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Show Your Love to Your Tween


Your child is growing up, but he still wants to know how much you care. You can share your love with your tween, whether it’s his birthday, Valentine’s Day or just another day of the year. Below are a few ideas on how to show your love. Pick one below, or try one of your own. Either way, your tween will get the message.

Share Your Love to Your Tween

  • Bake a batch of his favorite cookies
  • Bring homemade brownies to his classroom for a special surprise treat
  • Rent his favorite movie and watch it together with a big bowl of popcorn
  • Take him out to dinner and to the movies
  • Make his favorite meal and dessert from scratch
  • Fill his room with a half-dozen balloons
  • Take the day off from work to volunteer in his classroom
  • Allow him to invite a few friends over for a sleepover
  • Make a Valentine and stick it to his bedroom door
  • Allow him to plan a Saturday afternoon for the two of you
  • Help him reorganize his room (or do another project he’s been asking help with)
  • Download a few songs to his iPod as a surprise
  • Present her with a small bouquet of flowers
  • Fill a mason jar with chocolate M&Ms and tie a ribbon around the lid
  • Take him to a sporting event he’d like to see
  • Take her out for an ice cream cone after school
  • Make a homemade pizza in the shape of a heart
  • Write, “I Love You” in lipstick on her bathroom mirror
  • Start a new family tradition such as making waffles on Sunday morning
  • Make a heart-shaped cake and decorate it with pink icing and red hots
  • Make him his favorite hot breakfast one morning before school
  • Write him a letter explaining all the wonderful reasons why you love him
  • Give him a framed photo of the two of you
  • Help him make homemade Valentine’s cards for his class
  • Make a mini scrapbook and fill it with photos of you and your child throughout the years
  • Explore a new place together
  • Visit your family’s favorite restaurant together
  • Put away your cell phones and other distractions and spend a rainy Saturday afternoon together playing board games
  • Try an activity together that you’ve never done before such as ice skating, bowling, or zip lining
  • Spend an afternoon together planning your family’s next vacation, or spend the day figuring out what you’ll do on your staycation
  • Spend time together listening to his favorite music, be sure to ask questions so he knows you’re interested
  • Visit a local park and take a long walk or hike together
  • Make a bonfire outdoors and roast marshmallows or make s’mores
  • Pick a fun project to do together, such as making bird houses, reorganizing your child’s room, or planning and planting a garden
  • Set-up a fish aquarium or make a terrarium together
  • Sign up for a class for the two of you at your local parks and recreation department, or find a hobby the two of you can do together
  • Make a goody basket for your child and fill it with candy, her favorite gum or mints, stickers, pencils and pens, a notebook, soaps, mini lotions, etc. Tie it with a colorful ribbon and leave it on her bed to find as a surprise
  • Turn your bathroom into a spa and give each other makeovers and manicures; make a facial mask with yogurt, honey and oatmeal
  • Write a poem about how much you enjoy being his parent and why you’re so proud of him and let him discover it on his own
  • With his teachers' approval, allow him to skip school one day in order to go to work with you and learn a little about how you spend your working day
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