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Easy to Make Tween Costumes for Halloween or Just for Fun


When it comes to putting together a costume, tweens can be pretty creative. Whether your tween is looking for a costume for Halloween, a school play, or just for fun, remember that it doesn't have to cost a lot of money to create a costume that's perfect for the occasion. In fact, homemade costumes are usually better than anything you could buy, and it's fun to put them together and to tap into your tween's creative or artistic side. These easy to make tween costumes are perfect for Halloween, festive Halloween parties or just for fun.

The tween costumes below are organized by gender, but there's no reason why your tween daughter couldn't dress up as a construction worker, or your tween son couldn't have fun being Miss America. It's all about having fun.

Tween Costumes for Girls

Even if your tween has left her fairy-princess days behind her, she can still wear a costume that's fun, girly, and expresses her personality. These tween costumes for girls offer something for everyone, whether your tween is dramatic, artistic, or a girly-girl.

  • Make a Chef Costume
  • Be Miss America
  • Make a Housewife Costume
  • Become a Roman Goddess
  • Assemble a Fortune Teller Costume
  • Tween Costumes for Boys

    The best part about dressing up, whether it's for Halloween or another occasion, is it's a chance to become someone else for a short period of time. With these tween costumes, your tween can roam the galaxy, serve his country, and much, much more. Pick a costume that suits your tween's interests or hobbies.

  • Be a Secret Service Agent
  • Transform into Captain Kirk
  • Become a Construction Worker
  • Deliver a Few Pizzas
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