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Christmas Activities for Kids - Keep Your Tween Involved in Holiday Fun


Christmas activities for kids can include decorating, shopping for others, and baking.

Christmas activities for kids can be fun, and give back to the community.


As your child matures, holiday activities may change. Tweens may no longer wish to visit Santa, but that doesn't mean your older child can't enjoy the festivities. When planning activities for your tween, keep in mind that your child's maturity has grown along with his body. Find activities that he or she can take charge of, and let them make the projects their own. Below are a few Christmas activities for kids who are ready to take on more, and enjoy being in charge.

Christmas Activities for Kids

Make Gift Tags

Your tween can help with present wrapping, but wouldn't it be fun to have a homemade gift tag attached to every present this year? Supply your tween with card stock in a variety of colors, pens, scissors, pencils, markers, permanent markers, glitter and glue so she can create a unique gift tag for every present.

Assemble Gifts-in-a-Jar

Consider Christmas activities for kids who love to cook, or eat. Gifts-in-a-Jar are fun to receive, but they're also fun to make. They're budget-conscious gifts, as you can prepare several gifts at once with ingredients found at any grocery store. If you have to shop for teachers, neighbors, scout leaders, sunday school teachers, or coaches, give your tween the job of putting together several gifts-in-a jar, and you'll have a large chunk of your shopping over and done with.

Possible gift-in-a-jar recipes can include homemade hot chocolate mix, Christmas brownie mix, or one of your favorite baking recipes. Be sure you include a recipe instruction card with every jar. Your tween can take care of that, too.

Decorate Dinner Place Cards - Make Christmas Goody Bags

If you're hosting a big family dinner for Christmas or New Year's, there's no reason your child can't help with the preparation. In addition to setting the table, and decorating, you can have your tween make individual place cards for each setting, as well as a small holiday goody bag for guests to take home with them.

For the name plates, your tween will need colorful card stock, scissors, pens, and holiday-themed stickers. Christmas goody bags can include a few nuts, a small Christmas candle, and a chocolate or two. Fill your cellophane goody bag and tie with wrapping ribbon.

Decorate a Christmas Tree for the Birds

Christmas activities for kids should include a project or two that help someone else, or gives back in some way. Encourage your tween to decorate an outdoor tree or bush for the birds. Provide air-popped and unsalted popcorn and cranberries so your tween can string a garland for the tree that the birds will eat. Edible ornaments can be made by spreading unsalted peanut butter on pine cones, and then rolling them in wild bird seed. Hang with string.

Other edible ornaments can include dried fruits, and suet cakes. You can even cut the suet cakes into smaller squares, or roll them into balls before hanging.

Be an Angel

Looking for Christmas activities for kids who love to shop? Many communities and churches organize Angel Tree programs at the holidays, where participants shop for Christmas gifts for those in need. Typically, these programs offer up specific information about an individual, such as the gender, age, and clothes sizes, as well as a short list of gift ideas. These programs are a wonderful opportunity for tweens to make the most of the season by giving to others. Have your child pick a person in need, and then allow him or her to shop for that person, wrap the presents and hand them over to the group in charge of the program. If your budget allows, you may even be able to shop for more than one person in need.

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