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Education Issues

Tween education issues including homework, classroom success, preparing for high school, learning challenges, and more.

The School Dress Code and Your Middle Schooler
Your middle schooler needs to know the school dress codes.

Middle School Problems Your Child Might Encounter
Prevent or troubleshoot middle school problems by knowing what to expect.

Learning Retention - Secrets to Learning Retention
Worried your kids will forget everything they learned over the summer break? Here's how parents and educators encourage learning retention in tweens.

Summer Learning Retention Tips
If you're worried your preteen will forget all he learned over the summer break, these summer learning tips will help.

A Parent/Tween Homework Contract
Use a homework contract to make responsibilities clear.

Too Much Homework - Does Your Tween Have Too Much Homework?
How do you manage it when your tween brings home too much homework?

Help Your Tween Adjust to a New School Year
It's time to begin the school year. You can get your child off on the right foot with a little preparation.

A Back to School Guide for Parents of Tweens
If your tween or preteen is headed back to school, be it elementary school or middle school, you'll need to be prepared.

What is Middle School?
The definition and answer to the question, What is Middle School?

Middle School - How to Prepare Your Child for Middle School
The prospect of starting middle school can be daunting for some tweens. There are so many changes that take place, and they're all happening at the same time other changes are taking place. Helping your tween prepare for middle school should begin long before the first day of class. Ideally, you should begin bracing your tween for the changes ahead during the last year of elementary school. Tak y…

Take a Middle School Tour with Your Tween
Before middle school begins, take a school tour with your tween.

Help Your Child Organize a School Routine
Establishing a workable school routine can make for a great year.

Prepare for Tests - Helping Tweens Prepare for Tests
Tweens have to get used to taking tests, here's how to help children prepare for tests.

The School Supplies Nearly Every Tween Needs
Stock up on school supplies when prices are good, to replenish all year long.

You Can Help Your Tween Achieve School Success
School success doesn't just happen. Here's how to have a successful school year.

The Upside of Middle School
The changes ahead can be good for your tween. Here's what's so great about middle school.

Review of A Smart Girl's Guide to Surviving Middle School
A Smart Girl's Guide to Starting Middle Schoole by Julie Williams.

My tween is worried about finding her classes at her middle school.
Is your tween worried about finding her classes at her new middle school?

Review of The New Big Book of U.S. Presidents
Review of The New Big Book of U.S. Presidents

Review of Harry Houdini for Kids
A review of the book Harry Houdini for Kids by Laurie Carlson.

Parent-Teacher Conference Success
Fall is traditionally the season when parents and teachers get together to review a student's academic progress, and plan for future success. But a parent-teacher conference could come at any time of the year. Whenever it takes place, it's important to make the most of the meeting in order to help your tween succe

Raising Money Smart Tweens
Before you offer your tween an allowance, ask yourself these important questions.

Preparing for Middle School
Middle school is a time of change but your tween can adjust quickly and easily.

Motivate Your Tween to Read
Easy ways to encourage your tween to read.

Conquer Tween Homework Challenges
There is a certain science to helping your tween complete homework assignments successfully.

Learning Disabilities
Know the signs of a learning disability in order to help your tween succeed in school.

Evaluating Gifted Programs
Is your tween gifted? Know what makes a gifted program really great.

Preparing Tweens for Middle School
The jump from elementary school to middle school can be a difficult one for tweens. Know how to help make the transition as easy as possible.

Academic Achievement and Peer Acceptance
Popularity does have a relation to a child's performance at school.

What Makes Someone a Good Student?
What makes a good student? Academic resilience, a factor related to personality, may be key to answering this question.

How to Reduce Your Child's School Stress
If you have a child headed to middle school, you need to know how to reduce school stress.

How to Find a Personal Tutor for Your Tween
Does your tween need a personal tutor? Here's how to find a tutor and make it work.

What is a School Counselor?
What does a school counselor or guidance counselor do?

Fun Locker Accessories for Your Preteen
Is your middle school student excited about having a locker? Locker accessories are a must for the stylish tween.

What Kids Need to Know About School Lockers
If your tween is going to middle school, he'll have to learn how to use his locker.

How to Foster Classroom Success
Academic resilience, or perseverance through academic struggles, is key to classroom success. Parents can promote school success by encouraging a tween to have an academically resilient personality and self-beliefs.

Can Learning Disabilities Appear in Middle School?
It may seem puzzling when learning disabilities first become apparent during the tween years or later. In fact, learning disabilities can and often do first become diagnosed after the tween years have begun.

Could My Child Have a School Phobia?
When a child repeatedly refuses to attend school, you might suspect a school phobia. In fact, school refusal can happen for a number of reasons and often appears during the tween years.

Self-Discipline and School Success
Self-discipline seems to be more important than intelligence in determining success in school. A self-disciplined child has low impulsivity, high self-control and strong delay of gratification skills.

How do Tweens Change Over the Middle School Transition?
Tweens' attitude and behavior toward school is different in middle school than it was in elementary school. Learn how children change during the middle school transition and what you can do to aid in the process.

Middle School Students and Their Developmental Needs
Middle school students have a number of unique developmental needs. Are schools meeting these needs of middle school students?

Definition of Convergent Thinking
Convergent thinking is the primary type of thought assessed in traditional American schools. Learn what convergent thinking is.

Throw a Great Classroom Valentine Party
Are you planning a Valentine party for your child's classroom? Here's your planning guide.

Preparing for High School - High School Clubs
Your student should know what activities the high school offers.

What a Middle School Student Needs to Know
Make the most of middle school by preparing your student. Here's what a middle school student needs to know.

Helping Your Child Through Summer School
Having to go to school during the summer doesn't have to be a chore. Here's how to get through the summer school session.

Year Round School - What are the Pros and Cons of Year Round Schooling?
Do you think the traditional school year is a thing of the past? What are the pros and cons of a year round school program?

What is Middle School Like?
What is middle school like? Here's what to expect from the middle school experience.

Tips on Starting Middle School - Share Your Tips on Starting Middle School
Is your child getting ready to begin middle school? What are your tips for starting middle school and making the most of the experience? What tips would you offer to a child getting ready for middle school?

Helping Your Tween Deal with School Trouble
Is your child experiencing trouble at school? School trouble is common in middle school. Here's what to look for and how to handle those sticky situations.

Locker Decorating Made Easy
Easy ways to add personal style to your locker.

What to Expect from Middle School Orientation
Orientation is a great way to kick-start your child's middle school experience.

Why Kids Cheat - The Reasons Behind the Behavior
Kids cheat on their schoolwork for any number of reasons.

Prevent Student Cheating, Here's How
If you're worried your middle schooler is cheating, here's what you should know on how to prevent student cheating.

Locker Tips Every Tween Should Know
If your child is headed off to middle school, these locker tips will come in handy.

Mastery Orientation
How Mastery Orientation can make a difference in your child's education.

How to Help Your Child Succeed in School
There are many ways to help your child do well in school, but some methods of parent involvement work better than others. Here are research-based strategies for how to help your child succeed in school.

How Parent Involvement Benefits Kids
There's a lot to gain when parents are involved with their children's schools.

Getting Involved at Your Child's School
How parents can be involved in the education process.

Parents Play a Role in Helping with Schoolwork
We know that parents' involvement in education has far-reaching effects, but why? Here are the reasons parents' involvement helps so much.

How Parents and Teachers Benefit From Parent Involvement in Education
When parents are involved in their child's education, educators benefit, as well as the family.

Middle School Rules Your Child Should Know
Middle schools come with rules. Here are the ones every tween must know.

Prepare Your Tween for a Middle School Dance
Is your tween nervous about going to the school dance? Preparation is key.

What to do if Your Child Has to Miss School
Missing school comes with consequences. But preparing ahead of time can help.

Kids Benefit Most From Parent Involvement in Schools
Children who are challenged at school benefit when parents become involved.

School Encouragement Made Easy
The best way to encourage your child's school success is to be supportive.

Why Parent Involvement is So Important
You can become involved in your child's education at home and at school. Here's what you should know.

Qualities of a Good Teacher
A good teacher will bring out the best in your student.

Parent And Teacher Communication in The Digital Age
Email can make parent/teacher communication easy and helpful.

What Parents Should Learn at Back to School Night
If your child is in middle school, attending back to school night is a must. Here's what you'll learn.

Middle School Questions and Answers
If your child is headed to middle school, he'll have questions. Here's how to answer all those questions about middle school.

Is it Appropriate to Send Email to a Teacher?
Emailing is a great way to stay in touch with your child's teachers.

Help Your Tween Have the Best School Year Ever
Start the school year off on the right foot. Here's how to help your child have the best school year possible.

Improving Bad Grades - Tips for Parents and Tweens
Bad grades can be improved, here's what you can do to help

Why Some Tweens Hate School
Find out why your tween hates school, here are a number of reasons why.

Get Your Tween Ready for High School
Is your child ready for high school? Here's how to help middle schoolers prepare for the changes ahead.

The Middle School Staff: Who's Who at Your Child's Middle School
Help your child understand the roles of the middle school staff members.

What School Rules Does Your Tween Object To?
Does your child have to follow silly rules at school? Share your experiences about school rules and tweens.

The Truth About Middle School Classes
Middle school classes may be more challenging to your tween than his elementary experience. Here's how to handle it.

Attending and Celebrating a Middle School Graduation
What parents and students should know about middle school graduation.

Teaching Tweens About Different Cultures
Your child is naturally curious about other countries and cultures. Here's how to teach him about other countries and their cultures.

Your Child's Middle School Schedule
Your child's school schedule is an important part of his school experience.

How to Pick a Backpack for a Middle Schooler
If your tween is headed to middle school, here's how to pick a backpack for your child.

Does Your Child Hate Gym Class? These Tips Will Help
Gym class isn't all bad. Emphasize the positive with your tween.

What Middle School Parents Need to Know
What every parent should know before their tween starts middle school.

How to Get Through the School Week
Don't let the school week get the best of you. You can make it to the weekend with a little preparation.

What to Know When Considering a Private Middle School
Public or private? How to decide if a private middle school is right for your tween.

Finding a Great Middle School For Your Tween
The key to finding a great middle school is asking the right questions.

Getting Your Tween Through Middle School Math
If your child is struggling with middle school math there's a lot you can do to help.

What Parents Should Know about Middle School and Gpa
Your child GPA does matter, but there are other important factors to consider in middle school.

What You Should Know About School Interims
School interims can help parents identify a child's academic challenges.

What Parents Should Know about Middle School, Report Cards and Tweens
Report cards come home every nine weeks or so, here's how to analyze your child's progress.

How to Establish Good School Habits
Your child can make the most of the school year by establishing good study habits.

What You'll Learn from a Middle School Syllabus
Be sure to read any syllabus sheets your child brings home from middle school.

What's Your Middle School Plan?
Is your middle school plan in place?

Prepare for Those Middle School Projects
Your child will have a lot of projects to complete in middle school, here's how to get through them.

Field Trip Tips for Middle Schoolers
School field trips are learning opportunities for your tween. This tips will help make the most of the experience.

What Kids Learn from Middle School Government
There's a lot your child can learn by joining the school government.

The Success Skills Your Student Needs
Success in school depends on certain skills. Here are the student success skills your child needs to know,

Joining a Middle School Club
What tweens should know about middle school clubs.

Middle School Academics - A Guide for Parents and Tweens
Want to prepare for all that middle school offers? Here's your guide to what middle school academics require from students and parents.

Your Tween's Middle School Timeline
Get ready for middle school the easy way. This timeline will help.

What Students Learn on Career Day
Career day can teach your child a lot about jobs, college planning and more.

Middle School Fundraising Ideas
School fundraisers don't have to be boring. These ideas will bring in the funds you need while students have fun working the event.

Why You Should Take Your Tween to Work
Taking your child to work with you can teach him a lot.

Tips on Chaperoning a Middle School Field Trip
Have a great field trip by being the best chaperone ever!

Field Trip Ideas for Middle Schoolers
Middle schoolers enjoy field trips and may get a lot out of them.

What Your Tween Should Know About the Middle School Store
The school store stocks supplies your tween might need.

Academic Skills Your Tween Needs Now
The academic skills every tween needs to master.

Should Your Tween Take Advanced Classes?
Advanced classes may give your tween a head start on high school.

The Importance of Parent Involvement in Education
The importance of parent involvement in education is far-reaching, including emotional benefits for all children. Even if your child is doing well in school, there's still great importance to being involved with her education.

What Tweens Should Know About School Electives
Middle schoolers have a chance to take an elective or two.

Write a Parent-Child School Contract
A school contract can help you and your child have a great and productive school year.

How to Stay Organized Through Middle School
Keep your middle school organized for the best year ever.

Does Your Tween Need to Go to Summer School?
Why do tweens attend summer school? In depends on the circumstances.

Minimize Back to School Jitters
Don't let back to school jitters ruin your child's school experience.

Help Your Tween Set Middle School Goals
Help your tween make the most of middle school by setting goals.

Common Middle School Obstacles
Common school obstacles tweens encounter.

Filling out School Paperwork - A Guide for Parents
Back to school time means filling out new forms for your child's school.

Middle School Resources You Should Know About
Getting through middle school is easier if you know where to turn to for help. These resources are a good place to start.

Middle School Study Habits That Don't Work
Make the most of study time by avoiding common study habits.

What's Your Back to School Plan?
A back to school plan will help you and your child prepare for the school year.

Middle School Facts for Tweens and Their Parents
The facts tweens and parents should know about middle school.

Help Your Tween Through Middle School Exams

Improve Your Tween's School Attitude

Middle School Officers - Responsibilities, Duties and More

Should You Switch Middle Schools?
Don't switch your child from school to school without trying these possible school solutions.

Middle School Attendance Policies
Know how your child's school handles tardies, attendance and school absences.

Support Your Child's School - Here's How
Your contribution matters to your child's school. Here's how to support and assist your tween's middle school.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Good Grades
An impressive report card deserved some attention. Here's how to celebrate your tween's good grades.

5 Things to Do Before Middle School is Over
The middle school years don't last long, be sure your tween makes the most of middle school before the experience is over.

5 Reasons Your Tween is Looking Forward to Back to School
If your tween is bored of summer, the back to school season might be exactly what he needs.

How Tweens Benefit from Reading
There are many reasons why you want to encourage your child to read. Here are a few.

School Supplies Your Tween Doesn't Need
Don't be tempted to purchase school supplies your tween does't need. Here are a few supplies you can pass on.

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