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The Success Skills Your Student Needs


Middle school is an important transition between elementary school and high school. You want your child to do well, so that he or she has the skills they'll need to succeed in high school, college and beyond. Some of the study habits your child learns during the middle school years will set the stage for the future. Here's what your tween should know about school, success and being a good student.

Student Success Skills for Middle School

  • How to Tackle Homework: Homework can be demanding in middle school, and it's likely that your child will experience an increase in homework, projects and other responsibilities. Help your child develop a homework strategy that works. Keeping to a homework calendar or schedule should help. Be specific about when your child should study and complete homework assignments. It will probably be necessary to mark off time on the weekends as well. It's also important for your tween to understand that he may need to read or study even if homework isn't assigned. Staying on top of his subjects will require a little more personal responsibility.
  • How to be Responsible: As your child becomes older and more mature, he or she may develop a desire to success. Tweens want to be good at something, whether it's sports, music or school. And many tweens want to be good students, and to be successful in school, even students who were never particularly into school before. Take advantage of your child's desire to succeed, and be supportive by taking an interest in your child's studies and hobbies.

    Responsibility includes taking care of oneself. Successful students know it's important to stay healthy, to eat right, to get plenty of sleep and to avoid dangers such as drinking, smoking, and drugs.

  • How to Find Balance: Staying on top of school, extra curricular activity demands, family responsibilities and other commitments can be a challenge, but it's important for your child to know how to balance it all and keep it straight. In other words, in order for your child to master student success skills, he or she will need to know how to manage time, and find time for school as well as a social life. This isn't easy, as we all know, and it will be up to you to help your child prioritize from time to time. There may be times when school and homework take priority. But there may be times when you child has to study a little ahead in order to make time for a family get together or another important event.
  • How to Ask for Help: Even good students run into problems from time to time. But students who know when to ask for help, either from the teacher or a parent, are in a better position to recover and move forward. If your child understands that's it's OK to ask for help, he'll increase his chances of getting past whatever academic problem he's facing.
  • How to Handle Stress: Stress can bring adults to their knees, and it's no easier to overcome for children and adolescents. Many students face an overwhelming amount of stress. There's stress from school, stress caused by friend or relationships problems, stress to be included, and many families experience stress due to job loss, divorce, or illness. If your child knows how to reduce or manage stress, he or she will be better able to manage the responsibilities of school and all that goes with it. Stress can be managed through exercise, time with friends, time alone and by reaching out to a caring adult or relative. Help your child find ways to manage stress, whether it's everyday stress or stress caused by an event or unusual circumstance.
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