1. Parenting

Relating to Your Tween

How to communicate with your tween, understand your tween, and make the most of the parent/tween relationship.

Middle School Survival Tips Your Tween Should Know
Middle school can be tough, but these middle school survival tips should help.

Residential Camp - Share Your Memories of Residential Camp
Did you attend residential camp as a kid? Were you a camp counselor? Share your memories of your residential camp experience.

Share Your Story and Tips on Parenting the Tweenage Child
Have you learned a thing or two about parenting the tweenage child? Share your stories and tips with other parents of preteens. You might just make someone's parenting experience a little easier.

What to Do When Your Daughter Wants to Wear Make-Up
Preteen girls love make up, but parents don't always want them to have it.

How to Get Over Your Parenting Mistakes and Move On
Nobody's perfect, here's how to get past your parenting guilt and move on.

Parenting Tweens - What Do You Enjoy Most About Parenting Tweens?
Tweens can be trying and lovable at the same time. What do you enjoy most about parenting tweens? Is it their independence? Their changing interests and hobbies, or something else entirely?

Review of Let's Talk About Sex - A Book About Children, Sex Education and More
The book, Let's Talk About Sex, is a resource for children and parents about sexuality, children, sex education, and how to positively communicate information that is frank and clear.

How should I explain my job loss to my tween?
Help your tween cope with your layoff.

Keep Your Cool with Your Tween
The key to discipline is keeping your cool.

Relating to Your Tween
Tweens can be complicated and moody. In order to help your tween through this transitional phase to adolescence, you must first put yourself in his shoes. Below are steps you can take to know, understand and relate to your tween.

My tween has been asking if Santa really exists, how should I answer?
If your tween hasn't asked about the existence of Santa yet, she will. Here's how to answer.

15 Must Know Facts About Today's Tweens
Understanding your tween means learning about tween culture.

Parenting Preteens with a Purpose by Kate Thomsen
Review of the book Parenting Preteens with a Purpose by Kate Thomsen

Family Communication 101
Suggestions and ideas to help you and your family develop and improve communication skills.

Understanding Tween Fashion
When it comes to clothing, tween girls know what they want. Tips on what's in style, and how to curb your tween from going too far with today's trends.

Tweens and the Election
Easy ways to help your tween understand the election.

Great Movies for Tweens
A short list of inspiring movies for tweens.

Is Your Child an Introvert?
If your child prefers to be alone and to think before talking, he or she may be an introvert. Learn how to support your tween's natural tendency to be an introvert.

Can Adolescents Skip the Egocentric Stage?
The adolescent egocentric stages brings with it a lot of undesirable behaviors, and even some that may be dangerous. Here's how you can help your child experience a less extreme egocentric stage.

Internalizing Behaviors Definition
Internalizing behaviors are actions directed toward the self. This article discusses examples of internalizing behaviors and how they differ from externalizing behaviors.

How Supportive Parents Help Their Kids
Supportive parents make their child feel loved and accepted, which leads to improved cognitive and emotional development. Here's how supportive parents foster positive development in their kids.

Parenting Children Through the Preteen Years
If you have a tween in the house, you might need backup. These tips will help you while you're parenting children through the preteen years.

Identity Development - How to Help Kids with Identity Development
Preteens crave their own identity. How do you help children with identity development?

The Qualities of Good Parents
Good parents are those who consistently support their children. Here are the qualities of supportive, good parents.

Bizarre Behavior - What is Your Preteen's Most Bizarre Behavior?
When children become preteens, they may exhibit a new behavior or two. What was your child's most bizarre behavior during the preteen years?

Ostracism is a particularly potent form of relational aggression. Learn why ostracism causes such severe consequences.

Is My Child Spending Too Much Time Alone?
Children naturally desire more time alone as they get older. Learn about the developmental progression of alone time that occurs during preadolescence.

Social Relationships
Fundamental shifts in social relationships occur during the tween years. Here’s a summary of some of the major changes in kids' social relationships.

Popular Children
What parents should know about popular children.

Average Child
“Average children” are somewhat liked by some peers and somewhat disliked by others. Learn more about average children.

Be a Better Parent to Your Tween
Want to help your child through the tween years? Be a better parent by understanding the challenges your child faces every day.

Show Your Love to Your Tween
All tweens need to know they're loved. Here's how to show love to your growing tween.

Your Middle School Kid - A Guide for Parents
What parents, educators, and coaches should know about today's middle school student.

A Girl's Guide to the Tween Years
Help your daughter during the tween years by being supportive and understanding.

Communicating with Your Child - It Doesn' Have to be Difficult
Communication is key when raising a child. Here are tips to keeping the conversation going.

Help Your Tween Deal with a Bad School Day
Bad school days can be prevented. Here's how to prevent one, or deal with it if it happens to your child.

What to Do if Your Tween Feels Left Out
Your child doesn't have to feel left out, here's how to help.

Your Tween's Middle School Life
Your child's life will change in middle school. Here's what to expect.

Easy Ways to Calm a Frustrated Tween
If your tween had a frustrating day there's a lot you can do to help.

5 Things to Say to Your Tween
There are certain things every tween needs to hear from a parent. Here are just a few.

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