive bullying statistics from tweens. Learn how often the various types of bullying occur and the types of bullying that tweens find to be most harmful.

What Happens When Kids Are Outcast
Being outcast from one's peers may be one of the most common traumatic events of childhood. Here's what you need to know to help your child handle social rejection.

Am I Raising a Lonely Child?
About 10 percent of kids report feeling lonely. Here are tips on determining whether your kid is becoming a lonely child.

How to Help Your Child Handle Rejection
It’s distressing to watch your child be socially rejected, especially when you feel like there’s nothing you can do to help him handle rejection. Here are some steps you can take to help your child handle rejection.

How Ostracism Relates to School Shootings
How ostracism relates to campus shootings.

Social Relationships
Fundamental shifts in social relationships occur during the tween years. Here’s a summary of some of the major changes in kids' social relationships.

Neglected Child
A neglected child is a child who is not liked by his peers, but is also not disliked. The term "neglected child" is used in sociometric status (or peer status) research, which attempts to understand a childs social standing based on peer responses to that child.

Controversial Children
The definition of the controversial child.

Popular Children
The term popular children describes children who are admired and liked by their peers.

Average Child
“Average children” are somewhat liked by some peers and somewhat disliked by others. Learn more about average children.

Effects of Loneliness
The effects of loneliness can vary greatly from person to person and may include feeling depressed and having poor-quality relationships. Here's a rundown of the effects of loneliness on tweens.

Rejected Child
A rejected child is someone who is strongly disliked by his peers.

Sociometric Status
How children are regarded by their peers is what researchers call sociometric status.

Peer Group Acceptance
Friends become increasingly important during the tween years so it’s helpful to consider how your child fits in with his peer group when making parenting decisions. Here are parenting suggestions based on his peer group acceptance.

Peer Groups And Your Child
Sociometric (or peer) statuses provide a way of understanding how kids fit into their peer groups. Here are the five most commonly used sociometric statuses and how they relate to a children's peer groups.

Social Relations
Kids' social relations shift dramatically during the tween years. Learn about these changes and how you can tailor your parenting around your child's social relations style.

Prepare Your Tween for a Middle School Dance
Is your tween nervous about going to the school dance? Preparation is key.

Friend Problems Tweens Encounter
Help your child deal with difficult friend problems.

Who Has an Influence on Children During Middle School?
Your child is influenced by many during the middle school years. Here's how to know who has influence on children during middle school.

Service Projects for Middle Schoolers
Learn leadership skills and contribute to the community by participating in a service project.

The Kitchen Skills Your Tween Should Know
Older children should know their way around the kitchen. Here are the skills your tween should master.

The Life Skills Every Tween Should Have
Help your tween master these skills to make life easier for your tween.

Helping an Awkward Tween
It's normal for tweens to feel awkward from time to time. Here's how you can help.

How to Minimize Girl Drama

Your Tween's First Crush
Your child's first crush is a milestone, be sure you know how to help your tween handle these new emotions.

Help Your Tween Manage a Breakup
Breakups can be difficult for tweens, but you can help your child move past the heartache.

Is Your Tween's Friend a Bad Influence?
Some friendships may not be good for your tween. Here's how to handle it when a bad influence enters the picture.

Social Media Contract for Tweens and Parents
Social media is a part of modern life, here's how to help your tween navigate through the challenges and prevent possible problems. This contract will help you.

Shopping Mall Rules for Tweens
Make a trip to the shopping mall a fun adventure by teaching your tween these shopping rules.

The Upside of Peer Pressure
Tweens can learn from their peers, here's how peer pressure can help your child.

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