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What are Breast Buds?


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Definition: There are five stages of breast development for girls, breast buds begin at stage two. In the first stage the breast is flat and has not yet developed. This is the stage of childhood. During the second stage, also known as early puberty, a girl's breast begin to bud. The budding is a quarter-sized bud that makes the nipple stick-out from the chest. The actual bud contains fat, tissue and milk glands. The areola slightly increases in size during this phase.

Most preteen girls will experience breast buds between the ages of 8 and 11, but it's not uncommon for the development to begin earlier or later. It's at this phase when many girls ask for a training bra, or begin wearing camisoles under their clothes.

Stage two (breast buds) may last several months or for a year or more. Girls may become self-conscious during this phase, especially if their friends have not yet developed.

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