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A school year brings with it opportunity, responsibility and a whole lot of learning. If your tween is headed to middle school, this is your guide to making the most of the middle school years. Here, you'll find ways to prepare for challenges, and help your child manage the ups and downs of homework, projects, and everything else that goes with school, education, and preparing for high school.
  1. Prepare for a New School Year
  2. Back to School Challenges
  3. Helping at Home
  4. After-School Issues
  5. Additional Resources for Back to School

Prepare for a New School Year

Prepare for back to school before the first day begins.

The tween years bring a number of milestones and challenges. If your child is headed off to middle school, or is in the final years of elementary school, it's important to know how to begin the experience with a solid footing. Preparing for a new school year experience begins long before that first day of school. Ideally, you should begin the transition months ahead of time. Here's what you need to know about getting ready for back to school.

Back to School Challenges

Be patient when dealing with back to school challenges.

It's almost overwhelming to think about all the challenges tweens face at school these days. Bullying, frenemies, testing, and then there's that whole issue about dressing out for gym. But you can help your child manage the obstacles that school presents. Think about these challenges when planning your back to school strategy.

Helping at Home

Be sure your child gets plenty of rest before it's back to school time.

Your child's school year experience will depend on how you support him at home. Making sure he has a good work/study environment is key, as is knowing when he needs your help with a subject, a friend problem, or a teacher problem. If your tween knows he has your support, there's no challenge he can't overcome. Here's how to help make sure your child's school experience is the best it can be.

After-School Issues

Be ready for the back to school activities you'll encounter.

Is your tween ready to stay home alone after school this year? Are you wondering what extra-curricular activities are available to your tween? The after-school hours are as important to your child's learning experience as are the hours of the school day. Below are a few after-school issues you and your tween should consider when discussing your back to school routine.

Additional Resources for Back to School

Books and other resources can help answer your child's back to school questions.

Whether it's preparing for middle school or finding great sources for homework and projects, these resources can help your tween prepare for back to school and provide information throughout the school year.

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