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Find a Great Summer Camp Program for Your Child

Narrow your search to find the best summer camp program for your child.


It doesn't matter if your child will attend a day camp or a resident camp, you still have to do your homework to find the summer camp that's best for your tween. Below are questions you should ask for every summer camp experience you're considering. Bring the questions with you if you attend a camp fair, or have them handy by the phone when interviewing camp directors or organizers.

Best of luck in your search.

Summer Camp - Questions to Ask

  • Is the camp accredited by either the American Camp Association (acacamps.org) or another organization such as the National Camp Association?
  • What is the qualifying background of the camp director? According to the American Camp Association, a camp director should posses a bachelor's degree, have completed in-service training within the past three years and have at least 16 weeks of camp administrative experience.
  • What is the educational background of the summer camp counselors? What is the minimum age of a camp counselor?
  • What is the ratio of camp counselors to campers?
  • What is the return rate of previous campers? How many return year after year?
  • What is the camp's philosophy about learning? What are the camp's goals?
  • What is included in the camp tuition? Are supply fees extra? What about transportation fees?
  • Does the camp provide transportation to and from camp? If so, at what cost?
  • Will the camp refund tuition should your child not be able to attend?
  • Does the camp offer financial assistance for families in need? Are camperships available to qualifying families?
  • Are there any special tuition discounts available?
  • How does the camp deal with homesick campers?
  • Does the camp allow parents or relatives to visit? If not, why? How often can your child call home or are phone calls allowed?
  • How are medical emergencies handled? Does the camp have an on-call nurse or doctor available to campers?
  • Does the camp offer facilities for special needs children?
  • Is the camp's equipment (boats, sports equipment, etc.) in good working order?
  • How does the camp manage personal health issues such as food allergies, vegetarian diets, dispensing of medication, and diabetes, for example?
  • Is it possible to visit the camp before enrolling your child?
  • Will the camp provide you with a list of parents to contact for references?
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