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The Period Book

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The Period Book

The Bottom Line

The Period Book helps tween girls understand the phases of puberty in a helpful and engaging way.
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  • Easy to follow
  • Great illustrations
  • Helpful and friendly


  • Love the illustrations, wish there were more


  • The breezy writing style makes it a quick read.
  • The authors are sensitive to the reader's concerns about menstruation and the life changes of puberty.
  • The authors use humor to help the reader through the most sensitive material.

Guide Review - The Period Book

There are a number of books available to tween girls that cover the phases of puberty. Menstruation is a topic all tween girls think about, but many are too afraid to ask for advice or even let on that they're thinking about it at all. This book is for all those girls.

Written by a mother and daughter team, Karen Gravelle and Jennifer Gravelle, The Period Book gets to the issues tween girls have to face, but in a very down-to-earth way. Originally published in 1996, the newest edition features updated content and devotes an entire chapter to girls and body image. Other topics covered include the physical and emotional stages of puberty, social issues, changing friendships, and parent/tween relationships.

Whimsical illustrations add a touch of fun to the book, and help girls understand their changing biology. There's even a chapter to help girls get through the dreaded parent/tween sex talk.

The Period Book offers both parents and girls the opportunity to embrace physical and emotional changes in a positive and helpful way.
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