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Accessory Ideas for a Room Makeover


Tween bedroom accessories should be functional and decorative.

A lava lamp makes a great tween bedroom accessory


At some point during the tween years your child will probably want to redecorate his or her bedroom. All the little kid stuff will find its way to the trash or the give away pile, in order to make way for posters, and other items that will help your preteen make the room his or her own. Finding tween bedroom accessories that go with the new look shouldn't be difficult. Just be sure that any items you purchase have your tween's seal of approval. And it's always a good idea to choose items that are decorative and functional.


Below are a few bedroom accessories you might want to consider for your tween's room makeover.

A Cool Lamp

With all the options available on-line, in department stores, or in catalogues, you should be able to find a cool lamp that not only serves a purpose but that's pretty cool to look at at the same time. Tweens love novelty items, so lava lamps, a black lamp and jeweled or fringed lamps are possible suggestions. You can even find standing lamps that go with your tween's bedroom decor. If not, it's easy enough to make your own stylish shade by decorating a plain, white lampshade from your local arts and crafts store.


A Comfortable Chair

Your tween's room will need some sitting space, either for him or for his friends. Disk chairs are a great option, especially if your child's room is small. The chairs can fold up flat and fit behind other pieces of furniture when not in use. You can find disk chairs in just about every color and pattern, and these tween bedroom accessories won't bust your budget. Of course, bean bag chairs are still in, and a good one should last well through the teen years and beyond. If you opt for a bean bag chair, be sure you choose one that has a removable, washable cover.


A Bulletin Board or Picture Board

Tweens need space to hang pictures of their friends, notes, and little mementos they pick up from time to time. A bulletin board is a must-have item for any tween bedroom. You can find decorative boards at big box retailers and in high-end furniture stores, or you can make one with fabric, ribbons, and a board you pick-up at a local office supply store. Since your child will likely attach a lot of items to the board, be sure you secure it to a stud in the wall. Or, your child can simply place the board on the floor, propping it up against the wall.


Private Space: A Must-Have Tween Bedroom Accessory

There should be at least one spot in your tween's room that's off limits to others, especially siblings. Whether it's a drawer, or a small lock and key chest to hide a diary, or even a love letter or two, be sure your child has a secure spot for personal items. Also, consider purchasing a desk or a computer station for your child to do his homework, projects and to keep all of his supplies together. Fit the station to your child's needs and bedroom size, and be sure there's an outlet nearby so that he can recharge his phone, tablet, or notebook.



Leave plenty of wall room for posters and other items your tween will want to hang. You can find inexpensive poster frames at many arts and crafts stores. Posters look much better framed than tacked up with sticky tape, and frames keep the posters from curling at the corners. The great thing about posters is that they're relatively inexpensive tween bedroom accessories, plus they can be easily changed out as your child's interests change.


A Wacky Rug

A rug can help set a room off, and it gives your child a place to read, finish homework, tackle puzzles or play with portable gaming systems. Braided rugs are a good bet, because they're sturdy and super-easy to spot clean. Plus, many of the braided rug patterns hide dirt very well. Shag throw rugs are also great tween bedroom accessories, just make sure they don't bunch up or scoot easily. You want your child's room to look great, but it also needs to be safe.


A Fun Clothes Hamper

A fun hamper for dirty clothes can help your child keep the room neat and tidy, and add to the room theme or decor. For girls, consider cute baskets with lids, for boys, popup hampers store a lot and can be tucked away in the corner or closet.




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