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You Can Make a Haunted House with Your Child
Create a memory and enjoy the fun by creating a haunted house with your child.

Easter Basket Ideas - What are Your Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens?
What do tweens like in their Easter baskets? Share you Easter basket ideas, and see what other parents put in their children's Easter baskets.

Easter Gift Basket Ideas Make Easter Morning Fun for Older Kids
These Easter gift basket ideas are ideal for older children and preteens.

Valentine's Day Movies for Preteen Fun
Is your child throwing a Valentine's Day party, or are you looking for a way to spend the holiday with your tween? These Valentine's Day movies may set the stage for Valentine fun.

Unique Valentine's Day Gifts - Ideas for Unique Valentine's Day Gifts…
What do you give your tween for Valentine's Day? Share your ideas for unique Valentine's Day gifts for tweens.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Tween Girls
If you have a tween daughter you're probably in need of a few Valentine's Day gift ideas.

Celebrate Valentine's Day - How Does Your Tween Celebrate Val…
Does your tween still make Valentine's for her friends? How does your child celebrate Valentine's Day?

Enjoy a Little Valentine Fun with Your Tween
Your tween still wants to celebrate Valentine's Day. Here's how to have a little Valentine fun, with your preteen.

Summer Safety Skills Your Child Should Know
The summer season poses certain dangers to children. Here are a few summer safety skills your child should know.

Bad Parent - Have You Ever Felt Like a Bad Parent?
Have you ever felt like you were a bad parent?

Cell Phone Rules - What are Your Family's Cell Phone Rules?
Do you have rules for your tween regarding his or her cell phone? What are your family's cell phone rules?

Tween Bedroom Theme Success
How did your incorporate your tween's bedroom theme into your child's room? How did you choose the theme, execute it, choose accessories, and bring it all together?

Fill Your Tween's Easter Basket Consider These Gift Giving Ideas
Don't know what to put in your older child's Easter Basket this year? This ideas are fun and reasonably priced. And they're so much more interesting than plastic eggs filled with empty calories.

Plan for an Organized Christmas Season This Year
With all you have to do during the holiday season, it's no wonder many people get stressed out. Add all the activities your tween is likely to be taking part in, and before you know it, every block on the December calendar is booked with something. But you can have an organized Christmas season, if you allow your tween and other family members...

What to Pack in Your Tween's Carry on Bag
If your preteen will be flying in the near future, here's what you should pack in your child's carry on bag.

Christmas Activities for Kids - Keep Your Tween Involved in Holiday Fun
If your tween is phasing out of some holiday traditions, it's time to think of others. These Christmas activities for kids and tweens should keep your child busy and having fun throughout the holiday season.

Tween Rooms - Great Accessories for Tween Rooms
What are your accessory ideas for tween rooms? What's the number one accessory all tween rooms should have?

Accessory Ideas for a Room Makeover
Decorating a tween's bedroom can be fun. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Youth Curfew - What's a Reasonable Hour for a Youth Curfew?
Does your tween have a curfew? What do you think is a reasonable hour for a youth curfew?

Believe in Santa - Does Your Tween Still Believe in Santa?
At what point does a child question Santa's existence? Does your tween still believe in Santa? How do you know?

Christmas Tradition - Does Your Family Have a Favorite Christ…
Does your family look forward to a special Christmas tradition year after year? Share your favorite tradition with others.

Share Your Favorite Tween Gift Ideas
What's the best gift you ever gave your tween? Share your favorite tween gift ideas.

Electronics Make a Great Tween Gift
It doesn't matter if it's Christmas, or another event or milestone in your tween's life. Finding the perfect tween gift can be difficult, especially if your child is outgrowing toys.

Tweens are electronically savvy, and electronic gifts can make for a great tween gift. Be sure you consider your child's maturity level before purchasing an expensive electronic item. Does your tween lose th…

Kids Stocking Stuffers, A Few Good Ideas
Stocking stuffers for kids don't have to be expensive or hard to find.

Stocking Stuffers for Kids - What Are Your Favorite Stocking Stuffers…
Do you have a few ideas on great stocking stuffers for kids? Share your thoughts on fun items to put in your tween's Christmas stocking this year.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Boys
Stuffing your tween boy's stocking can be fun. Here are a few clever ideas.

Great Stocking Stuffers - Ideas for Great Stocking Stuffers f…
Need great stocking stuffer ideas? Have an idea or two for tween girls? This is the place to share your tips, and read what other parents suggest this holiday season.

Cheap Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Tween Girls
Need a cheap stocking stuffer or two for your tween daughter? These ideas are tween pleasing, and easy on your budget.

Favorite Kids Halloween Movies - What Are Your Favorite Kids Hallowee…
Kids Halloween movies can set the stage for a great tween Halloween party or for family movie night. What are your favorite Halloween movies for tweens?

Tween Halloween Movies
Pop the popcorn, put your feet up and enjoy these family-friendly Halloween movies.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Your Growing Tween
Help your tween get a jump on the day with a healthy breakfast.

A Breakfast Pizza Recipe Your Tween Will Love
This breakfast pizza will appeal to your preteen, whether it's a school day or the weekend.

Saving Money on Your Tween's Back to School Clothes
A new school year means new clothes. Here are a few guidelines.

Tweens at Home Alone - How Do You Prepare Tweens to Stay at H…
When did you allow your tween to stay at home alone? How did you prepare your child for the responsibility? What concerns did you have and how did you make sure your tween was safe, and comfortable with the idea of being at home alone?

Family Activities - What are Your Favorite Family Activities?
Bonding with tweens can be difficult, as they begin to assert their independence and break-away from their parents. But family activities can help continue the parent/tween bond through the tween years and beyond. What are your favorite family activities?

Sleepover Party Fun - Great Ideas for a Fun Sleepover Party
Share your ideas for throwing a great tween sleepover party, from food to games to entertainment.

Tween Bedroom - How Would You Decorate A Tween Bedroom?
Need ideas on decorating a tween bedroom?

Household Chores - What Household Chores Have You Assigned to…
It's important for tweens to learn about responsibility, and assigning household chores is one way to teach a valuable lesson.

How to Enjoy a Family Staycation with Tweens
Plan a fun and interesting staycation for your tween.

Making Your Home Safe for Tweens
Your child is older now, but there are still dangers within the home.

Chore Chart or Chore Contract - Chore Contracts are Alternatives to Chore Charts
If you want your tween to help with chores, put it in writing.

Activities Tweens and Parents Can Do Together
Staying active with your tween is the key to maintaining a close relationship.

Decorating a Tween's Bedroom
If your tween wants a room makeover, these tips will help.

Review of The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner
Liz Edmunds, the Food Nanny, offers up recipes, ideas, and conversation starters for busy families.

Pick A Chore, Any Chore
You shouldn't be doing chores all by yourself. Get your tween to help.

What's a reasonable curfew for a tween?
Why your tween needs a curfew.

Children and Elections
It doesn't matter if it's time to elect a president, a governor, or a local sheriff, the democratic process is something tweens should know about. While it will be 10 years or so before these children will cast their first official ballot, teaching tweens how their government is chosen is imperative. In fact, it's one of the easiest ways to...

Too Old for Halloween?
Somewhere between the ages of 9 and 10, children may hesitate to participate in Halloween activities. It's not that they're no longer interested, it's that they don't want to be perceived by their peers as uncool or babyish. If your tween seems less excited about Halloween this year, there are ways to involve him in fun activities.

Five Television Shows Your Tweens Should Be Watching
If your tween is growing bored with American Idol or Flight 29 Down, there's reason to be hopeful. There are a number of shows in production that may capture your child's attention, while teaching him a thing or two along the way. While some of these programs were not created with preteens in mind, they do appeal to the younger crowd, and have a lot to offer their audience.

Tween Sleep Problems Solved
It doesn't matter if it's the school year or the summer months, many tweens just aren't getting the sleep they need.

Chores Made Easy
A personalized chore chart makes tracking and completing chores a breeze.

Family Fun with Web 2.0
Use the web for family fun time and to track family history and traditions.

Money Smart Tweens
A resource to help your tweens make money, manage money, and save for the future.

Test Your Tween's Table Manners
Test your tween's table manners knowledge with this simple quiz.

House Rules Every Tween Should Know
By now, your tween should know all the house rules, but here's a reminder, just in case.

Family Rules - What are Your Most Important Family Rules?
Every household has family rules to obey? What are your most important family rules?

Easy Salads Your Tween will Love: Fruit Salad Sensation
Easy salads can be enjoyed and prepared by your tween. This recipe calls for fruit, lettuce and a little feta. Yum.

Recipe to Make a Banana Dog Sandwich
Whether it's lunch on the go or a healthy after-school snack, banana dog sandwiches are kid pleasing.

Easy to Make Apple Dip
This apple dip recipe is a hit at fall parties or on Halloween night.

Halloween Food - Recipes and Ideas

Great Halloween food just sets the stage for a fun Halloween season. Be sure you've planned a few tasty treats for your family this year -- and if you're thinking about hosting a Halloween party, you'll need even more ideas. Below are a few to get you started. 

How Holidays Traditions Benefit Children
Holiday traditions aid in the healthy development of children, tweens and teens. Learn why holiday traditions are so important for kids.

Your Guide to Halloween and Fall Fun 2011
Halloween is as much fun for preteens as it is for younger children. Here's your guide to Halloween and Fall fun for tweens and their families.

Family Rituals Definition
Family rituals help to give families a sense of belonging and togetherness. Learn the characteristics of family rituals, which are also called...

Family Routine Definition
A family routine supports healthy development of children, tweens and teens. Learn what a family routine really is.

Simplify Your Holiday Plan with These Shortcuts
The holiday season is always a busy one, with one commitment, responsibility and get-together after another. When you have children, there's even more to do and enjoy. But you can simplify your holiday plan by taking a few short cuts. Below are ways you can give yourself a little extra time to spend on yourself, with your kids, or preparing for...

What You Should Know Before You Cut Your Own Christmas Tree
Is your family planning on cutting your own Christmas tree? Here are pointers and suggestions you need to know.

Having Fun Over Winter Break
Is your child ready for two weeks off from school? Here's how to have fun over winter break, and enjoy time together.

Winter Holidays - What Does Your Family Do Over the Winter Holidays
The winter holidays can be a great time to take a trip, relax together or get caught up on family business. What does your family do over the winter holidays?

Snow Day - How to Prepare for an Unexpected Snow Day
Snow Day - How to Prepare for an Unexpected Snow Day

Winter Movie Choices for Kids and Families
The long winter months just call out for movies. Here are some winter movie choices for kids and families.

Winter Fun - Ideas for Kids and Families
Winter can be full of fun activities for the entire family.

How to Make Autograph Pillows
Need a fun craft idea for your preteen? Here's how to make autograph pillows.

Decorating Ideas for a Valentine Box
Does your child need to make a valentine box? Here are a few decorating ideas.

Ideas for Valentine Boxes - Share Your Decorating Ideas for Valentine Boxes
Are you creative? Is your child? Share your decorating ideas for valentine boxes.

Be on Facebook - When Will You Allow Your Child to be on Facebook?
When will you allow your child to be on Facebook? What's your rule?

Explicit Lyrics - How Do You Handle Explicit Lyrics with Your Preteen?
Have you ever gasped when listening to music with your kids? How do you handle the issue of explicit lyrics in your child's music?

Teaching Responsibility to Your Child
There are many ways of teaching responsibility to your child, including providing opportunities to be conscientious and modeling the behavior yourself. Here are some strategies for teaching responsibility to your tween.

The Secret to Raising Responsible Children
Raising responsible children doesn't happen on its own, it requires patience and opportunity. Here's how to help your child develop an independent spirit.

How Supportive Parents Help Their Kids
Supportive parents make their child feel loved and accepted, which leads to improved cognitive and emotional development. Here's how supportive parents foster positive development in their kids.

Parenting Children Through the Preteen Years
If you have a tween in the house, you might need backup. These tips will help you while you're parenting children through the preteen years.

The Qualities of Good Parents
Good parents are those who consistently support their children. Here are the qualities of supportive, good parents.

Easter Fun for Older Kids
Easter is a time of celebration and inspiration. Here' how older kids can still have Easter fun.

Going Green with Kids
What to go green as a family? These tips will help get you started on going green with kids.

Get Ready for Summer, Now!
Is your family looking forward to the summer months? Here's how to get ready for summer now!

What Your Tween Can Learn from Pet Ownership
Owning a pet can help tweens grow in a number of ways.

Helping Your Child Through Summer School
Summer school made easy.

Summer Boredom Busters Your Tween Should Know
These boredom busters may pump a little excitement into your child's summer vacation.

How to Make Choco Tacos
Your tween can make this mexican inspired dessert at home. Here's how to make delicious choco tacos.

Summer Rules for Kids
Keep your child safe, active and learning with these summer rules for kids.

What to be for Halloween? Ideas for Your Tween
Is your tween asking what to be for Halloween? Kids can make their own costumes, with a little inspiration. Here are a few ideas.

Show Love - Fun Ways to Show Love to Your Kids
Show Love - Fun Ways to Show Love to Your Kids

How to Make a Lifeguard Costume
This easy to make lifeguard costume is perfect for Halloween.

How to Make a Dead Bride Costume
Looking for a ghoulish Halloween costume idea? Here's how to make a dead bride costume.

What Your Preteen Can Learn from Journaling
Journaling can teach a child plenty. Here's what kids learn when they journal.

What Kids Learn from Running a Lemonade Stand
A lemonade stand is a great way to teach kids about economics and even philanthropy.

Get Your Tween to Write Thank You Notes
Every tween should write thank you notes for presents and other thoughtful gestures. Here's how to get your child to sit down and pen a note of gratitude.

Need Ideas for Holiday Shopping? Top Christmas Gifts for Tweens
Wondering what your tween wants this holiday season? Consider these top Christmas gifts for the preteen in your life.

Healthy Holiday Eating Doesn't Have to be Difficult
Healthy holiday eating is something everyone should strive for, here's how to make it happen.

How to Make Thanksgiving Food Appealing to Tweens
Thanksgiving food isn't always tween friendly, here's how to make sure your preteen enjoys the food as much as he does the day off.

New Year Resolutions for Your Family
Make a New Year resolution that the whole family will enjoy.

Rocky Road Pudding Recipe
Love chocolate? This rocky road pudding recipe is fun to make and eat.

Family Time - You and Your Tween
Your family's time together is important. Here's how to make the most of your child's preteen years.

Is Your Tween Having a Bummer Summer?
If your child isn't enjoying summer vacation, there might be a reason why. Here's how to turn around a bummer summer.

Helping Tweens Set Goals for Themselves
Setting goals is important for tweens, and parents can help.

Teach Your Tween to do the Laundry
Your tween is capable of doing laundry. Here's what your child should know.

Free Things to Do This Summer with Your Tween
Interested in summer fun on a budget? A few ideas on free things to do this summer with your preteen.

Fun Valentine's Day Activities for Tweens

Every season has it's celebration, and winter is no different. Valentine's Day is a fun annual event that preteens still enjoy. If your tween is looking forward to Valentine's Day, consider these Valentine's day activities for kids.

Ideas for a Valentine's Day Party for Tweens
If your preteen wants to throw a Valentin's Day Party, here are a few ideas to get the party going.

Write a Parent and Tween Summer Contract
A contract can spell out summer expectations and rules.

Helping at Home - What Tweens Should be Doing
If your tween isn't helping out at home it's time for a little discussion.

Back to School Haircuts - Tips and Suggestions
Make the back to school haircut a part of your child's back to school routine.

Help Your Child Deal with a Disappointing Holiday

Get Your Tween to Clean His Room
Is your tween's bedroom a mess? Help your tween keep his room clean and organized. Here's how.

How to Stay Close to Your Tween

Parenting Promises for the New Year
Bring the New Year in with a bang by making a few parenting promises.

Quiet Fun for Your Tween
All children need downtime and quiet time to recharge, here are easy ways to make those quiet moments enjoyable for your tween.

Not Getting Along with Your Tween? Here's What to Do
Tweens aren't always easy to live with, and sometimes parents need to hone their relationship skills to get along with their growing child.

Avoid Stressed Out Parenting - Here's How
Don't let parenting stress you out, here's how to embrace the calm.

Responsibilities Your Tween is Ready to Take On
If your tween doesn't have any responsibility at home, it's time for a change.

Help Your Tween Adjust to a Move
Moving doesn't have to be stressful for your tween. Here's how to get your child excited about moving to a new home.

Bathroom Etiquette Your Tween Should Know
Tweens should know how to share a bathroom and keep it clean. These tips will help your child know the important rules of bathroom etiquette.

Preparing Your Tween for a Younger Sibling
If a baby is on the way, you'll need to prepare your tween.

Healthy Late Night Snacks for Tweens
Tweens like to snack but chips and candy are not the best choices for your growing child. These late night snacks will satisfy your tween and provide him with the nutrition he needs.

Mistakes You're Making with Your Preteen
Raising tweens isn't easy, but it also doesn't have to be difficult beyond belief. If you're struggling with parenting a tween you might be making one of these common mistakes.

Common Parent and Tween Struggles
Your growing child may not be as easy to live with these days, but there are easy solutions to common parent and tween struggles.

5 Things You Can Learn From Your Tween
Your tween can teach you a thing or two about having fun, making time for friends and enjoying life. Here are the lessons you can learn from your preteen.

Summer Supplies for Parents of Tween
The summer months can drag on if your tween is bored. These summer supplies will ensure your child makes the most of the summer months.

Do You Have the Back to School Blahs?
Parents can suffer from the "Back to School Blahs." Here's what to do if you the new school year has thrown you off track.

How Tweens Get out of Chores
Tweens may find any number of ways to avoid doing their chores. Here are just a few.

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