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Field Trip Tips for Middle Schoolers


School field trips are exciting events for kids of all ages. Who doesn't remember taking a field trip when they were younger, venturing to an historical attraction, museum, park or other fun destination? Middle schools normally offer a field trip experience for the their students. Depending on the school and the school budget, your child might take a trip or two a year. Below are a few considerations when it comes time to send your child off on a field trip.

School Field Trips - Tips for Tweens

  • Get Permission: Your child won't be allowed to participate on a field trip without your permission. Unfortunately, middle schoolers can be a little forgetful and may not always pass along permission forms in a timely manner. Encourage your child to keep you in the loop regarding trips and forms. Stress that you need time to look over the form and get it back to his teacher before the deadline. Also, take note of the information on the permission form regarding cost, and date and time of the trip. Write the information down on your family calendar so you have it when you need it.
  • Do a Little Research: Your child will get more out of a field trip if she takes a little time to research where her class is going and why it's important. Just a simple internet search will provide valuable information on the school trip destination.
  • Pack a Snack: It's always a good idea to pack a snack for the trip, provided it's permitted. Many schools will also specify if your child should bring his lunch, or purchase a lunch while on the trip. Be sure to discuss your child's preference, so that you have items on hand should he want to bring his own lunch.
  • Stick to Approved Items: The school field trip permission form will also indicate what items your child can and cannot bring on the trip. Digital cameras may be allowed on the trip, but other devices, such as tablets or cell phones may not. Be sure your child adheres to the rules of the trip, so he can enjoy going on other trips in the future. In addition, keep in mind that anything your child brings on the trip could be lost or stolen, and your child will be responsible for keeping up with it at all times.
  • Depending on time your child may or may not be able to visit the gift shop at his destination. If there is time for a trip to the shop, be sure you discuss how much your tween can spend upfront, before the trip begins. Give him a budget to work within, so that he doesn't go crazy, or pass up the opportunity to buy something he might really like to have.

  • Check the Weather: The morning of the trip, be sure to check the weather forecast so that your child is dressed for the weather. A jacket or sweater might be useful to bring, especially if your child will be on a charter bus that's air conditioned. Also consider the time of day when your child will be returning home, and what the weather is expected to be then.
  • Take Notes: Be sure your child knows that the point of the field trip is to learn. Also, taking notes on the trip, or keeping brochures or other helpful information is a good idea. There may be a test or a project due based on the trip once your child is home, which is why paying attention and noting important information is a good idea.
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