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After-School Activities

All about tween sports, clubs, summer camp, after-school programs, and home alone issues.

First Job - What Was Your First Job When You Were a Preteen?
Did you work when you were a preteen? What was your first job when you were a tween?

Kids Make Money - How Can Kids Make Money?
How do your kids make money? Share your tips on money making ideas for preteens.

After School Activities, Middle School and Your Tween
When your child enters middle school, or prepares to enter middle school, you may have to reconsider after school activities, after school care, and other activities. Is your tween ready to stay home alone? Has he burned out from competitive sports? Does he require constant, or occasional supervision? Here's your guide to after school activities...

My tween has no hobbies, how can I help her find an extracurricular activity?
Extracurricular activities are important to tweens, here's how to help tweens find the activities that are best for them.

Find a Great Summer Camp Program for Your Child
If you want your child to have a great summer camp experience, be sure you ask these questions.

The Benefits of Summer Camp -- What Tweens Learn at Summer Camp
There's a lot to learn at camp, just take a look.

Is My Tween Ready to Babysit?
How to tell if your tween is ready for the responsibility of babysitting.

Preparing Your Tween to Babysit
Does your tween want to begin babysitting? Do you think she's ready? Here's how to prepare your tween for the adventure of babysitting.

Cut the Cost of Summer Camp
If your tween wants to attend camp this summer, but you're worried about the cost, fear not. There are ways to reduce the cost of a summer camp program.

Start a Tween Book Club
Make reading fun by starting a book club for tweens.

Should my daughter specialize in just one sport?
My tween daughter is a talented softball player, should she focus on playing just the one sport?

Is Your Tween Failing Soccer?
Some tweens aren't cut out for team sports, but individualized sports may be just the thing.

Your Summer Camp Packing List
What will your child need while he's away at camp?

Transition Your Tween from Supervised to Home Alone
If you've decided it's time to leave your tween home alone, there are certain steps you should take to make the transition easy for you and your tween.

Your Tween's First Job
Is your tween ready to enter the working world? These tween job ideas are ideal for young entrepreneurs.

Activity Safety
Tips and suggestions on keeping tweens safe on the bike, skateboard, or in the water.

Preparing for High School - High School Clubs
Encourage your teen to join a club or activity when entering high school.

Find a Camp Program for Your Tween
There's something for everyone when it comes to summer camp programs.

Tips on Making the Most of School Tryouts
If your tween wants to tryout for a play or a school team, here's what he should know.

Outdoor Activities for Fun Seeking Tweens
Take advantage of your child's curiosity and adventure with these fun outdoor activities.

Middle School and Sports Safety
Sports safety should be the concern of students, parents and coaches

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