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Joining a Middle School Club


If your tween recently started middle school, or is getting ready to start, he's probably excited about joining a middle school club or other activity. School clubs are wonderful ways for children to learn about their school and to enrich their lives. They are also a great way for tweens to discover their interests and talents. Below is information your tween will need to know before he commits to joining a club at his school.

  • School Clubs Take Time: Joining a school club isn't just about having fun, and tweens should know that being a part of a club requires a little time and commitment. But most school clubs do not require an overwhelming commitment from your tween, but there will be times when he'll have to show up for meetings and events. Keep in mind that certain clubs may hold fundraisers or sponsor events which might require time on the weekends, or after school.
  • School Clubs Make a Difference: Middle schools would be dreary places if it weren't for the clubs and other organizations that bring variety into the school. Without clubs there would be no concerts, plays, art exhibits or many of the other events that middle schoolers enjoy during the year such as school carnivals, homecoming and school dances. So if your child thinks that joining a club is a waste of time, be sure he knows how much they contribute to the school.
  • They're Fun: The main reason for joining a club is that can be a lot fun, and they're great ways for your child to learn more about his own interests and talents. If your child already has an interest in art or music, then joining an art or music club might be just right for him. But clubs are also great ways for your child to expand his horizons. Encourage him to look into clubs that offer something different or new for him. Clubs will vary from school to school, but typical middle school clubs might include: art club; music club; scrapbooking club; yearbook; band; orchestra; green club; leadership club; social club; math club; builders club; philosophy club; photography club; service club; technology club and many others.
  • He'll Meet Friends: Middle school can be a trying time for a tween. In middle school old friendships can be tested, and bullying and other bad behaviors tend to peak during the middle school years. Friendship challenges can make it hard for tweens who encounter them. Being a member of a club can help a child expand his social circle, and make friends with students he might not ordinarily run into during the school day. When your child joins a club he already has a common interest with the other children who have also joined, making it a little easier to make friends.
  • He'll Pave the Way for High School: Participating in a club, on a sports team or in some other school organization will help your child when he enters high school. If your child develops interests now, it's likely that he'll carry those interests with him when he enters high school.
  • He'll Learn How Groups Work: Being a part of a club or other group isn't always fun and games, and it isn't always easy. Club members may have disputes about rules or practices or encounter other challenges along the way. The upside is that your child will learn how to get along in a group with others when there are a variety of personalities, ideas, and challenges.
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