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Thanksgiving Activities for Older Kids

A few Thanksgiving Activities for Preteens


Thanksgiving is a fun time for families to get together, bond, and enjoy a few days off from school and work. These Thanksgiving activities will help you include your older child in the fun and festivities.

Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Preteens

Make a Cornucopia

A cornucopia makes a great centerpiece for the Thanksgiving dinner table. Ask your tween to assemble the cornucopia this year. But beforehand, shop for the items you'll need, while you're picking up the ingredients for that yummy Thanksgiving dinner.

Make a Batch of Thanksgiving Snack Mix

Your family and your guests will need a Thanksgiving snack to hold them until the Thanksgiving meal is ready. Your preteen can make this Thanksgiving snack mix in just a few minutes. Any leftovers can be stored in an air-tight container.

Volunteer with Your Tween

No plans for the Thanksgiving holiday? You and your tween could volunteer together. Volunteering is a great way to share your values with your child, and to show them that sometimes the best way to celebrate a holiday is to make it special for someone else.

Give Them a Thanksgiving Task

Tweens love to show what they can do, and they enjoy learning new things. Give your tween a Thanksgiving Day task, such as taking the photos, saying the grace, or decorating the Thanksgiving table.

Make Apple Dip

Apples are a part of the Thanksgiving bounty, and this Apple Dip recipe is as tasty as it is easy to make.

Enjoy Your Family Holiday Traditions

Every family has holiday traditions they look forward to year after year. But you probably didn't know just how much those traditions mean to your tweens.

Make a Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving activities are all about having fun with the harvest bounty. Turkeys are the mascot for the Thanksgiving feast, and they make for some really cute crafts. These crafts can be used as place card settings, or decorations for the Thanksgiving table.
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