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Need to know information concerning tween growth, puberty, sex education, body image, acne, stress, burnout, and maturity.
  1. Tweens and Body Image

Puberty Problems Tweens Face
Help your child through puberty by preparing for problems.

Building Self-Esteem in Tweens
Self-esteem often takes a nosedive during the tween years, but there are a number of strategies for building self-esteem. Here's what you can do to help.

Personality Development During the Tween Years
How does personality development occur during the tween years? Here's one take on personality development using psychologist Erik Erikson's developmental theory.

Moodiness in Tweens
Knowing when moodiness is normal and not-so normal.

Girls, Shave - When Should Girls Shave?
When should girls begin to shave? What's the best age? How do you know if your daughter is ready to shave?

Puberty Books - Helpful Puberty Books for Boys
Do you know of any helpful puberty books for boys? Share your recommendations on puberty books here.

What You Should Know About Puberty, Boys and Change
There's no getting around puberty. Boys have to be prepared for the experience, and know that whatever questions they might have, someone has the answers. If your child is bracing for the changes ahead, remember that puberty is something you and your child go through together. Prepare yourselves for the changes on the way, and know that resources are out there to help you guide your tween throug…

What are Wet Dreams?
Boys going through puberty should know wet dreams are a perfectly normal experience.

Help Your Tween Conquer Body Odor
When puberty hits, body odor can become a problem. Here's how to help your tween prevent body odor.

Menstrual Cramp Relief - Tweens and Menstrual Cramp Relief
Does your daughter suffer from menstrual pain? What menstrual cramp relief works best for her?

Easy Ways to Treat Menstrual Pain
Your daughter doesn't have to put up with menstrual pain, there are easy ways to treat her symptoms.

Menstrual Symptoms Your Tween Should Know
Prepare your tween daughter for menstruation and the symptoms she might encounter.

Girls, Bras and Puberty
Help your daughter choose the right bra.

Sleep Away Camp - How Did You Prepare Your Child for Sleep Away Camp?
Has your child been to sleep away camp? How did you prepare your tween for the experiences of sleep away camp?

When Will My Son's Voice Change?
Voice change is a normal stage of puberty for boys. Here's what to expect.

Helicopter Parent - When Did You Realize You Were a Helicopter Parent?
Most parents have engaged in over-parenting from time to time. When did you know that you had officially become a helicopter parent?

What are Helicopter Parents?
Over parenting seems to be the norm these days. Here's what you should know about helicopter parents.

Child Stress - How Do You Help Your Tween Deal with Child Stress?
Tweens can get stressed out, just like adults can. How do you help your preteen manage child stress?

Books and Other Resources Teach Girls About Puberty
If your tween daughter is headed towards puberty, and has questions about puberty, body changes, and everything else that goes with this physical and developmental milestone, consider these resources. A good resource will not only help your daughter understand puberty, but will help you know how to answer questions, and make sure you tween is comfortable with puberty and prepared for the changes …

Period Book - A Review of [i]Period, A Girl's Guide to Menstruation[/i]
When a girl needs to learn about menstruation and her period, book resources are a good way to go. Here's a review of the book, Period, A Girl's Guide to Menstruation.

Emotional Development and the Tween Years
How will emotional development impact your child? What parents should expect.

What is a Training Bra?
IWhat's the difference between a training bra and other bras? Here's how to introduce your daughter to the wonderful world of bras.

What to Know About Girls, Shaving and Puberty
Shaving is a big step for a young girl. Here's what you and your daughter should know about making shaving safe and easy.

Girls, Puberty and What You Should Know
Helping your daughter understand the changes of puberty.

What are Breast Buds?
What are breast buds and how do they relate to tween development?

Signs of Puberty - What Were the Most Difficult Signs of Pube…
Is your tween going through puberty? Puberty is tough, you know, you've been there. What was the most difficult part of going through puberty for you? Read what others have to say about the experiences of puberty.

What is Puberty?
If your tween keeps asking the age old question, What is Puberty, here's your helpful response.

What are the signs of bullying in tweens?
I think my tween is being bullied, what are the signs of bullying in tweens?

After School Care Options for Tweens
There are options if your tween still needs after school care.

Parenting Through Puberty
A parent's guide to helping their children tackle the obstacles of puberty.

My daughter is late to develop physically and she's upset. What can I do?
When a girl's physical development comes late, it's necessary to be supportive.

My daughter is self-conscious about her breast development, how can I help?
If your daughter is experiencing breast development before her friends, she may be anxious about the changes.

Prevent Summer Camp Homesickness
Prevent homesickness this summer with these easy tips.

Help Your Daughter Keep Track of Her Period
Girls benefit when they know their menstrual cycle.

My daughter is worried about getting her period at school or summer camp.
If your daughter is worried about getting her first period while she's away from home, here's what you need to do.

A Parent's Guide to Puberty
If your tween is on the cusp of puberty, here's what you need to know.

Puberty Isn't All Bad
Focus on all the positives about puberty and your tween will adjust just fine.

How do I know if my tween is ready for overnight camp?
How to tell if your tween is emotionally prepared for residential camp.

The Signs of Puberty in Tween Boys
Boys may reach puberty later than girls, here's what to look for when changes begin.

Definition of Menstruation
The monthly shedding of the uterus in women and post-pubescent girls.

The Signs of Puberty in Tween Girls
Here's how to know if your daughter is entering puberty.

Review of Changes Kit for Girls
You know what's going on with your daughter, but she probably doesn't. This kit will help.

The stages and signs of puberty for boys and girls.

Review of The Talk
An informative and detailed resource for parents raising children in a oversexualized word.

Review of What's Happening To My Body? Book for Girls
Does What's Happening to My Body? Book for Girls measure up?

Review of What's Happening To My Body: Book for Boys
What's Happening to My Body: Book for Boys helps guide parents and their sons through puberty.

The Period Book
Review of The Period Book by Karen Gravelle and Jennifer Gravelle.

Reduce Your Tween's Stress
Know the symptoms of tween stress.

Puberty Information for Parents
The many stages of puberty for both boys and girls.

Preparing Tweens for Adulthood
There's a lot parents can do to prepare their tweens for adulthood.

Cognitive Development
Tweens experience a great deal of cognitive development. Here's an overview of their major milestones in cognitive development.

Definition of Resilience
You want your child to be resilient, here's why.

Resilient Children - The Secret to Raising Resilient Children
How do you raise resilient children? Share your thoughts and ideas.

Definition of Self-Efficacy
The definition of self-efficacy. Self-efficacy is particularly important during the tween years.

Shaving Tips for Preteen Boys
If your son is asking about shaving, be sure to share these shaving shaving stips.

How Much Physical Activity is Needed to Decrease Depression a…
To gain maximum psychological benefit, tweens should engage in 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. It's possible that even less physical activity may help with depression and anxiety.

How Logical Reasoning Changes With Age
Logical reasoning increases greatly from childhood into the tween years. Learn the specific ways that logical reasoning improves.

Definition of Secular Trend
The secular trend and what it means during puberty.

The Consequences of Early Puberty
Early puberty has a number of consequences, including increased risks of depression, anxiety and substance abuse. Learn more about how early puberty could affect your child.

Psychological Factors That May Contribute to Precocious Puberty
Precocious puberty may have a number of psychological causes. Here are some psychological factors underlying precocious puberty.

Identity Moratorium Definition
An identity moratorium is a time of active exploration of options. Learn more about what an identity moratorium is and how it relates to tweens and teens.

Definition of Myelination
Myelination is important for efficient and complex brain processes. Learn what myelination means.

The Negative Impact of Early Puberty in Girls?
Early puberty has a clear negative impact on tweens, but why? This article explores the negative impact of early puberty in girls.

Identity Foreclosure Definition
Identity foreclosure occurs when a person settles on a sense of self too soon. Learn what identity foreclosure means and how it relates to children, tweens and teens.

Sex Differences in Early Puberty
Boys and girls do not experience early puberty in the same way. Here are some of the sex differences related to precocious puberty that have been found.

How to Cope With Precocious Puberty
Given its potentially negative consequences, it is important to help your child cope with precocious puberty. Here are some ways to help your tween handle early puberty.

Finding a Sense of Self
Who are you? It's a question we're often asked, but finding the answer isn't an easy process. Here are the steps tweens and teens take while...

Autonomy is important for healthy human development. Learn the definition of autonomy.

How to Manage Early Puberty, Girls and Development
More and more girls are reaching puberty at an early age. And that can pose problems for both parent and child. Here's what you need to know...

Why Children Like Being Scared
Many children, tweens and teens seem to love being scared. There are many developmental reasons why kids like being scared.

Why Some Tweens Seem to Hate Halloween
It can be confusing when tweens act like they hate Halloween, especially when they used to love it. Here are the developmental reasons tweens sometimes seem to hate Halloween.

Sexualization is not a healthy form of sexuality. Learn what sexualization means, particularly in relation to children.

Tweens’ Understanding of Death
Understanding of death develops over the course of childhood. Learn how tweens' understanding of death develops with age.

What Are Tweens Thinking?
Tweens think categorically differently than they did earlier in childhood. They re beginning to think more like teenagers, but they still have a ways to go before they begin to see the world the way adults do. Here s some insight into the mind of the average American tween. Here's a look into your kid's mind and what he thinks and believes.

Fear of Halloween
Kids sometimes show a fear of Halloween. Here's what to consider when approaching your child's fear of Halloween.

Definition of Conscientiousness - What Does Conscientiousness Mean?
Definition of Conscientiousness - What Does Conscientiousness Mean?

Is Egocentrism in Children a Problem?
Is Egocentrism in Children a Problem? - Why Egocentrism in Children is Usually Healthy

Definition of Trait - What Is a Trait?
Definition of Trait - What Is a Trait?

Types of Bullying - The Types of Bullying Often Found in Schools
There are five primary types of bullying. Some of these types of bullying are easier to observe than others, but all can have lasting impacts on their victims. Here are the types of bullying that your child may encounter in school .

Anxiety in Children and Tweens

Anxiety in children is relatively common, with full-blown anxiety disorders affecting about 13 percent of tweens and teens. Even more children and tweens experience anxiety to a lesser degree. Here is some key information on anxiety in children.

Cyberbullying Facts - Cyberbullying Facts: How Common is Cyberbullying
The truth about cyberbullying.

Deal with Bullying - How Did You Help Your Child Deal with Bullying
Kids have to face bullying behavior every day. How did you help your child learn how to deal with bullying?

Externalizing Behaviors Definition
Externalizing behaviors are actions directed out toward others. This article discusses examples of externalizing behaviors and how they manifest in tweens.

How to Avoid Having Materialistic Children
Materialistic children may act less generous and more financially irresponsible than their peers. By increasing your support and serving as a good role model, you can make it less likely that you'll have materialistic children.

How Transitions Affect Egocentric Thought
Egocentric thought tends to increase during adolescence, especially when many changes are happening in an adolescent's life. Here's why transitions encourage egocentric thought.

Do Girls Display More Egocentric Behaviour than Boys?
Many parents wonder whether girls show more egocentric behaviour than boys do during the preteen and teen years. This article discusses whether there are gender differences in egocentric behavior and, if so, why they might occur.

Individuation is a key concept in developmental psychology. Learn what Jung and other psychologists mean when they discuss individuation.

Is Your Child at Risk of Intense Egocentric Thinking?
Although egocentric thinking is typically a healthy part of adolescence, it can be dangerous if taken to the extreme. Here are the characteristics that make intense egocentric thinking more likely.

Bizarre Behavior - What is Your Preteen's Most Bizarre Behavior?
When children become preteens, they may exhibit a new behavior or two. What was your child's most bizarre behavior during the preteen years?

Intentionality is key to success in school. Learn what intentionality is and when it develops.

Girl Behavior
Many aspects of development are the same for both sexes, but there are some ways that girl behavior is unique from boy behavior. Here's an overview of girl behavior during the tween years.

Do "Sticks and Stones" Actually Hurt More Than Being Called Names?
Does the idiom about sticks and stones match experience? It depends on who you ask: whether sticks and stones or name calling feels more painful varies by sex.

Definition of Identity
The search for identity is a major focus of the tween and adolescent years. Learn what identity means.

Social Aggression
Social aggression refers to intentionally harming someone using nonphysical means. Learn about the forms of social aggression that are used most during the tween years.

Embarrassed - Is Your Child Easily Embarrassed
Have you ever embarrassed your preteen? What embarrasses your child, and how do you help him manage embarrassing situations?

Downward Comparisons
Downward comparisons are one type of social comparison. Learn the definition of downward comparisons and how the term relates to parenting.

Why Kids Make Social Comparisons
During the preteen years, kids begin to make more social comparisons. Learn the changing factors that cause kids to be more likely to make social comparisons.

Self Esteem Effects
A child's low self esteem can cause a variety of problems. Here's what you should know.

Self Esteem in Children
The tween years are a critical time in the development of self esteem. Self esteem in children changes in four major ways during this period of life.

Help Your Daughter Avoid a Period Emergency
Does your daughter experience irregular menstrual cycles? Here's how to help her avoid a period emergency.

Self Concept
How a tween sees himself is important to development.

Child Self Esteem
Child self esteem may be especially vulnerable to fluctuations during the tween years. Here's what you need to know about child self esteem during preadolescence.

Social Rejection
Many tweens experience social rejection, which is one form of relational aggression. The longer the social rejection lasts and the more meaningful it is, the more damaging it tends to be.

Help for Managing Emotional Periods
A lot of girls experience emotional periods. Here's how you can help her manage her emotions.

Social Stress and Tweens
Social stress, such as being bullied or ostracized, can have long-term negative effects. The duration of these effects depends upon how the victim mentally processes the event(s).

How Emotional Stress Impacts Tweens
Emotional stress can result in long-lasting pain, but only for those kids who repeatedly mentally relive the painful event. Psychologists have theorized two emotionally stressful situations that may make rumination-and thus the experiencing of long-term emotional pain-more likely.

What Happens When Kids Are Outcast
Being outcast from one's peers may be one of the most common traumatic events of childhood. Here's what you need to know to help your child handle social rejection.

Am I Raising a Lonely Child?
About 10 percent of kids report feeling lonely. Here are tips on determining whether your kid is becoming a lonely child.

How to Help Your Child Handle Rejection
It’s distressing to watch your child be socially rejected, especially when you feel like there’s nothing you can do to help him handle rejection. Here are some steps you can take to help your child handle rejection.

How Ostracism Relates to School Shootings
What parents should know about school shooters.

Individual Differences
Individual differences are important to your child's development.

Effects of Loneliness
The effects of loneliness can vary greatly from person to person and may include feeling depressed and having poor-quality relationships. Here's a rundown of the effects of loneliness on tweens.

Period Questions Your Daughter Might Ask
Puberty can be confusing for girls, and you daughter may have a few period questions. Here's how to help her understand menstruation.

When Did Your Daughter Begin Menstruating?
Girls are beginning their periods at very young ages, when did your daughter first experience menstruation?

Teaching Independence to Your Tween - Skills They Should Know
In order for your tween to grow and mature, he must know certain skills of independence.

Ostracism is a particularly potent form of relational aggression. Learn why ostracism causes such severe consequences.

Limerence is a state of romantic attraction that tweens often experience. Learn what limerence means.

Causes of Low Self Esteem in Kids
During the tween years, low self esteem may begin to appear. Learn about the interrelated reasons why low self esteem begins to appear during pre-adolescence.

Tween Tips: Types of Deodorant for Tweens
There are a lot of deodorants to choose from. Here's what your tween needs to know about the different types of deodorants.

The Secret to Raising Responsible Children
Raising responsible children doesn't happen on its own, it requires patience and opportunity. Here's how to help your child develop an independent spirit.

Egocentric - Is Your Tween Egocentric
Egocentric - Is Your Tween Egocentric

Definition of Openness to Experience - What It Means to be High in Openness...
Definition of Openness to Experience - What It Means to be High in Openness to Experience

Definition of Being Agreeable - What It Means to be Agreeable According to...
Definition of Being Agreeable - What It Means to be Agreeable According to the Big Five

Personal Hygiene Tips for Girls

As your daughter begins to change and develop, hygiene takes a priority. Here's what she should know about personal hygiene, menstruation, and all the other changes of puberty.

The Upside of Being a Kid in Love
Although there are a number of problematic outcomes associated with adolescent relationships, being a kid in love may actually aid development in some ways. Here are some possible positive consequences of being a kid in love.

Upward Comparison
Upward comparisons are one type of social comparison. Learn the definition of upward comparisons and how they relate to parenting.

How to Make a Period Kit
Prepare your daughter for her period by making a personal period kit.

Child Personality
There are hints of child personality early in life, even during infancy. Child personality does not, however, fully emerge so soon.

How to Find Down Time for Your Tween
Be sure your tween has down time everyday. Here's how.

The Ups and Downs of Middle School Friendships
Friendships can help your child deal with middle school issues, and the challenges of growing up.

Help Your Tween Prioritize
Prioritizing is a skill every tween should know.

How to Avoid a Tween Meltdown
Toddlers aren't the only ones who can throw a major temper tantrum. Your tween is likely to have a meltdown at some point during the tween years. Here's what you can do about it.

5 Reasons Your Tween is Feeling Down
If your tween is feeling down, these reasons might be to blame.

Why Lazy Summer Days are Good for Your Tween
Summer days shouldn't be over scheduled. Here's why a few lazy summer days may benefit your tween.

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