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Family Time - You and Your Tween


The preteen years are full of changes, and it can be hard to see your child grow up. But you can make the most of the preteen years by enjoying time together as a family. Below are just a few ideas to get you started.
  1. Birthdays and Holidays
  2. Family Life
  3. Family Travel
  4. Be a Supportive Parent

Birthdays and Holidays

Pick a tween birthday theme that goes along with your child's interests or hobbies.

Family fun is often associated with birthdays, holidays and seasonal family traditions. Be sure to celebrate family events and holidays together!

Family Life

Think you've engaged in bad parenting? Just remember, nobody's perfect.

Living together under the same roof can be both challenging and enjoyable. Here's how to have fun living with your tween, while working together as a family unit.

Family Travel

Family vacations are probably the highlight of your child's year, and your's too. Plan a great vacation, or a staycation, and make memories to last a lifetime.

Be a Supportive Parent

Your child's school may recommend a personal tutor for your child.

Tweens face a number of challenges, including starting middle school and dealing with bullying. Support your tween through difficult times. Here's how.

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