1. Parenting

Behavior & Discipline

Tween behavior issues including setting limits, discipline tactics, behavior problems, and knowing what's normal behavior for a tween.

Establishing Rules for Kids and Preteens
Every child needs rules to live by. When you establish rules for your kids, make sure you cover all the bases.

Yelling at Kids - How to Stop Yelling at Kids When They Push …
Simple strategies to stop yelling at kids.

Leave Your Tween Alone - All About Kids, Trouble and Free Time
Sometimes tweens find themselves with a little too much free time, and that can lead to trouble. Here's what parents should know about kids, trouble, free time and preventing problems before they start.

Help Your Tween Deal with Volatile Emotions
Mood swings are normal, but you can assist your child and teach her self-control.

What is Relational Aggression?
If you have a tween, you need to understand Relational Aggression.

Everyday Etiquette for Tweens
What every tween should know about good manners.

Curses, Those Naughty Words
Easy ways to help your tween clean up his language.

"Mom, You're Embarassing Me!"
If it hasn't happened to you yet, count yourself lucky because at some point your tween will roll his eyes when you walk into the room, or ask that your drop him off a few blocks away from his friend's house. The reason? Your tween is embarrassed by you. Don't take it personally, children have been embarrasse…

The Scoop on Tween Discipline
There's a lot to know about disciplining tweens. Here are the basics.

No More Back Talk
You don't have to put up with it. Here's how to stop your child from talking back.

The Dos and Don'ts of Tween Discipline
All children require discipline, no matter their developmental stage. Tweens in particular should be very aware of the consequences of their actions and behaviors. If you're the parent or caregiver of a tween, you can count on one thing: your tween will act out.

Keeping Tween Anger In Check
Tweens can be emotionally volatile, but parents can help their tween's manage anger, and learn to cope with disappointment.

Today's Tweens
There's a lot to learn about today's tweens.

Late Nights and Preteens
Late nights may signal preteen problems.

Tweens and Grief
How tweens express grief and ways you can help.

Disciplining Tweens
Tips on managing your tween's behavior problems.

Why Tweens Curse
Why tweens curse and what you can do about it.

Definition of the Imaginary Audience
Older tweens and teens tend to be egocentric and to therefore believe in the imaginary audience. The imaginary audience causes adolescents to often be embarrassed and self-critical.

Definition of the Personal Fable
The personal fable is a cognitive limitation of the late tween and teen years related to adolescent egocentrism. The personal fable can lead to risk taking behaviors.

Definition of Adolescent Egocentrism
Older tweens and teens typically experience adolescent egocentrism. Learn what adolescent egocentrism means.

Risk Taking During the Tween Years
Risk taking becomes increasingly common as tweens approach adolescence. Learn why preteens engage in more risk taking with age.

Definition of Delay of Gratification
Delay of gratification improves steadily from early childhood through adolescence. Learn what delay of gratification is.

Definition of Divergent Thinking
Divergent thinking is key to creativity and problem solving. Learn what divergent thinking means.

What is Digital Grounding?
What is digital grounding? The definition of digital grounding.

Digital Grounding - Do You Digitally Ground Your Tween?
Have you digitally grounded your tween? Does digital grounding work?

Strategies for Teaching Self-Control in Children and Tweens
Self-control is key to healthy development for children and tweens. Here are tips on how to promote self-control and self-discipline in your child.

Identity Diffusion Definition
Identity diffusion is a status of identity that children and tweens often experience. Learn what identity diffusion means.

Identity Achievement Definition
Identity achievement is critical for healthy personality development. Learn what identity achievement is and how it relates to children, tweens and teens.

Holiday Stress and Tweens
Holiday stress can strike anyone, including tweens. Here are the major sources of holiday stress in preteens.

A Glimpse of The Bully Who's Probably In Your Child's School
If you were asked to describe the bully your child is most likely to encounter, what characteristics would you include? Here's how researchers describe the bully that typically appears in our schools.

Definition of Conscientiousness - What Does Conscientiousness Mean?
Definition of Conscientiousness - What Does Conscientiousness Mean?

Egocentric - Is Your Tween Egocentric
Egocentric - Is Your Tween Egocentric

Is Egocentrism in Children a Problem?
Is Egocentrism in Children a Problem? - Why Egocentrism in Children is Usually Healthy

Definition of Openness to Experience - What It Means to be High in Openness...
Definition of Openness to Experience - What It Means to be High in Openness to Experience

Definition of Trait - What Is a Trait?
Definition of Trait - What Is a Trait?

Definition of Being Agreeable - What It Means to be Agreeable According to...
Definition of Being Agreeable - What It Means to be Agreeable According to the Big Five

Anxiety in Children and Tweens

Anxiety in children is relatively common, with full-blown anxiety disorders affecting about 13 percent of tweens and teens. Even more children and tweens experience anxiety to a lesser degree. Here is some key information on anxiety in children.

Cyberbullying Facts - Cyberbullying Facts: How Common is Cyberbullying
What parents should know about cyberbullying.

Is it Normal to See Children Dating? - How Common It Is to Find Children...
Is it Normal to See Children Dating? - How Common It Is to Find Children Dating Seriously

Talks Back - How Do You Respond When Your Child Talks Back?
How do you handle it when your child talks back?

Externalizing Behaviors Definition
Externalizing behaviors are actions directed out toward others. This article discusses examples of externalizing behaviors and how they manifest in tweens.

Can Adolescents Skip the Egocentric Stage?
The adolescent egocentric stages brings with it a lot of undesirable behaviors, and even some that may be dangerous. Here's how you can help your child experience a less extreme egocentric stage.

Internalizing Behaviors Definition
Internalizing behaviors are actions directed toward the self. This article discusses examples of internalizing behaviors and how they differ from externalizing behaviors.

How to Avoid Having Materialistic Children
Materialistic children may act less generous and more financially irresponsible than their peers. By increasing your support and serving as a good role model, you can make it less likely that you'll have materialistic children.

How Transitions Affect Egocentric Thought
Egocentric thought tends to increase during adolescence, especially when many changes are happening in an adolescent's life. Here's why transitions encourage egocentric thought.

Do Girls Display More Egocentric Behaviour than Boys?
Many parents wonder whether girls show more egocentric behaviour than boys do during the preteen and teen years. This article discusses whether there are gender differences in egocentric behavior and, if so, why they might occur.

Individuation is a key concept in developmental psychology. Learn what Jung and other psychologists mean when they discuss individuation.

Selfish - How Do You Handle Your Child's Selfish Behavior?
All children demonstrate selfish behavior from time to time. Here's how parents deal with it.

Identity Development - How to Help Kids with Identity Development
Preteens crave their own identity. How do you help children with identity development?

Social Exclusion and Girls
Social exclusion, a form of relational aggression, is used differently by females than males. Learn what recent research has to say about how social exclusion is used by girls.

Social Exclusion Definition
Social exclusion is one form of relational aggression. Learn what is social exclusion in relation to relationships and human behavior.

Intentionality is key to success in school. Learn what intentionality is and when it develops.

Does Girl Bullying Differ From Boy Bullying?
Does girl bullying involve more relational aggression than boy bullying? Girl bullying may be more socially aggressive than boy bullying, but this varies by age and type of data collection.

Girl Behavior
Many aspects of development are the same for both sexes, but there are some ways that girl behavior is unique from boy behavior. Here's an overview of girl behavior during the tween years.

Catty Behavior
Catty behavior inflicts a number of wounds on victims. Catty girls and guys also face consequences of their own, both positive and negative.

Do "Sticks and Stones" Actually Hurt More Than Being Called Names?
Does the idiom about sticks and stones match experience? It depends on who you ask: whether sticks and stones or name calling feels more painful varies by sex.

Egocentrism in Adolescence
Egocentrism in adolescence can have marked effects on children's thought and behavior. Here's key information about egocentrism in adolescence.

Definition of Identity
The search for identity is a major focus of the tween and adolescent years. Learn what identity means.

Social Aggression
Social aggression refers to intentionally harming someone using nonphysical means. Learn about the forms of social aggression that are used most during the tween years.

How Being Ostracized Can Harm Kids
Relational aggression in any form can be harmful, but being ostracized may have particularly devastating effects. Here are some of the harmful effects of being ostracized or socially excluded.

The Effects of Backstabbing And Other Forms of Relational Aggression
Backstabbing and other forms of relational aggression can have specific effects on victims. Here are some consequences of backstabbing and social aggression.

Embarrassed - Is Your Child Easily Embarrassed
Have you ever embarrassed your preteen? What embarrasses your child, and how do you help him manage embarrassing situations?

Causes of Low Self Esteem in Kids
During the tween years, low self esteem may begin to appear. Learn about the interrelated reasons why low self esteem begins to appear during pre-adolescence.

Self Concept
What parents should know about a child's concept of himself.

Social Inclusion
Social inclusion may be particularly important after instances of social exclusion. Learn the definition of social inclusion in relation to relationships and human behavior.

Summer Rules for Kids
Keep your child safe, active and learning with these summer rules for kids.

Help for Managing Emotional Periods
A lot of girls experience emotional periods. Here's how you can help her manage her emotions.

Social Inclusion and Exclusion
Social exclusion can have highly negative effects, making most kids desparate for social inclusion. Here are the strategies kids often use to attempt social inclusion after exclusion.

Conformity Definition
What parents should know about conformity.

Child Personality
There are hints of child personality early in life, even during infancy. Child personality does not, however, fully emerge so soon.

Definition of Domain
How domain figures into your tween's development.

When Is Female Aggression Most Common?
Female aggression is formally called relational or social aggression. Learn about the developmental period when this subtle form of aggression peaks.

Why is Bullying in Middle School so Common?
Relational bullying in middle school is highly prevalent. Heightened social skills coupled with poor emotional development underlies relational bullying in middle school.

How Emotional Stress Impacts Tweens
Emotional stress can result in long-lasting pain, but only for those kids who repeatedly mentally relive the painful event. Psychologists have theorized two emotionally stressful situations that may make rumination-and thus the experiencing of long-term emotional pain-more likely.

Bullying Statistics
Researchers have collected comprehensive bullying statistics from tweens. Learn how often the various types of bullying occur and the types of bullying that tweens find to be most harmful.

Is My Child Spending Too Much Time Alone?
Children naturally desire more time alone as they get older. Learn about the developmental progression of alone time that occurs during preadolescence.

Why Kids Cheat - The Reasons Behind the Behavior
If your child has been cheating at school, try to get to the bottom of the behavior.

Individual Differences
What parent's need to know about individual differences and their child.

Mastery Orientation
What is Mastery Orientation and how does it impact your tween's development?

Definition of Metacognition
Your child's ability to reflect on what he's thinking is part of the metacognitive process.

Middle School Rules Your Child Should Know
Middle schools come with rules. Here are the ones every tween must know.

Kids and Procrastination - What Parents Should Know
Why do kids procrastinate? The reasons behind procrastination and what you can do to help.

Social Media Guidelines Your Tween Should Know
Make sure your child knows how to behave when he's involved in social media.

Prevent Your Tween from Skipping School
Skipping school can your child into a lot of trouble, but there are ways to prevent truant behavior.

Managing Your Tween's Attitude Problem
Tips and suggestions on handling your child's bad attitude.

Communication Skills All Tweens Should Have
The communication skills your tween will need throughout life.

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