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Parenting Through Puberty


It's a normal phase of development, still puberty is never easy. But it doesn't have to be terrible, either. Your role as parents or caregivers is to prepare your children for the changes ahead, and guide them through the tough or scary times. It's a journey that's several years in the making, but at the end you'll have a better understanding of the adult your child is eventually to become, and your own feelings about what it means to see your tween change right before your eyes into a teenager.
  1. The Physical Changes
  2. The Emotional Changes
  3. The Social Changes
  4. Resources and More

The Physical Changes

Growth spurts, acne, and so much more. Here's what you need to know to support your tween through this time in his life. Know what to expect when your child's body begins to change, and help your tween understand menstruation, shaving, hygiene and more.

The Emotional Changes

Is your tween delightful one minute, moody the next? It's exasperating to be sure, but perfectly normal for a child going through puberty. The emotional roller coaster your child is on will likely last through high school, but you can help your tween (and yourself) deal with the ups and downs of growing up if you're prepared. Here's your guide to managing the emotional changes of puberty.

The Social Changes

Your relationship with your tween is changing, and your tween's friendships are taking priority. Don't take it personally, it's all about establishing independence, and you're still as important as you've always been to your child. The social challenges your pubescent tween is up against present a host of changes at home and school. Here's what you should know.

Resources and More

Additional resources to help you navigate your tween through puberty.

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